Gaffer Tape

Also known as spike and AV cord tape, Gaffer’s tape is made of heavy cotton cloth. It conforms to irregular surfaces, has excellent water, vapor, and abrasive resistance, and is easily removable and hand-tearable.

Our standard grade gaffer tape is ideal for most applications such as securing cables and audio/visual wires, marking floors and stages and bookbinding. It is extensively used by production crews on film, TV, theatre, photography, live music, and industrial staging work since it can be quickly and easily applied and removed without damaging the floor or leaving behind excess adhesive.

Alanson Products

Standard Grade Gaffers Tape (67680)

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Our standard grade gaffers tape is a polyethylene coated cloth laminated tape, with a low gloss finish film coated with a Natural Rubber adhesive great for all purpose use. A 76 mesh high quality, low gloss finish, polyethylene-coated cloth tape with a...

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Premium Cloth Gaffers Tape (67665)

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A high quality, non-reflective, MATTE, vinyl coated cotton cloth tape with a strong rubber based adhesive, and wound on a 3” neutral core. Its low light reflectivity makes this product suitable for entertainment type applications where minimal...

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We know people are often confused between gaffer tape and duct tape; what’s the difference? The primary difference between gaffer tape and duct tape is the adhesive. Gaffers tape is designed to be removed mostly residue-free to the cord and flooring it was adhered to. Duct tape will leave a gummy residue.

Our standard grade gaffers tape is the most popular and ideal for most applications. It is a polyethylene-coated cloth laminated tape, with a low gloss finish film coated with a Natural Rubber adhesive great for all-purpose use. It comes in 11 different colors to choose from or you can let us pick for a discount by selecting “Surprise Me”.

  • 10% discount by the roll and by the case
  • We will select up to 3 different colors based on our existing inventory

If you have specific questions on our gaffer tape, please contact us.

Cloth Gaffer Tape

Cloth gaffer tape is designed with versatility in mind. Similarly, it features a low light reflective backing which is ideal for flash photography and video productions. The high strength backing is also UV and abrasion-resistant while being applicable in a number of environments.

Gaffer’s Tape Colors

Black Gaffer Tape

Black Pro Gaffer Tape is the preferred tape by industry professionals to secure overhead lighting, audio wire, set and stage decoration. It is also useful for taping down artwork, framing, displays, and large graphics boards. Our black pro gaffer tape is easy to unwind and hand tearable, providing aggressive adhesive without leaving a sticky residue behind on your indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Fluorescent Gaffer Tape

Fluorescent Gaffer Tape glows under UV light! Gaffer tape is a high-quality vinyl-impregnated cloth with a non-reflective matte finish. Both practical and artistic, we’ve heard of a number of ways this tape is used for events, projects, safety, and identification. Get creative with brightly colored gaff tape and feel free to mix and match colors and quantities!

Premium Gaff Tape

Our premium gaff tape boasts a heavy-duty vinyl coated waterproof cloth backing with excellent flexibility. High tack tape with excellent adhesion for superior performance, it is designed for exterior weather and high/low-temperature applications, with non-reflective backing for low gloss. It retains flexibility and conformability in both low and high-temperature applications.


  • Bookbinding Tape.
  • Photography studios and film set production.
  • Wrapping or bundling wire, metals, and plastics.
  • Protecting and anchoring electrical wiring.
  • Moisture and dust-proof sealing of equipment cases and/or film canisters.