Floor Marking Tape

Product solutions to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, visitors and community

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Social Distancing Tape

Help create safe and social distancing by forming designated waiting areas, clearly identifying where people can safely stand, marking lanes, and reducing/eliminating traffic in hazardous and/or restricted areas.

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Vinyl floor and Aisle Marking Tape

  • Excellent durability and highly conformable.
  • Long shelf-life and “write-on” capability.
  • Meets OSHA requirements.
  • Good abrasion, impact and rupture resistance.
  • Resistant to aging, moisture, sun, oils, and corrosive chemicals.

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Colored Vinyl Tape

General Purpose (65013)

Stocked in 13 OSHA colors

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Industrial Grade (65015)

Stocked in 16 OSHA colors

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Striped Vinyl Tape

Striped Warning (66X40)

Stocked in 4 color patterns

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Laminated Warning (660X0)

Stocked 4 color patterns

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Heavy Duty Floor Tape

Heavy Duty Vinyl (HDVFT)

Stocked in 10 colors

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Lane Marking Dispenser

Works with all Vinyl, Cloth Tapes

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Dots and Arrows Arrows Floor Tape

Marking Dots on a Roll

Stocked in 13 colors

Marking Arrow on a Roll

Stocked in 7 colors

Cloth Floor Tape

  • Hand-tearable (no cutting tools required).
  • Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance.
  • Conforms well to irregular surfaces.
  • Will not twist or curl during application.
  • Natural rubber adhesive.

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Gaffer Tape

Standard Grade (67680)

Stocked in 11 colors

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Premium Cloth (67665)

Stocked in 11 colors (matte)

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Fluorescent Gaffers

Standard Grade (67680F)

Stocked in 4 colors

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Premium Cloth (67665F)

Stocked in 4 colors (matte)

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Colored Duct Tape

Colored Industrial (67236)

Stocked in 18 solid colors

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Fluorescent (67272)

Stocked in 4 colors

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Traditional Duct

General Purpose (67212)

7 mil in Gray and Black

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Contractors Grade (67270)

12 mil in 4 colors

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Safety Tapes

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Retro-reflective and DOT Tapes

High Intensity (HXREF)

6 Solid Colors

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Fluorescent Tapes (SPFLY)

DOT Neon Yellow, Orange

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Hook and Loop Velcro Alt

Hook and Loop Velcro Alternative

Hook and Loop Rolls

3 sizes in black or white

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Hook and Loop Coins

3/4" in black

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Anti Slip Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes with Anti-Slip Surface (60 grit)

Anti Slip Tape (69020)

9 Solid Color

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Black and Yellow (69022)

Caution Stripes

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Painters & Masking

Lightweight tapes for quick, clean removal

Blue Painters Tape (24900)

Blue clean removal up to 14 days

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Color Masking Tape (25963)

Stocked in 6 colors

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