Gaffer Tape Uses

Posted by Tape Jungle on 08/05/2021

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Gaffer’s tape, or gaff tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape bearing strong adhesive nf heavy cotton. Gaff tape is often confused with duct tape, but gaffer tape uses and duct tape uses differ significantly.

The fabric material allows gaffer’s tape to be highly heat resistant and won’t leave adhesive residue when removed, whereas duct tape is known for leaving adhesive residue behind.

Gaffer Tapes and Their Uses

Gaffer tapes are often used in the photography, theatre, movie, and television production industries. In fact, gaffer’s tape was invented by Ross Lowell, a filmmaker that wanted to easily mount lights for a documentary he was working on.

These tapes are perfect for taping down tripping hazards such as cables. Gaffer tapes can also hide cables and hazards from the view of an audience. All of our gaffer tapes can adhere to irregular surfaces and won’t curl or twist.

Since these tapes are often used to hide things, they come in various colors that allow you to match them to different surfaces. Here are the gaff tapes we offer:

Standard Grade Gaffers Tape (67680)

This tape is coated in a rubber adhesive and hand-tearable. In addition, it is water and abrasion-resistant, which makes it perfect for marking places on stages.

We sell this tape by the roll or case. It comes in nine widths, two lengths, and 11 colors: black, gray, red, white, yellow, burgundy, brown, dark green, beige, navy blue, and royal blue.

Premium Cloth Gaffers Tape (67665)

As the name suggests, this premium tape is stronger than the standard tape and can be used to adjoin background props. It is also excellent as a bookbinding adhesive.

We sell this tape by roll or case, and you can choose from four width sizes. It’s available in all the same colors as our standard tape.

Standard Grade Fluorescent Gaffers Tape (67680F)

Our fluorescent tapes come in four bright colors: green, orange, pink, and yellow. These bright colors are made to be seen and are perfect for labeling items and marking stages.

You can buy this tape by the roll or case, and we offer 10 widths to choose from.

Premium Cloth Fluorescent Gaffers Tape (67665F)

This premium tape is non-reflective with a matte finish. It has a very strong rubber finish and won’t glare on stage.

This tape also comes in the same four bright colors as the standard fluorescent tape. You can purchase it by roll or case, and it comes in four width options.

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