10 Household Uses for Velcro Tape

10 Household Uses for Velcro Tape

Velcro is not a physical product, though the term has widespread everyday use. It is actually the name of a group of companies (including Velcro USA, Inc).1 They are the original manufacturers of name-brand Velcro items. Generic Velcro products are more accurately called hook-and-loop fasteners.

Velcro tape, or hook-and-loop tape, works just like traditional hook-and-loop fasteners. The tape has two strips of material pressed together. One strip has lots of tiny hooks, and the other has many thin loops. The two strips cling together, providing a durable closure system.2

Velcro is more than just an alternative to shoelaces. There are many types of Velcro tape and even more uses for it. Velcro tape's durability makes it perfect for home uses like organization and fastening. Here Tape Jungle presents five kinds of Velcro tape and 15 home uses for Velcro tape.

Kinds of Velcro Tape

Double-Sided Velcro Tape

Double-sided Velcro tape works similarly to other types of double-sided tape and can be cut to the size you need. Each strip has a hooked side and a looped side and is easily attached to the other. Simply apply each side to a different object, and then firmly press them together.

Dual-Lock Velcro

Dual-lock Velcro tape uses a completely different fastening system than conventional Velcro. Instead of hooks-and-loops, it uses tiny mushroom-shaped fasteners. When pressure is applied, the fasteners snap together.3 Dual lock reclosable fasteners are strong enough to replace screws, bolts, and rivets. This product is reusable, so you can easily adjust, realign, or reattach items.

Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are reusable straps and ties of different sizes and styles. You've probably seen them on shoes, but Velcro straps can do much more than replace shoelaces. They provide a neat and simple way to bundle objects and make a great handle for carrying bulky things like blankets.

Heavy-Duty Velcro

Heavy-duty Velcro is used just like regular Velcro, but it won't snap when used on massive objects. VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty tape, strips, and coins have 50% more holding power than standard strength hook and loop fasteners. They can hold up to 1 pound per square inch and up to 10 pounds total.4

Industrial Strength Velcro

Industrial strength Velcro is even sturdier than heavy-duty Velcro. VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength tapes, coins, and strips offer significantly more holding power. They feature a molded plastic hook and heavy-duty, water-resistant adhesive. These features give the tape superior holding power on smooth surfaces, including plastic.5

Household Uses for Velcro Tape

Velcro tape has plenty of professional applications. It is used for medical devices, general industrial purposes, exhibit and trade shows, folders/direct mail, and point of purchase displays or signs.

Velcro tape is endlessly useful as house tape. It doesn't leave a residue like some traditional tapes and applying it doesn't require any specialized tools. It won't degrade outside, so it's safe for outdoor applications. You don't need to be a home renovation expert to make the best use of Velcro tape. If you are unsure which type to use for your specific application, feel free to contact us.

Household uses for velcro tape from Tape Jungle

1. Secure Outdoor Furniture, Equipment, and Décor

Velcro tape works well outdoors as long as it stays clean. Dirt can clog the hooks and loops, but the tape will be as good as new once you brush it off.6 Use Velcro outdoors to hang lights, décor, and signs. You can also attach strips of Velcro tape to the walls to create an organization system for garden tools, pool accessories, and BBQ equipment. If you live in an area with strong winds, use Velcro tape to secure the cushions on outdoor furniture.

2. Hang Kitchen Tools

Increase your kitchen storage space by applying Velcro to the inside of cabinets and drawers. Use strips of Velcro tape to create holders for commonly used items. Attaching the items to your cabinet doors will make them easy to access. You can also make ceiling holders for hanging awkwardly shaped items.

3. Hang Photo Frames

Hammers and nails are traditional for hanging photos, but these can easily damage walls. If you want to swap frames on a photo, you may have to hammer a new nail into place. If you live in a rental home or just want to keep your own home in good condition, hang photo frames with Velcro instead. Taking photos down and replacing them is easy with Velcro tape. Make sure to use heavy-duty tape for large, heavy frames.

4. Organize a Wardrobe

Say goodbye to fallen scarves and clothes. Use Velcro to easily hang hooks for bags, scarves, hats, or jewelry. This lets you utilize more closet space for your clothes and accessories.

5. Fasten Cables Together

Use Velcro straps to wrap up the cords and cables behind televisions, computers, or appliances. This won't just help your home look neat; it will also eliminate a potential tripping hazard. Take it a step further and use Velcro tape to lift cables off the floor for more coverage.

6. Organize a Pantry

Organize your pantry by using Velcro to hang food containers. Unlike many traditional tapes, Velcro tape won't leave an unpleasant residue on containers. Instead, it will provide an efficient, reusable organization system. Keep your items secure and maximize kitchen storage space with a few strips of Velcro tape.

7. Hold a Rug or Mat in Place

Do you have a piece of carpet or a rug that annoyingly moves around and trips you? Hold it in place with Velcro. The hook part of hook-and-loop tape will adhere firmly to many types of rugs. If it doesn't, sew one side of the tape to the bottom of the rug for maximum stability.

8. Organize Garage Tools

With Velcro tape, you can place tools in your garage in a clearly visible and out-of-the-way space for maximum organization and efficiency. To make your garage tools more accessible, we suggest taping items at a height that is easy for you to grab. If you need to secure extra heavy tools, try using industrial strength Velcro.

9. Prevent Wrapping Paper From Unrolling

It's annoying when opened wrapping paper rolls keep unrolling. Opened rolls are hard to store and prone to tearing. Scotch tape will hold the rolls closed, but it's likely to rip the paper when you take it off. Strips of Velcro tape, on the other hand, will keep wrapping paper secured without damaging the paper. When you use up that wrapping paper, you can reuse the strip on your next roll.

10. Bundle Sports Equipment

Get ready for the sports season by bundling up your equipment with Velcro tape. Use the tape to make a handle for extra convenience.

11. Keep Gates Closed

If you have a gate that keeps swinging open, keep it closed with Velcro tape. It may not be the most secure option, but it's a good short-term fix until you have time to install a proper latch.

12. Make Plant Ties

Tomatoes and other fruiting plants often struggle to stay upright under the weight of their own fruit. Use a few strips of Velcro tape as garden ties to give the plant some extra support.7 The tape is gentle enough that it won't damage your plant.

13. De-Pill Sweaters

Old sweaters often develop pills: little fuzzy balls of fiber attached to the sweater's surface. These fabric lumps look unsightly, but luckily, they're easy to remove. Shave off the pills with a razor, then scrape the surface with Velcro to clean up any remaining loose fibers.8

14. Keep Track of Small Items

You can use Velcro tape just about everywhere. Instead of misplacing the remote or dropping your charging cables, Velcro them to a convenient location to make your life that much easier. You could also make a Velcro hanger for your keys and place it by your front door.

15. Create Additional Safety Measures

Place safety items like flashlights and alarm buttons in easy-to-reach locations around your home with Velcro tape. You can even use Velcro to help childproof your home by adding soft barriers or protective casing to dangerous objects. If you have a cupboard full of cleaning chemicals, add Velcro closures to prevent children and pets from getting into it.

This guide for Velcro tape includes products that Tape Jungle doesn't carry (at least, not yet). That's because we want you to be aware of all your options. If you have specific questions about our Velcro alternative hook and loop tape, please contact us. You can also check out our Shipping and Returns page for information about ordering from us. We look forward to helping you again soon!