5 Uses for Gaffer Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/02/2020

5 Uses for Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape, also known as Gaff Tape, is a highly durable tape, made of cotton cloth, and is available in a variety of colors and widths. Gaffer tape is commonly used in film, television, and theater production, as well as for live events. It’s a staple of these industries because it can be used for many purposes, is easy to rip by hand, and will not damage surfaces by leaving a residue or pulling up paint when it is removed.

With all of these great qualities, there are plenty of uses for Gaffer Tape. Check out our recommended uses and browse Tape Jungle’s selection:

1. Identify Important Areas On The Trade Show Floor

When exhibitors are setting up for a trade show, there’s a lot they need to know – like the location of their booth, where the power plugs are, and how to find the help desk. Gaffer tape can help with all of this. Because it won’t damage the floors, sticks well, and is easy to pull up, gaffer tape can be used to designate the location for a booth, to create arrows on the floor pointing to important areas for exhibitors, such as a help desk and “X” marks the spot where power and internet access is available.

2. Gaffer Tape To Tape Down Cables At A Concert

There are plenty of wires and cables needed to set up for a concert, and they often go along the floor of the venue from the stage upfront to the sound booth at the back. It’s essential that concert-goers don’t trip and fall, so using gaffer tape to secure these cables to the floor is an easy, cost-effective solution. Black gaffer tape can be used for aesthetics, or a yellow and black caution tape can be used to further draw attention to the location of the cables and keep people from tripping. At the end of the event when loading up to go home, it’s easy to pull up and won’t damage floors or leave a sticky residue on the cables.

3. Gaff Tape for Hanging A Temporary Backdrop

Hanging a sheet of paper to a wall is a great use for gaffer tape. Because it won’t pull up most paints, yet is adherent enough to cloth and strong enough to keep it in place, it’s an ideal solution for a temporary backdrop for a photoshoot or as a prop in a play.

4. Designate People Where They Should Stand Using Gaffer Tape

This works for a variety of use cases and industries like businesses, like restaurants and retail shops, instructing customers where to stand in line at check-out or while waiting for service. Since gaffer tape is durable, it will withstand heavy foot traffic and remain stuck to cement or wood floors.

5. Gaffer Tape For Temporary Repairs

Gaffer tape can be used to repair rips and tears, particularly in vinyl materials, like the seat of a bus or diner booth. The tape will stick to the surfaces to keep the tear from growing in size, even as the repaired item is in use.

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