Sample Our Custom Printed Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/07/2021

Deciding which custom-printed tape to select can be challenging. First, many tapes come in a variety of sizes. Secondly, the physical product will end up looking a little different than the computer mock-up.Determining which tape or tapes will work best for your needs can take some testing.Custom Printed Tape SamplesWith Tape Jungle, you can order sample rolls of our three most popular custom printed tapes. The sample rolls display all available printing options to help you visualize the product
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Our Highest Rated Safety Tapes

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/05/2021

There are many occasions in which it is necessary to warn people of a hazard. Not only is it necessary, but there are also legal responsibilities that may obligate businesses to make hazards more visible.Safety TapesSafety tapes are designed for the specific purpose of making people aware of hazards. However, due to their high visibility, safety tapes have many other practical uses that include:Industrial identificationColor codingAisle markingBundlingFlaggingEstablishing an area’s perimeterThe
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10 Carton Sealing Tapes

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/03/2021

Online shopping has changed the way many companies are doing business. As more and more people turn to e-commerce, businesses are upgrading their business plans to focus on efficient shipping methods. Carton Sealing TapeAt Jungle Tape, we strive to provide you with top-of-the-line tapes that will meet all of your shipping needs. The following list showcases some of our most effective carton sealing tapes.Tamper Evident Packaging TapeThis tape is designed to safeguard your packages against contam
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Our Highest Rated Reflective Tapes

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/01/2021

Every day we encounter hard-to-see objects that have been made more visible with the use of reflective tape. You likely don’t notice reflective tape during the day, but it makes hazardous objects much more visible at night. At Tape Jungle, we strive to offer the highest quality reflective tapes.Reflective TapeReflective tape is convenient for personal use and businesses of all sizes. Potential uses for reflective tape include: VehiclesDriveway curbsMailboxesMotorcycle helmetsBoatsClothingStepsL
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The Best Filament Tapes on Tape Jungle

Posted by Tape Jungle on 09/27/2021

Starting a business can be overwhelming and unpredictable. No matter how much research you do, there will always be something you need that you didn’t know you needed.One item that has many uses you may not be aware of is filament tape.Filament TapeEvery business should have at least one roll of filament tape on hand, and here’s why. Filament tape is extremely strong and can be used in various ways, including:Securing palletsBundling automotive partsBundeling wires and conduitsTensilized Polypro
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