Top Reflective Tapes: Buying Guide

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/16/2020

If you are looking for an added safety feature to help draw attention to objects in the dark or to increase visibility in low lighting, reflective tape may be just what you need. Easily apply reflective strips to everyday industrial objects or areas to bring attention to them at night or in low lighting, to possibly avoid damage or injury.

Different types of reflective tape can be used to mark everyday items, like a mailbox slightly obscured by bushes or railing that is a little too close to a driveway. It can be used outdoors on boats or motorcycles which may be missed by a passerby in the night, either while parked or in motion, or for industrial uses such as placement on trucks or road signs to alert drivers to their presence.

Tape Jungle offers a variety of reflective tape options to meet your needs, from colored reflective tape options that blend in during the day but stand out at night, to outdoor reflective tape that will withstand the elements to retro-reflective tape, or high-intensity reflective tape, for more directed light in industrial use cases. This buying guide can help you understand the right type of reflective tape for your needs.

DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape 2"(48mm) x 150' (DOTXX)

Reflective Safety Tape

This type of reflective tape works well in low lighting and will reflect ambient light such as light from a passing car or nearby home. Tape Jungle offers engineering-grade, striped and florescent types of reflective safety tape.Reflective safety tape reflects light off of its surface and is used to draw attention to the item it is adhered to. Reflective safety tape is highly durable and stands up to the elements, so is great for outdoor use and in any weather conditions.

High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape (HXREF)

Retro-Reflective Reflective Tape

High-Intensity Reflective Tape, or Retro-Reflective tape, is a specific type of reflective tape that reflects light directly back to its source.

This type of tape can also be referred to as DOT tape and is used in trucking and for other industrial purposes. Headlights from cars passing at night will shine onto the high-intensity reflective tape adhered to trucks and reflect light directly back to those trucks, alerting other drivers and drawing attention to the truck.

Premium Glow in the Dark Tape (760XX)

Glow Tape

Glow tape acts as an added safety feature in low light or complete darkness. It can be used to mark exit paths or to identify essential equipment. This type of tape is designed to collect and save up energy from ambient light, to be used in the event of sudden darkness or reduce visibility. Glow tape can emit light for 6-24 hours and can be great in an emergency when other light sources are lost.If you have any questions about the best reflective tape for your needs, contact Tape Jungle and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch!