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Vinyl Tape

With 16 colors available our 5 mil Vinyl Tape #65013 & 6 mil Vinyl Tape #65015 is the industry standard for lane marking, safety coding, and vehicle striping. Other applications include: dance floors, pickle ball, volleyball, and marking basketball courts. Our 6mil # 66640 and 7mil #66040 Striped Safety tape for striping & warning, marking of hazardous area and exits to comply with OSHA requirements. For Heavy forklift traffic area use our #66050 and #66090 Laminated Striped Safety Warning Tapes which are resistant to oil, grease, solvents, and are scuff resistance. For the heaviest traffic applications use our #HDVFT Safety Tac Floor Marking Tape for heavy traffic situations.

For Easy Applications use our EX-2LM Lane Marking Dispenser. Have questions?  Call: 877-284-4781