Frequencly Asked Questions for ATG Tape

Q: What's the difference between Product Scrapbooking Tape 56720-A and 2 Mil Reverse Wound ATG Tape 56720-B
A: There is no difference between these two products. Scrapbooking Tape 56720-A is the same product as 2 Mil Reverse Wound ATG Tape 56720-B. 

Q: When I load the tape in the ATG tape gun, the tape seems to be backwards.
A: Since ATG tape is basically pure adhesive, this occurs once in a while. There is a simple fix. We need to reverse the tape on the liner: PLease watch this 30 second you tube video

Q: When I’m using the ATG Tape with my Pink scotch Glider, the rolls seem to be popping off the dispenser.
A:This was becoming a common problem so we developed an adaptor which fits securely over the ATG roll holding it in place. The adaptors are free and we will ship right away. We also created a short how to video. Please see link. 

Note : on your next your order , at checkout make sure to click the “Yes” i have a glider dispenser and we will
Send you our new ATG tape (same tape) made with special cores made just for Glider Guns