Eco-Friendly Tape from Tape Jungle

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/29/2022

What Is Eco-Friendly Tape? The only truly environmentally friendly tape is made of paper. Paper is biodegradable because it is made of plant materials. Other common materials for tapes, such as various plastic films, foil, cloth, or foam, are not biodegradable and do not decompose and break down as easily by organisms in an ecosystem. If you want to use a tape that is good for the environment and ecosystems, you’ll want to purchase paper tapes. Use recycled boxes, cartons
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The Complete Guide to Tape Adhesives

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/17/2022

When it comes to adhesive tape, knowing the different types of adhesives is an essential step in choosing the right tape for you. Not all adhesives are created equal. Some tape adhesives are easy release, some have extra-strong grip, and some are designed to withstand outdoor usage. All are useful in their proper context, but you need to have the right tape for the right job. You wouldn't, for instance, want to use a painter's tape with a weak adhesive on a heavy-duty industrial projec
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Complete Guide to Aisle and Floor Marking Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/14/2022

Aisle and floor tape is available in various sizes and materials and can serve many purposes in almost any building. You can use safety warning tape to organize your workflow and reduce risks in your aisles, walkways, hazardous areas, storage areas, and other areas. Apply floor and aisle marking tape to surfaces like equipment, walls, and walkways to designate safe and unsafe areas in buildings. The aisle and floor tape attach to doors and door trim, and some tape styles glow in the dark
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The Complete Guide to Tape Dispensers from Tape Jungle

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/10/2022

If you’re looking for tape and tape dispensers for any purpose, you are in the right place. 300 different types of premium tape are available from Tape Jungle, along with tape dispensers and dispenser parts. We are a one-stop tape shop. Get your packing tape, printed tape, custom tape, safety tape, and even Eco-friendly tape at Tape Jungle along with hundreds of other kinds of tape for your taping needs in the office, warehouse, industrial setting, automotive industry, or at home for you
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Safety and Social Distancing with Floor Marking Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/25/2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, people seek ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. One way to do this is by practicing social distancing. Social distancing means staying at least six feet away from other people and avoiding close contact with anyone who is sick. One way to practice this is with social distancing tape. Business owners can use this type of tape to mark areas where people should stand, sit, or wait in line. They can also indicate which way people should walk to
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