Reflective Tape

Our Commercial Grade High-Intensity Reflective Tapes are coated with a high tack permanent adhesive. Used for marking and safety applications, as spike or glow tape in the entertainment industry. Designed for rugged outdoor use on road signs, emergency vehicles, automobiles, trailers, to improve their visibility. Full line of D.O.T Approved Conspicuity Tapes.

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Engineering Grade Retro Reflective Tape (77066)

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Engineering Grade Retro Reflective Tape designed for permanent and temporary traffic signage.   Constructed with high-quality, durable (7 years), enclosed lens retroreflective material and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, this film will perform...

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Striped Reflective Tape (77068)

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Striped Reflective Tape (77068) series are flexible, glass-beaded polyester striped reflective tapes with acrylic adhesive.  The glass beaded retroreflective sheeting is designed to provide bright, vivid colors (in illuminated areas) with light...

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Alanson Products

SOLAS Marine Reflective 50 YD (SOLAS)


SOLAS Marine Reflective 50 YD (SOLAS) High intensity grade retro reflective tape is encapsulated lens, pressure sensitive adhesive-coated sheeting with an easy liner paper, intended for increasing visibility at night where safety is necessary...

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High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape (HXREF)

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High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape - 10 Year, 50 Yards Long (HXREF) This is our Prismatic Retro Reflective tape, it is an economical alternative to our DOT series. This honeycomb prismatic reflective tape created for safety applications such as safety...

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Oralite® (Reflexite®)

DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape (V92308)

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ORALITE® DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape Oralite® (Reflexite®) DOT-C2 Conspicuity Sheeting is available with a 5-year or 10-year durability. This weather and solvent resistant product is designed for rugged outdoor use – sides and...

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Oralite® (Reflexite®)

Fluorescent Daybright Tape - 5 Year (V97DB)

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Reflexite Fluorescent Daybright Conspicuity Material is a tough weather and solvent-resistent product designed for the rugged outdoor use for graphic applications on vehicles. The product is die cuttable, plotter cuttable, and easy to apply to smooth...

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Reflective tape is commonly called safety tape because of its use as a safety measure. Yellow caution tape may be the most famous example. However, it's certainly not the only type of safety tape on the market. 

Tape Jungle's commercial-grade high-intensity reflective tapes are coated with a high-tech permanent adhesive. They are used for marking and safety applications in a variety of industries. You can use engineering-grade retro tape for rugged outdoor use on road signs, conspicuity tape for emergency vehicles, automobiles, trailers, or floor marking tape for social distancing measures. 

Before starting your next project, learn more about the types and best uses of reflective tape.

Our Highly Reflective Safety Tape Will Enhance Your Security

Our High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape has many applications. The aggressive adhesive will adhere to nearly any surface, meaning it can be placed on buildings, cars, trucks, or anywhere that needs special marking. This way, you can easily alert passersby that a project is in progress or an obstruction is approaching, warning them that they should exercise caution moving around it.

Retro reflective tape has a unique property: It reflects light, but only towards light sources. In other words, if you shine a flashlight on a sign with reflective tape, you will see the tape light up, but a person standing far away from you would only see, at most, a dim glow. 

Our Engineering Grade Retro Reflective Tape is commonly used for permanent and temporary outdoor signage. In illuminated areas, this tape's bright, vivid colors stand out. In dark areas, its light-reflective properties keep it highly visible. 

Reflective tape can also be used as a barrier tape to mark an area off-limits. It can indicate a safety hazard or warn people away from a place where important work is in progress. It's frequently used for construction and work zone areas to improve safety and nighttime visibility. 

Recently, reflective tape has also seen a boom in popularity as a social distancing tape. Businesses that experience heavy foot traffic use reflective floor marking tape to indicate where people should comply with social distancing guidelines.

Enjoy Outdoor Reflective Tapes in a Wide Variety of Sizes, Shapes, and Styles

Our line of reflective safety tape is available in a wide variety of styles. It allows you to be versatile, customizable, and creative in your selection. We understand that each project comes with unique requirements. That is why we offer a line of striped, prismed, fluorescent, and conspicuity reflective tapes in a wide range of colors that can be easily converted to nearly any width.

One popular type of outdoor reflective tape is marine tape, which is waterproof and typically applied to boats. By making boats more visible in dark or foggy conditions, it helps prevent collisions. Some people also apply marine tape to dock piers to navigate to their docks more easily. Marine tape is durable and pressure-sensitive, which makes it able to stand up to the rigors of marine life. It can withstand weathering and temperature changes without losing its reflective properties.

We also carry a full line of DOT-approved conspicuity tapes. The "DOT" stands for Department of Transportation, which sets safety standards for vehicles. DOT tape is applied to large vehicles, like trucks and trailers. It concentrates and reflects the light from headlights. This makes vehicles with DOT tape more visible, which reduces the risk of accidents in low-visibility conditions. For this reason, DOT tape is also called conspicuity tape.

Red and white striped DOT tapes are meant to be applied to the bottoms and backs of vehicles. Silver and white DOT tape is used to mark other parts of the vehicle.

Durable and Affordable Reflective Strips

Buying by the roll is much more economical than buying single-use, pre-cut strips often sold by the foot or yard. It's also more versatile and efficient to cut precisely the amount you need from the roll for your application. Whether you need a long section of tape for your trailer or small strips to make social distancing tape markings, Tape Jungle has you covered. Our reflective tapes come with a paper liner that will ensure the adhesive is safe for months or years to come.

You can check out a list of Tape Jungle's highest- rated reflective tapes to get an idea of what kind of reflective strip is best for your project. All of the tapes come with some combination of resistance to solvents, warping, temperature changes, and impact damage.

Innovative Design

Retroreflectivity technology redirects light back to the source to illuminate objects in low-light conditions. Fluorescent tapes use air-backed micro prisms to create a dramatically bright effect of total internal reflection. While some tapes use a distinctive honeycomb pattern to increase reflectivity, others have a smooth surface to improve printability. Many of our reflective tapes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can apply them to floors as a social distancing tape or use them to mark spaces for outdoor events.

Our outdoor reflective tape, reflective strips, and other Tape Jungle products are proven to be bright, durable, and high quality. They are also weather-resistant and can keep shining for up to 10 years. 

We even offer free shipping! Select the type, color, and amount of tape you want, and we'll ship your customized design to you as soon as we get it printed.

Contact Tape Jungle for State of the Art Reflective Tape

For all of your high-quality reflective tape needs, please contact us anytime. We carry a full line of DOT-approved conspicuity tapes, brightly colored floor marking tapes, and more. 

We are here to provide expert advice and the latest safety tape product details for a wide variety of applications to help you decide which tape best fits your project and budget. With dozens of reflective tapes that feature the latest phosphorescent and prismatic technologies, you are sure to find the product you need for your next project.