All You Need to Know About Custom Printed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tape

All You Need to Know About Custom Printed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Tape

Polyvinyl chloride tape, also known as PVC tape, is a fantastic product that has many uses beyond packaging and shipping. As it is quite durable, it's sometimes used for electrical projects, plumbing projects, and other industrial repairs. It's available in a wide array of thickness options, rendering it a versatile choice for a wide array of projects and purposes.

Our premium custom-printed tape is ideal for all your packaging and shipping needs and more. In addition to the durability and security that comes with our high-quality PVC tape, you get the added bonus of customizing your tape with your company's name and logo, which boosts brand visibility and adds a personalized touch that your customers will love.

Customization for Brand Identity

Your brand's identity can make or break your business, especially in today's crowded e-commerce market. We at Tape Jungle want to ensure that your customers see your branding before they even open the box.

The Impact of Custom-Printed PVC Tape

Our custom-printed PVC tape means you don't have to sacrifice the durability and security of your shipments for branding or marketing. You also don't have to order a wide array of branded boxes for all of your various shipment sizes. With branded PVC tape on hand, you can turn any parcel into a custom-branded one. And thanks to our high-quality printing and different finish options, your parcels won't just be unique to your branding — they'll be visually appealing as well.

Some business owners may dismiss customized shipping materials as an unnecessary expense, especially in an economic landscape where it truly feels like every penny counts. However, don't write off the importance of branded packaging. Many companies, like the conglomerate Amazon, have benefited hugely from distinctive shipping materials. Custom packaging helps increase their visibility in the market and ensures that customers instantly recognize their brand when they see a box on someone's front porch.

While your business may not be at the level of Amazon yet, custom-printed shipping tape ensures that your parcels have the same branding attributes, ensuring that people instantly recognize your packages. This also adds a level of professionalism to your shipping process, which can be vital for small businesses that want a competitive edge.

Design Options and Possibilities

When we say we offer custom branded tape, we really mean it. Our flat finish PVC tape is available in clear, white, and a beige tone that blends well into standard shipping boxes. For an additional cost, you can choose a customized color better suited to your vision for your brand.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what we print on your custom tape. Many companies choose to keep it simple, with just their company's name, logo, or both. We can help you achieve the exact vision you have for your custom logo tape. Some business owners opt to include a phone number or contact information, while others wish to include unique artwork that compliments their marketing.

If you aren't design-savvy, don't worry. Our design team is there to help with the ordering process. We want to ensure that your custom logo tape fits perfectly with your company's branding and contains the exact text and designs you have in mind.

Security and Tamper-Evident Features

The benefits of custom-printed tape go beyond branding and marketing. Custom logo tape is tamper-evident, which means it's obvious when someone has tried to open the package before it's arrived to its intended recipient.

With standard tape, you may overlook areas where the seal was broken or the tape was ripped. But when the flow of your artwork is disrupted by a rip, it's easy to see that someone tried to tamper with the package. This can deter thieves and enhance your customers' peace of mind when they do business with your company.

When you combine this with the durability and strong seal of PVC tape, you can breathe easy knowing that you've sent your customers their shipments with the most secure tape on the market.

Versatile Applications: Where Custom-Printed PVC Tape Shines

The versatility of custom-printed PVC tape is what makes it so appealing to our customers. At Tape Jungle, we pride ourselves on offering a product that serves a wide array of purposes, helping you streamline all your company's packaging needs.

E-commerce and Shipping

The most popular use of our custom PVC tape is for e-commerce and shipping. Our PVC tape is one of our premium options, as it provides a more secure seal than our standard polypropylene (PolyPro) custom-printed tape and a sleeker finish, making it the ideal choice for high-end brands.

In addition to its indisputable aesthetic appeal, our PVC tape truly packs a punch when it comes to durability. It performs great on uneven and irregular surfaces, so it's great for companies whose products are as unique and creative as they are.

It also withstands the elements, including extreme cold. This means you won't have to worry about your tape peeling due to snow or frigid temperatures during your holiday rush.

Retail Packaging

Custom-printed PVC tape is also a great choice in a retail setting, such as stores that need to package large items like appliances, or even shops that offer gift wrapping. One of the fantastic aspects of PVC tape is that it's ultraquiet, which means your employees won't have to endure the constant ripping and tearing sounds that most of us associate with standard packaging tape.

Our low-noise handheld tape dispenser can also help reduce noise pollution in your retail setting, creating a much more pleasant experience for employees and customers alike.

Industrial and Heavy-Duty Use

If you operate in the industrial field and need to ensure that your shipments can withstand just about anything that your B2B customers might throw at them, PVC tape is a safe option. Whether your packages are headed to a rainy dock or a cold climate factory, you can rest assured that your sealing solution won't peel or warp throughout any step of the supply chain.

Comparing PVC Tape to Custom-Printed Gum Tape and PolyPro Tapes

At Tape Jungle, we offer a wide array of custom-printed tape options. While our custom PVC tape is a great choice for many business applications, it does differ somewhat from its counterparts, such as custom-printed gum tape and PolyPro tape. Here's everything you need to know when deciding whether or not PVC tape is the right choice for you and your business.

Adhesion and Application

Both our standard PolyPro tape and our PVC tape are self-adhesive. Our paper tape is water-activated, which means it needs to be used in conjunction with a machine.

Our PVC tape is not suitable for machine application and is best applied by hand or with a handheld device. If you're looking for a tape that can be applied with a machine, our PolyPro or water-activated paper tape might be a better choice.


Obviously, you need to know that your custom-printed tape will be up to the challenge of keeping your packages sealed and secured regardless of weight. Here are how our tape options compare when it comes to weight limits.


  • 1.9 Mil: 0-30 lbs
  • 2.5 Mil: 30-60 lbs
  • 3.0 Mil: 60-90 lbs


  • 2.2 Mil: 0-60 lbs
  • 3.0 Mil: 60-90 lbs


  • 240 Mil: 0-30 lbs
  • 260 Mil: 30-60 lbs
  • 280 Mil: 60-90 lbs

Transparency, Details, and Finish

Our standard PolyPro tape is semitransparent, our PVC tape is nearly opaque, and our paper tape is opaque. The standard and paper tapes offer a sharp finish, whereas PVC tape has a softer finish. However, don't take "soft finish" to mean blurry. Your printed design will have a sophisticated and subtle finish that isn't overly sharp or cartoonish.

Paper tape has a glossy finish, PVC offers a flat finish, and paper tape is matte. While the paper tape has a glossy finish with sharp printing, the PVC tape is aesthetically pleasing. That's why we suggest it for high-end brands, such as apparel or home décor companies.

Simply put, the PVC tape offers an unmistakable elegance without compromising the durability and security customers expect from our products.

The Ordering Process: How To Get Your Custom-Printed PVC Tape

While we pride ourselves on offering our customers a very straightforward ordering process, we’re also here to work with you on all of your customization needs.

Using the 3D Custom Printed Tape Tool

Placing an order with the 3D custom printed tape tool from Tape Jungle is a convenient process that allows customers to personalize their packaging tapes.

Within the 3D custom printed tape tool, customers can upload their own designs, logos, or artwork to be printed on the tape. The tool provides options to adjust the size, position, and orientation of the design, ensuring that it meets the customer's exact specifications. Additionally, customers can choose the base tape color and specify the quantity they wish to order.

Design and Logo

You will need a file of your company’s logo, or any text you would like to be featured on your customized tape. If you’re not sure how to go about creating the design for your tape, our team is happy to work with you to bring your vision to life.

See a Mock-Up

Before you place your order, you’ll be able to see a mock-up of your finished design. At this point, we can hammer out any kinks or make any changes if the mock-up isn’t 100% to your liking. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our tips on designing custom printed tape for your business.

Place Your Order

We’re happy to work with you when it comes to any questions or inquiries you may have. However, once your order has been placed, you can kick back and relax, knowing that your gummed tape order is in good hands with the talented Tape Jungle team.

Once you’ve received your order, we’ll still be with you each step of the way. We’re happy to help you with any issues you might encounter, especially if you’re new to using gummed tape for your business needs. However, we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with this purchase.


At Tape Jungle, we strive to offer the best tape solutions for you and your business needs. Our custom-printed PVC tape is perfect for any company that wants to brand its packages with an eye-catching yet durable sealing option. Start designing your perfect custom tape today, or reach out to our team for more information about how we can help you take your shipping and packaging to the next level.