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Extended Liner Tape - (L03XX)

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Description Extended Liner Tape is a tissue supported synthetic rubber transfer adhesive with a 42# kraft liner (black print). Superior performance on heavier weight papers and heavy board stocks. Tissue Carrier allows the tapes to be easily torn by...

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Alanson Products

Double Coated Polyester 3.3 Mil - Clear (53108RP)

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Double Coated Polyester (Clear) 3.3 Mils 0.5 mil Clear Polyester film 3.3 mils total, differentially coated with a low tack and high tack acrylic adhesive system. The liner side is coated with a low tack adhesive system with moderate adhesion to a...

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Double Sided Tape from Tape Jungle

Double-sided tape is a popular tape that has an adhesive layer on both sides. Its popularity is derived from its ability to stick two surfaces together easily. 

‌There are many types of double-sided tape. Each type has various benefits and uses. Learn more about how double-sided tape can benefit you below.

Using Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape has industrial applications and home applications, making it highly versatile. A few common uses for double-sided tape are:

Attaching sound-proof panels to floors and wallsBonding signs and graphics togetherWaterproofing seams in homesSecuring temporary carpeting to floorsSplicing and tabbing in paper mills

Styles of Double-Sided Tape

Obviously, double-sided tapes used for crafting are very different from the double-sided tape used to waterproof a home. 

Three of the most common double-sided tapes are all adhesive transfer gun (ATG) tapes:

Standard ATG Tape — often used for general mounting purposes such as pictures and nameplates. Professional ATG Tape — also used for mounting but has a higher adhesion and tack than the standard ATG tape. Heavy Duty AGT Tape — used for challenging bonding projects. It has a very strong holding power and quick tack.

To use any AGT tape, you will need an ATG tape dispenser

‌Additional double-sided tapes include carpet tapes, fabric tapes, and crepe paper tapes.

‌Double-Sided Carpet Tape

‌Conventions and trade shows often use carpets to create non-slip walkways. However, the carpets can be a hazard if they slide around and must be secured. ‌To prevent people from tripping and falling during your next convention, you will want to invest in high-quality carpet tape.

Double-coated exhibition carpet tape is extensively used in this industry to temporarily hold down carpets at events. This tape is excellent for securing carpets in high traffic areas and won’t leave a residue. 

‌Double-Sided Fabric Tape

Double-coated polyester fabric tape offers a more long-term solution for securing various types of flooring such as carpet, vinyl, rubber flooring, and gym flooring. It is easy to tear and adapts to many shapes. In addition, the high adhesion offers excellent tack to many surfaces. 

‌This tape is best used as a permanent solution for securing carpet in high-traffic areas. It has both home and business applications.

‌Double-Sided Crepe Paper Tape

Double-sided crepe paper tapes use a rubber-based adhesive that bonds well to most papers, films, and fabrics. Additionally, they are great at holding wood cuts leaving little to no residue. 

‌Tape Jungle carries two Alanson double-coated crepe paper tapes.

Double Coated Crepe Paper Tape 6.0 Mil — rubber-based adhesive with a tensile strength of 16 pounds per inch.Double Coated Crepe Paper Tape 7.0 Mil — hot melt rubber adhesive with a tensile strength of 21 pounds per inch.

Double-Sided Tapes at Tape Jungle

Contact Tape Jungle for more information about the double-sided tapes we have in stock. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals can help you decide what tape and accessories you need for your business or next project.