10 Household Uses for Velcro Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 02/26/2021

10 Household Uses for Velcro Tape

Velcro is not a physical product but the name of a group of companies (including Velcro USA Inc) that manufactures a wide range of products.

Velcro tape alternative hook and loop works by having two strips of material pressed together. One has lots of tiny hooks, and one with lots of thinner loops which cling together. With this knowledge, Tape Jungle wants to present 10 household uses for Velcro Tape.

Kinds of velcro tape

Double-Sided Velcro Tape

Just as with regular tape, this type of tape allows you to cut velcro to the size needed, apply one side to one object, the other side to another object, and then firmly press them together for a firm attachment.

Dual Lock Velcro

Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners are a fastening solution that can replace screws, bolts, and rivets. This product allows you to adjust, realign, or re-attach with ease, leaving your work with clean, smooth lines free of holes or interruptions.

Velcro Straps

Velcro Straps are reusable straps and ties of different sizes and styles that allow a neat and simple way to bundle, secure objects together by wrapping them around and adjusting for hold.

Heavy Duty Velcro

For similar velcro jobs but with more massive objects, VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty tape, strips, and coins have 50% more holding power than standard strength hook and loop fasteners and can hold up to 1lbs per square inch up to 10lbs.

Industrial Strength Velcro

VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength tapes, coins, and strips offer significantly more holding power. They feature a molded plastic hook and heavy-duty, water-resistant adhesive for superior holding power on smooth surfaces, including plastic.

Household Uses for Velcro Tape

Applications have included outdoor applications, medical devices, general industrial, exhibit/trade show, folders/direct mail, and point of purchase displays or signs. If you are unsure about which type to use for your specific application then contact us.

1. Outdoor Applications

Use velcro outdoors to hang lights, decor, and signs. You can also attach them to the walls and objects to organize garden tools, pool accessories, and BBQ equipment.

2. Hang Kitchen Tools

Apply velcro to the inside of cabinets and drawers for commonly used items or make space by hanging an awkwardly shaped item.

3. Hang Photo Frames

For an accessible photo gallery or kids’ rooms, use velcro to switch out frames and arrangements instead of using hammers and nails.

4. Organize a Wardrobe

Use velcro to easily hang hooks to hang bags, scarves, hats, or jewelry to utilize more closet space for not only clothes but accessories as well.

5. Fasten Cables Together

To maintain a neat appearance, use velcro straps to wrap cords and cables behind televisions, computers, or appliances. Take it a step further and use velcro tape to lift it off the floor for more coverage.

6. Organize a Pantry

Use velcro to hang containers that will finally organize your pantry. With this system in place, you’ll have easy access to items, so never repeat.

7. Hold a Rug or Mat in Place

Do you have a piece of carpet or rug that annoyingly moves or trips you up? Keep it in place with velcro to remove the frustration.

8. Organize Garage Tools

With velcro tape, you can place tools in an easily visible and out of the way space in your garage for maximum organization and efficiency.

9. Make Things Easily Accessible

Instead of misplacing the remote or dropping your charging cables, velcro them to a convenient location to make your life that much easier.

10. As An Additional Safety Measure

Place safety items like flashlights and alarm buttons in easy reach around your home with velcro tape. You can even use velcro to help childproof your home by adding soft touches or protective casing to dangerous objects.

This guide for velcro tape uses products we don’t carry, but we want you to be aware of all your options. If you have specific questions on our Velcro alternative hook and loop tape, please contact us.