Sample Our Custom Printed Tape

Sample Our Custom Printed Tape

Customizing your packing tape is a simple, cost-effective way to advertise your brand. With your logo emblazoned on every piece of tape your box has on it, each box becomes a miniature billboard promoting your business. Ensuring the packing tape is of good quality enhances the impact of the promotion. Custom-branded packing tape, made of premium material, proves your brand's dedication to exceptional products delivered in distinctive packaging.

At Tape Jungle, we know that deciding which custom-printed tape to select can be challenging. First, packing tapes come in various sizes, and size is just one of our tape's customizable features. The material, colors, font, and logo style are also customizable. All of this is great for creating unique and memorable packing tape, but it can be overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with the process of customizing packing materials.

Second, when you place your order online, you can view a virtual copy of your custom tape. The virtual copy allows you to confirm all your choices before finalizing your order. However, the physical product will look slightly different than the computer mock-up, which can be frustrating if you're not expecting those changes.

It can take testing to determine which tape or tapes will work best for your needs. Since you need a clear idea of what you want when you order custom logo tape, Tape Jungle is now offering custom-printed tape samples. Discover more about Tape Jungle's customization process, how to order sample tape rolls, and everything you need to know about using tape to market your brand effectively.

Custom Printed Tape Samples

With Tape Jungle, you can order sample rolls of our three most popular custom-printed tapes: polypropylene tape, PVC tape, and water-activated paper tape. When you select the packing tape, you can also choose a grade such as general purpose, heavy-duty, or industrial. The sample rolls display all available printing options to help you visualize the final product.

All of our custom tapes come with these ordering options:

  • Background color options. The three color options are neutral, flood coat, or reverse print. Neutral backgrounds come in white, tan, and clear (colorless), which typically contrast with vivid business logos. The flood coat is a light-colored background with a dark-colored print layered on top. Reverse print is the opposite: a dark-colored background with a light-colored print.
  • Standard or fine details. Standard works well for large, blocky, or simplified brand logos. However, fine is better for small fonts and highly detailed business logos.
  • Standard bleed or full bleed. Bleed is the section of the print trimmed from the final product. With standard bleed, the printed material extends about 1/8 of an inch beyond the main printed design, while full bleed print extends from one edge of the paper to the other. If you have a large design printed on a small tape, full bleed minimizes the risk that part of your design will be accidentally cut off.

Polypropylene Tape

Polypropylene tape is also known as PolyPro. It is a low-cost, versatile tape made with an acrylic or rubber adhesive. Its high strength and low stretch properties make it a popular choice for packaging, especially when mailing those packages long distances. PolyPro tape has a glossy finish and is 85 to 90 percent opaque. It is a good, multipurpose tape that is useful for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of our PolyPro tape include:

  • Fits most handheld tape dispensers
  • Machine grade available
  • Tape is self-adhesive
  • Prints well with fine details
  • Tape is very inexpensive
  • Available in small to large volumes

We offer this tape in four grades:

  • General Purpose: The general-purpose grade is excellent for everyday use. It is an effective sealant for packages weighing 1 to 30 pounds. With a glossy finish, the grade results in professional-looking packing tape for an affordable price.
  • Hi-Tak: Hi-Tak grade can withstand colder temperatures without losing its adhesion. We recommend Hi-Tak for sealing cartons with slippery surfaces, such as laminated boxes, recycled corrugated boxes, and even steel containers. Hi-Tak PolyPro tape has excellent edge tear and split resistance. The weight recommendation for this tape is also 1 to 30 pounds.
  • Heavy Duty: Heavy-duty grade has a stronger adhesive and more tensile strength than the general-purpose grade. The strength increase allows it to hold packages weighing 30 to 50 pounds. Additionally, it can withstand temperatures up to 140°F.
  • Industrial: Industrial grade is 20% thicker than heavy-duty grade, which gives it even more tensile strength. This tape can hold packages weighing 60 to 90 pounds. It's perfect for shipping heavy items like machinery parts or large kitchen appliances.

PVC Tape

Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) custom tape is softer than standard polypropylene packing tape. Most PVC tapes use a natural rubber adhesive with a thin film backing made of polyvinyl chloride, hence the tape's name. PVC tape has a flat finish and is 90-95% opaque. If you don't have the budget for mechanized tape application, don't worry; you can apply PVC tape with a handheld packing tape gun.

The benefits of our PVC tape are:

  • The release is abnormally quiet. The employees in your shipping department won't be irritated by the constant loud noise of tape unrolling.
  • The durable, self-adhesive tape adheres firmly to uneven surfaces.
  • It is compatible with many handheld tape dispensers.
  • It withstands cold temperatures without degrading.
  • It can secure larger shapes and packages.

We offer PVC tape in two grade options:

  • The heavy-duty grade is suitable for most applications. With its flat, vinyl-based finish, we recommend it for packages weighing 0 to 50 pounds.
  • Industrial grade is much thicker than heavy-duty and has a more aggressive adhesive. As a result, it can secure packages weighing 50 to 90 pounds.

Water-Activated Paper Tape

As the name implies, the adhesive on this tape activates by applying water to it. When activated, the adhesive bonds the tape to cardboard fibers, creating an impenetrable seal. It is impossible to open a box taped with water-activated tape without damaging the seal, making the tape a great theft deterrent. Water-activated paper tape is a simple and effective choice if you want tamper-evident packaging.

Another benefit of water-activated paper tape is its eco-friendliness. The packing tape, made from recycled materials, can be recycled after use. You can also advertise using this tape to promote your brand's environmental responsibility.

Water-activated paper tape has a matte finish and is 100% opaque. Applying this tape requires a specialized dispenser, but you can easily purchase a high-quality tape dispenser online.

Additional benefits of our water-activated paper tape are:

  • Made of sturdy 3-way fiberglass-reinforced natural Kraft paper.
  • Works well on recycled boxes and non-unitized loads
  • Preserves fine details
  • Available in small to large roll volumes

We offer this tape in three grade options:

  • General-purpose works for packages weighing 0 to 30 pounds. This tape has 0% transparency, so no one will be able to see what's inside your boxes even if the seal is applied unevenly.
  • Heavy-duty has a fiberglass reinforcement pattern thicker and tighter than the general-purpose grade, making it much sturdier and more suitable for heavy boxes. It can hold packages weighing 30 to 60 pounds.
  • Industrial grade has the densest fiberglass reinforcement strands of any water-activated tape. It holds packages weighing 50 to 90 pounds.

How to Use the Tape Customizer

The process of using Tape Jungle's online tape customizer consists of five simple steps:

1. Choose the tape material: PolyPro tape, PVC tape, or water-activated paper tape.

2. Choose the tape grade and size.

3. Select the background color and print color for your tape. If you have a custom logo design, this is when you would upload it.

4. Decide how many rolls of tape you want to order.

5. Review your order, place it, and wait for your custom-branded tape to arrive.

Want More Information on Custom Printed Tape? Sample Our Products!

Many of Tape Jungle's customers are practical, business-minded people. They operate on an "I'll believe it when I see it" basis. If this sounds like you, we have good news: you can test out a sample of our customizable tape whenever you want. Select any of the above packing tapes, pick a grade, width, and color, and choose how many rolls to order. You can order as little as a single roll or start with a dozen rolls to fully experiment with your new tape. The samples are just $1.00 per roll, so placing a sample order is a low-risk, high-reward investment.

Ordering sample custom-printed tape lets you test the material and its print quality. If you want a good logo tape, we recommend ordering a few rolls with slightly different variations of your logo so that you can pick the version that looks the best. We will keep your design plates on file, so you can easily re-order any custom packing tape designs.

Do you still have questions? We would love to answer them. Our support team is reachable via phone, email, or web chat. Additionally, you can schedule a 15-minute review session. We are committed to customer service that is just as reliable as our premium tapes. Join the Tape Jungle partnership and sample our custom-printed packing tape today.