Custom printed tape

Tape Jungle allows you to design your own custom printed tape in 3D and checkout in minutes.

Standard custom printed poly pro tape Standard

Polypropylene (Poly Pro)
Most popular and cost-effective
Plastic, glossy finish

Premium Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Premium

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Quality look and feel
Softer, more opaque, flat finish

Paper Water-activated gummed Paper

Water-activated gummed
Tamper evident
Kraft or white matte finish
*Dispenser required

Select a custom packing tape or preview all three

We offer industry leading adhesive tapes for every brand and budget

How does our custom tape process work?

Branding your packaging has never been easier

Choose a tape, select your options, and checkout in minutes! Our experts and designers will be with you every step of the way.


Customize & order


Upload your logo or design file, customize your tape and checkout in minutes.



2-3 business days

Receive a digital proof from our designers for final approval within 3 business days; cancel or edit your order anytime until this point.



2-3 weeks

We'll manufacture your new printer plates, prepare and schedule your order for printing within 3 weeks.



Less than 4 weeks from today

Receive your tracking details; get ready to upgrade your packaging!

Why custom printed tape?

There's no second chance to make a first impression

You've made the sale. Now stick the landing.

Customize you own tape Support

Enhance your branding

  • Make your brand the first thing customers see
  • Present an enterprise level experience
  • Stand out from the competition

Security with style

  • Reinforce your package to secure your content
  • Reduce injury, error and theft
  • Deter tampering in transit


  • Show customers how to get in touch at a glance
  • Packages look great for less $0.05 per box
  • Versatile and cost-effective branding

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Times

How long does it take for the Custom Printed Tape to Arrive at my door?
About 3-4 weeks for initial orders.
What about re-orders?
Reorders are faster but we still recommend ordering at least 3 weeks in advance just to be safe.
How long is each step in the process?
  • From Order to Proof (1-3 Business Days)
  • From Proof Approval to Print (12-15 Business Days)
  • From Print to Delivery (1-5 Business Days via UPS Ground)
Can I have my order shipped faster?
We can rush certain steps like the proof out of respect to pending customer orders and various production requirements. If you have an emergency or a product launch date please either note in the comments section, call (877) 284-4781 or email and we will let you know if we can accommodate.


How many colors can I print?
We can print up to three colors but each additional color adds to the minimum order quantity and plate fee. We usually recommended 1 or 2 colors.
What is my artwork has more colors than the print?
This is very common! We simply edit the colors in your artwork to match your order details. You’ll be able to confirm the layout and colors in the final proof.
Why does the Pantone Match Systems (PMS) cost more?
Pantone color matches require additional time and materials to blending together the substrates for each color. For our 11 stock colors, however, we purchase in very large quantities premixed. If your logo color is close to one of our stock colors we recommend using the stock. Pantone colors can also vary slightly, up to a shade.
Can you print on black tape, colored tape?
It is recommended to print on neutral tape colors such as white, tan, kraft or clear. Using colored background as a surfaces requires either printing the design in a color significantly darker than the surface itself such as a black or Reflex Blue or creating a reverse print around the design which will have an ⅛” gap at the end of each impression.
What about gradients or shading or halftones? Is that still considered one color?
We can print gradients and shading using halftones (dot matrix) but solid colors tend to print best.

Artwork/File Requirements

What kind of file type do you require to print?
Vector files, like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) are ideal, especially if we need to do any editing but anything high resolution such as PNG, PDF, JPG or PDF will print nicely.
What kind of resolution will print best?
If your image is not a vector file, then 300 dpi (dot per inch) is ideal. When you upload your design you will see a message about the resolution and our design team will let you know when making your proof.
What if I’m not sure, or I think it’s low resolution?
No problem! You can still move forward and keep your place in line. Sometimes we can fix or recreate low-resolution elements for you. Also, you can follow up with us with better artwork later by replying to the order confirmation email or via
What’s the maximum width and length of the design?
Max height is 1.6" for 2" wide tapes; 2.5" for 3" wide tapes. Length is generally 5-7” long with a maximum length of 14.5”
Can I see the design before placing an order?
Yes, the 3D online preview when used with the layout editor can show you almost exactly how the tape and layout will look when used correctly. Our design will then follow with a final proof for your approval prior to sending to production.
Can you make me the final proof or make substantive changes to my design without placing an order?
No, our support staff can answer any questions you have or provide free mockups but having the initial order for our design team to work from ensure the best quality for the proof, production, and delivery of your custom tape.


How can I reach out if I have questions?
By chat, email or by phone.
When are chat and email available?
You can reach us 24/7 via email at or via live chat. If all live chat you can submit a message.
Can I call to speak to a real person?
Absolutely, our team members are more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have such as design options, reorder information, lead times or anything else!
What if I need help during the order or down the road?
You’ll have a dedicated specialist to help you throughout the order or reordering process but generally, any member of our custom tape support team will be able to help as well.


Is ordering again less expensive?
Yes! The plate fee is only for the first order. After that, we’ll keep your plates on file as well as maintain or replace them for as long as we’re making your tape.
Can I change my design?
Yes and no. We’ll need a new plate to make any changes to the design itself, even minor details such as adding a phone number.
Can I change my order without a new proof and plate?
What you can change without a new plate:
  • Tape Color
  • Grade (Thickness)
  • Roll Length
  • Ink Colors (though not the number of colors)
What changes require new plates:
  • Material (eg Premium PVC to Paper or Standard PolyPro)
  • Roll Width
  • Number of Ink Colors
  • Design Changes of any kind

Why Tape Jungle?

Using Tape Jungle’s custom tape instantly increases your brand’s visibility and customer experience. Custom tape also secures your packaging while promoting your business at the same time.

Trusted by 1,000's of brands

  • Highly rated
  • Risk free proof process

20+ year of experience

  • Dedicated order support
  • Industry-leading advice

Transparent Pricing

  • Solutions start at $250
  • No hidden fees
  1. 1*Paper tape has a dry, water-activated adhesive, which requieres a mechanized dispenser.
  2. 2After final proof approval is received, custom printed tape orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable.
  3. 3Custom ink colors may vary from Pantone code. We recommend using a Pantone book if you're not sure versus a digital display.
  4. 4Plates may shift during production. A 1.0mm alignment variation per color is possible.
  1. 5Design files should either be vector (.ai, .eps, .psd) or high resolution (300 dpi or greater). The sharper the image the sharper print.
  2. 6Process takes approximately 3.4 weeks from order to delivery, rush requests are not guaranteed.
  3. 7Orders are printed based on proof approval dates, not order dates: revisions or low resolution artwork may delay production timelines.