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Deliver A Message of Quality with your own Branded Packing Tape

We print your graphic on our high-quality tape. Choose from 11 Stock ink colors or print with Exact PMS Match. We are the best deal on the internet. Order a case & save a little over the competition, or order a few cases and save more. Instant price per roll on the product page:

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Plastic (Poly Pro)

Custom Carton Sealing Tape

Our Most Popular Packing Tape

  • Most Popular & Cost-Effective
  • Best for fine details & reverse prints
  • Plastic, glossy finish
Make Your Own

Starts at $250

Vinyl (PVC)

Custom Carton Sealing Tape

Softer, Matte, Opaque Finish

  • Softer, less translucent than Poly Pro
  • Great for cold weather, irregular surfaces
  • Whisper Quiet; no screeching release
Make Your Own

Starts at $350


Custom Reinforced Gummed Tape

Tamper Evident & Reinforced

  • Most cost effetive option
  • Best for sharp detail printing
  • Another another Thing
Make Your Own

Starts at $450

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Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape

Our most popular packing tape; what you’re most likely to find at your local hardware store. This tape is made from high quality polypropylene with a hot melt adhesive and is suited for most applications. It come in two grades: Standard Grade 1.9 mil and 2.5 mil Heavy Duty for boxes 40 lbs or heavier.

Ink Colors

Each color in your design is printed separately and on its own plate. We can print up to 3 colors and have 11 stock colors to choose from. We can also blend custom colors via Pantone Match System (PMS).

11 Stock Ink Colors:

Reflex Blue
Process Blue
Red PMS 199
Green PMS 347
Orange PMS 165
Yellow PMS 108
Burgundy PMS 222
Gray PMS 431
Brown PMS 476

Tape Colors

We recommend using a neutral background; White, Tan or Clear are standard as ink is not perfectly opaque. If you print white ink over black tape, for example, it will appear gray, which is why we do not offer black tape.

Poly Pro 1.9 mil is also available in Red, Yellow and Orange for an additional fee. We recommend printing a darker color(s) over colored film where possible as to reduce the influence on the ink.

Art Files and Proofs

Every order receives a digital proof from our design department prior to production. There is no charge for revisions or simple edits such as spacing or adding a phone number. If you do not love the proof or if your plans change you can modify or cancel your order for a complete refund at anytime before submitting your approval.

For your art file, we prefer the original vector (.ai, .psd, .eps) but any high resolution image (300 DPI or greater) will work. We can accept any format you have (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .tif, etc).

We just need the logo and our designers will do take it from there. Generally the ideal layout is intuitive but if you have special instructions you can enter them during checkout. You do NOT need to size the file to fit the tape. The maximum dimensions for the print area itself are as follows:

Print Area Dimensions
  • Max height is 1.6" for 2" wide tapes; 2.5" for 3" wide tapes.
  • Length is generally 5-7” long with a maximum length of 14.5” using an oversized (additional $20 fee applies)

If for some reason the file isn’t uploading, you want to change files or you want us to have more than one simply checkout as normal and reply to your confirmation email afterward with the attachment(s). You can also send them to

Plates and Order Minimums

Plate fees are only for the initial order. After that we will keep your plate(s) on file and continue to service or replace them as needed for as long as we are printing your tape.

Number of Colors Plate Fee Order Minimum
1 Color $40 1 Case
2 Colors $60 2 Cases
3 Colors $100 5 Cases

Rolls Per Case

Hand Grade (55 yards and 110 yards)

These are universal sizes and will fit any standard dispenser for of the same width (48mm or 72mm). Each case is 220 sq yards of material, which is converted into 72 rolls (2”x55), 48 roll (3”x55), 36 rolls (2”x110) or 24 rolls (3”x110).

2”(48mm) x 55 yards 72 rolls per case
3”(72mm) x 55 yards 48 rolls per case
2”(48mm) x 110 yards 36 rolls per case
3”(48mm) x 110 yards 24 rolls per case

Machine Grade (1,000 yards)

These require an manual or automatic dispenser.

2”(48mm) x 1,000 yards 72 rolls per case
3”(72mm) x 1,000 yards 48 rolls per case

Lead Time

Digital Proofs: 2-3 business days from initial order

Production: 12-15 business days from proof approval

DeliveryGenerally about 3 weeks from start to finish

Rush Orders: We understand emergencies and deadlines pop up. We do not charge extra for expedited orders though we do require air freight and must be approved by management. Lead times are often shorter than stated but are not guaranteed.

Reverse Prints and Flood Coats

Flood coat: Covering exactly 100% of the tape surface with ink and printing another color over top. This has no margin, gap or design.
Cost: 75% on standard price

Reverse Print: Printing the negative space around the design leaving the design untouched that covers 50% or more of the tape with ink. This may have have a slight ⅛” vertical gap if cannot be offset by a diagonal space of ⅛” or greater.
Cost: 50% on the standard price


You may order at the standard price and we will provide a proof for both the standard and reverse/flood coat. If you wish to go with the non-standard option we can charge you the difference at that time.

Conditions of Sale

  • Custom Printed tapes are non-cancelable and non-refundable after proof approval.
  • Custom ink colors may vary from Pantone code
  • Plates may shift during production. A 1.0mm alignment variation per color is possible.

Reinforced and Non Reinforced Gummed Tape (Paper Tape)

  • 160 (Non Reinforced)
  • 240 (Reinforced)

160 Natural or White Light Duty Non Reinforced Paper Tape

Description: Natural kraft or white carton sealing tape manufactured with standard water-activated adhesive.

Product Application: Recommended for inner carton sealing or for lightweight cartons that will be shipped in unitized loads or full pallets.

240 Natural or White Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Description 3-way fiberglass reinforced carton sealing tape manufactured with water-activated adhesive.

Product Application: Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads. Recommended for use on light weight to average cartons up to 30 pounds (14 kg).

Physical Properties:

  • Caliper 6.3 mils (0.16mm)
  • MD Tensile 74 lb/in (324 N/25mm)
  • CD Tensile 26 lb/in (114 N/25mm)

Adhesion (WATER AT RECOMMENDED 110ºF/43°C):

  • Fipago: 2/0 49 2/1 71 5/0 75 15/0 90
  • McLaurin: 86

260 Natural or White Medium Duty Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Description 3-way fiberglass reinforced carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.

Product Application: Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads. Recommended for use on average weight cartons up to 55 pounds.

280 Natural or White Heavy Duty Reinforced Water Activated Tape

Description 3-way fiberglass reinforced carton sealing tape, manufactured with water-activated adhesive.

Product Application: Used for two strip sealing cartons top and bottom. Works well on recycled cartons, and non-unitized loads. Recommended for use on average weight cartons up to 90 pounds.

Lead Times

QHow long does it take for the Custom Printed Product to Arrive at my door?


Most orders arrive within 21 Days.

QHow long is each step in the process?


From Order to Proof (1-3 Business Days)

From Proof Approval to Print (12-15 Business Days)

From Print to Delivery (1-5 Business Days via UPS Ground, expedited freight available)

QCan I have my order shipped faster?


Out of respect to pending customer prints, our lead times accurate, and first in first out. It’s advised that initial orders be placed 1 month in advance. If you have an emergency or a product launch date please either note in the comments section, call (877) 284-4781 or email and we will do our best to accommodate.

QWhen are you open for business?


Monday-Friday, 9-5pm. Excluding major holidays.


QHow many colors can I print?


We can print up to three colors but the fewer colors the lower the minimum orders the lower the cost of the tape and plates and less likely a color may overlap another (we guarantee the print within 1mm of the proof but 3 colors means up to 3mm of possible variance).

QWhy does the Pantone Match Systems (PMS) cost more?


With Pantone colors we create the ink by blending together substrates for each order. We acquire the stock colors in very large quantities so if your logo color is close to one of our stock colors we recommend using the stock.

QCan you print on black tape, colored tape?


It is not recommended to print over colored film as the ink color will be influenced by the background, black being the most difficult.

QWhat about shading or halftones? Is that still considered one color?


We can print shades or halftones of one color using a screen, that use dots

Artwork/File Requirements

QWhat kind of file type do you require to print?


Resolution is most important and vector files are prefered. Our online order form accepts most formats: jpg, png, ai, psd, pdf

QWhat kind of resolution do you require?


If your image is not a vector file, then 300 dpi (dot per inch) is prefered. TIP: If you’re not sure if your image at normal scale is good enough, zoom in on your image with your computer's image viewing software, if after you zoom in two or three times, you start to see pixelation (blurry edges) you might want to look for a higher resolution images. But don’t let that stop you from sending to us. If we feel your image is not of high enough quality, we will let you know before going to print.

QI’m still not sure about the resolution/My file isn’t quite ready/I’m getting an ERROR when I upload but I want to place the my order. What do I do?


That’s no problem. You can place the order online and as long as you get the file over to us in 24 hours or so you won’t lose your place in line

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