ATG Tape

ATG stands for ‘Adhesive Transfer Gun.’ ATG tape is a reverse-wound unsupported acrylic transfer used in an ATG Dispenser/Gun. The dispenser unwinds the liner applying a strip of acid-free adhesive to your target surface.

ATG tape is used extensively in picture framing, Crafting, and commercial printing.

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Standard ATG Tape (56720)

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2 mil Acid Free ATG Tape is the Industry Standard for Scrappers and printers. With excellent bonding for pictures, paper, and most other types of memorabilia. Glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with gold siliconized paper liner reverse...

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Professional ATG Tape (56722)

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A 2.0 mil (0.052 mm) glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape (ATG) with gold siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. 56722 is similar to the 56720, but it has a higher tack and adhesion. This product is specifically designed...

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Heavy Duty ATG Tape (56750)

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A 4.7 mil (0.120mm) glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with brown siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. Heavy Duty ATG Tape has a super quick tack, good shear and holding power, excellent for the more difficult bonding...

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ATG tape has good adhesion to paper, most plastic films, metals, and foils. As a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has no carrier and is directly coated onto a release liner. Adhesive transfer tapes are especially suitable where a thin and invisible bond is required and are ideal for bonding lightweight materials like paper, cloth or plastic.

  • Standard ATG Tape #56720 is the industry standard for scrapbooking, and great for general purpose bonding for printers and framers.
  • Professional ATG Tape #56722 is excellent for jobs where a little more adhesive is required, laminated films, invitations, and metal foils.
  • Heavy Duty ATG Tape #56750 is a heavy-duty ATG Tape with a quick tack and holding for the more difficult bonding applications.

We offer free shipping on all ATG Tape purchases Contact us for more information. If you have questions about ATG Tape please see our ATG FAQ.

Frequent ATG Tape uses by our customers include

  • Scrapbooking, cards/stationery, and other paper products
  • Automotive materials including noise damping material in auto engine covers
  • UV-coated point-of-purchase display boxes.
  • Appliances, including aluminum foil in kitchen ovens.
  • Scrapbooking and photo albums or photo mounting
  • Boxing up heirlooms like wedding dresses or christening gowns,
  • Posters, presentations, science fair projects,
  • Adhesion of plastic or metal foils

ATG Dispenser

ATG tape dispensers hold a roll of ATG tape and which is threaded through rollers to apply the adhesive and secure the spent liner. Dispensers vary based on the width and length of that tape. ATG tape guns deliver quick, controlled application of a strip of ATG pressure sensitive transfer tape with just a touch of the finger triggers.

There’s no mess or clean-up. Bond lines are thin and adhesive flows into surface irregularities. The clear side lets you see how much tape remains so you’re always ready with tape dispenser refills.

Used for mounting nameplates, picture framing, product assembly, design and packaging of prototypes, sealing envelopes, paper web splicing, and general mounting and holding. The main difference between our tape guns is that the ATG-50 Cannot be used with 60 yd rolls.

Standard ATG Tape

ATG tape comes in several different sizes and styles. It is pure adhesive, similar to double-sided tape. When you apply this type of tape with an ATG dispenser, you place the exposed sticky side onto the surface where you need adhesive. The dispenser winds up the peel-off portion to expose the adhesive on the other side of the tape so you can stick two items together.

Acid-Free ATG Tape

Our ATG tape is acid-free. This is noted since the paper is susceptible to acid typically found in adhesives which will degrade more quickly if adhesives that are not acid-free are used. Always use acid-free adhesive on any paper item that you intend to preserve, and double-check the tape is acid-free when packaging items as well.