Foam Tape: A Complete Guide

Posted by Tape Jungle on 06/03/2021

Foam tape combines the benefits of foam, which flexibly fills the space between two surfaces, with a double-sided tape adhesive, which ensures a permanent stick. Foam tape is a handy tool for various project types, with home and professional applications. Foam tape is often used for weather stripping, to bond or seal the space between surfaces, to prevent the escape of liquid, air, or dust, to hang display signage, such as in a retail setting, or to reduce the noise and damage of vibrations that
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Aisle and Floor Marking Tape: Complete Guide

Posted by Tape Jungle on 05/27/2021

Safety warning tape allows you to organize the workflow and minimize hazards on your facility’s aisles, walkways, safety hazards, and storage areas, and more. Apply aisle marking tape and floor marking tape to floors, walls, and equipment to designate boundaries or unsafe areas in facilities. Safety tape is made to endure heavy foot traffic, and many are designed to withstand traffic from forklifts and other warehouse vehicles. Warning tape creates a safer, more efficient facility because it rel
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Plumbers Tape 101: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Tape Jungle on 05/22/2021

Plumbers tape, also known as Teflon tape, has various uses to make projects easier and pipes function better. This tape is also referred to as thread seal tape since it most commonly acts as a sealant when making connections in plumbing systems. It is a thin yet powerful tool to ensure that pipe joints are easy to manipulate yet strong. We’ll be walking through what Teflon tape is, how you use it, and the types of uses it commonly has for in home projects.What Is Plumbers Tape? Plumbers t
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What is Foil Tape and What is it Used for?

Posted by Tape Jungle on 05/17/2021

Foil tape is an extremely versatile kind of tape that combines the flexibility and protective qualities of aluminum, copper or lead foil with an adhesive on the back to give it even more practical uses in construction and home projects. It can hold up against the elements and stay adhered to surfaces for long periods.So, what is foil tape, and what is it primarily used for? Here is everything you need to know.What Is Foil Tape?Foil tape is usually made from aluminum, but it can also contain glas
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Hook and Loop Fastener: Application and Benefits

Posted by Tape Jungle on 05/12/2021

The Velcro® alternative – pressure sensitive Hook-n-loop nylon fastener closure system is a versatile product with various uses.The hook and loop nylon fastener uses two solid strips. One side of the strip roll is rough, and the other soft. The rough side is called “hook,” while the “loop” side is softer and more pliable. The hook side is covered with tiny stiff hooks that interlock with the loops and provide the closure mechanism.Solid Strips: Roll Style FastenersHook loop velcro nylon roll sty
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