Masking Tape

Masking tape is mainly used for painting, hence its alternative name of painter's tape. Painters use it to cover the areas they want to remain blank. Masking tape's secret strength is its pressure-sensitive adhesive. When removed, it doesn't leave residue, and it doesn't damage the surface it was attached to. For example, if you apply masking tape to a painted surface, you can later remove it without peeling off the paint.

Professional Masking Tape (YM854)

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Automotive Masking Tape/ Painters masking Tape is the ultimate choice for achieving flawless automotive works. This tape is highly favored by professionals for its ability to delineate edges with precision and protect surfaces in hard-to-reach areas...

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General Purpose Masking (22263)

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General Purpose Masking Tape (22263) is a utility grade masking tape with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive system for good holding power, resists lifting/curling. FEATURES: Conforms to a broad range of surfaces. Exhibits good holding power...

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General Purpose Masking (MTGPI)

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General Purpose Masking Tape - Intertape#513 Beige crepe paper masking tape coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications. Product Application Interior...

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Alanson Products

Color Masking Tape (25963)

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Color Masking Tape (25963), saturated crepe paper backing, rubber adhesive. The adhesive is formulated for easy release and good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Designed for color coding for identification or differentiation. Not printable...

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Alanson Products

Super Blue USA Painters Tape (SB621)

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Alanson Super Blue USA Painters Tape is a high performance masking tape that doesn’t dry out or lose its holding power and yet can be cleanly removed for up to 21 days. This tape is commonly used on drywall, glass, hardwood floors, and wood trim,...

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Blue Painters Tape (24900)

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A 5.2 mil painter’s grade blue masking tape with a specially formulated solvent-based natural rubber adhesive system that provides clean removal characteristics and UV resistance – up to 14 days of outdoor exposure. The special characteristic...

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Alanson Products

Glass Cloth Thermal Spray Masking Tape (80907)

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A 7.6 mil electrical grade, woven fiberglass cloth, coated on one side with a high performance silicone adhesive.  This pressure sensitive tape is designed for use in strategic masking off of areas for thermal spray / plasma spray operations. It can...

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Wholesale Masking Tape in Bulk

Whether you're a professional painter or an amateur crafter, masking tape is essential for your artistic endeavors. At Tape Jungle, you can purchase painter's tape in varying widths and amounts to suit your projects.

Masking tape is multipurpose and easy to use. You don't need scissors to cut it or a dispenser to apply it. You can use it for projects like house painting, etching, and sandblasting. If you're an amateur artist, you can use painter's tape to create neatly painted lines that make your art look more professional. Even children's art can benefit from a bit of masking tape. Use masking tape to tape down some butcher paper to create an easy-to-clean-up art space for your kids.

In addition to paint masking, you can use painter's tape to tape your canvases and paper to easels and drawing boards. Good quality masking tape has a gentle adhesive that won't damage blueprints. No matter what you're using the tape for, you'll want to buy it in bulk to ensure you have plenty to go around.

At Tape Jungle, we sell a wide array of masking tape that is pressure sensitive and versatile. There are traditionally blue or white masking tapes and colors like red, green, and bright aqua blue. Browse our wares to find the brand, adhesive strength, size, and color choice suitable for your art.

Go beyond the basic tapes you would find in local shops by asking your installations and classes if they want to try out thermal glass tapes. Thermal glass tape is reinforced with fiberglass cloth and coated with a high-performance silicone adhesive. This gives it high heat resistance. You can even experiment to see if it works on baked ceramic projects!

Best Options for General Masking Tape Art

Artists find all sorts of uses for masking tape. For example, you can create geometric installations by arranging the easily-tearable strips. Rearrange the pieces of tape as many times as you want; they won't lose their stickiness. Many artists prefer to draft their geometric designs using masking tape rather than wood or plastic because it is safer. You can't accidentally cut yourself on tape.

For art teachers, masking tape art is a great way to explain the principles of gestalt. Gestalt is the idea that an art piece's entire form should work better than the individual elements. Individual strips of tape aren't particularly impressive, but when you arrange them into an elaborate design, they become something much more.

General-purpose masking tape comes in either natural creamor a variety of colors. The cream works best for labeling items since it provides a neutral background.

Colored Masking Tape

If the cream isn't your color, you can try dark green, blue, red, black, or more. If your students are young kids, they will love the rainbow of options. Encourage your students to use masking tape to design simple three-dimensional projects. For a low-cost activity, try covering balls of paper with masking tape and attaching them to cardboard tubes to make microphones. The students will be tearing up the floor with air mic performances. For Halloween, use masking tape to secure papier-mâché masks and cardboard costumes.

Kids aren't the only ones who enjoy colored painter's tape. Adults can benefit from it too. Use masking tape to assemble inexpensive 3D drafts of art projects. In small classes, you can assign every student a color so that they can color-code their supplies. This prevents students from losing or mixing up their materials. They can also wrap the handles of paintbrushes or sports equipment with painter's tape for better grip.

Whether you are a dabbler or a professional, masking tape can help you get organized. Color-code your materials or set up tape boxes on the floor to indicate where to store large items. Create colorful labels to help you remember where things go. Labeling and color-coding are great ways to use up leftover tape scraps.

Best Tapes for Paint Masking

Alanson Super Blueis a high-tech "Made in the USA" painter's tape. It maintains its adhesive and ability to be removed cleanly for up to three weeks. At your local big-box store, it would cost $8 for a single roll. At Tape Jungle, you can buy 24 rolls for $4.06 per roll. Each roll totals 60 yards in length. You'll have more than enough for your paint masking needs when you buy in bulk.

Standard Blue Painters Tapeis an excellent all-purpose alternative to Super Blue masking tape. It removes cleanly for up to 14 days on most surfaces. It's perfect for artists who work on multiple pieces and manage their time efficiently. You can tape down multiple canvases, and rest assured that the tape will stay in place until you finish all your projects.

Learn More From Tape Jungle

At Tape Jungle, we sell most of our masking tape by the case at bulk prices. After all, the tape doesn't expire. Why not order 72 rolls at once? When you buy bulk tape from Tape Jungle, you don't have to worry about the local office supply store running out.

Browse the different types of masking tapeuntil you find the perfect kind for you. If you're unsure what painter's tape is best for your projects, you can reach out to Tape Junglefor advice. Once you decide on the right type of tape, place your order online. Then start planning how to use your stylish new masking tape.