Best Uses for Reflective Tape and Safety Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/03/2021

Safety Tape

Reflective and safety tapes are both used to improve public safety. Reflective tape helps make objects more visible in the dark. Safety tape has bright colors and is often used to show that an area is off limits.

Unique Reflective Tapes

Reflective Tapes are a mainstay in the United States to help with transportation safety, particularly in dark or foggy conditions.

DOT Reflective Tape

US Department of Transportation (DOT) approved reflective tape is used to help make roadways safer. DOT Reflective Tape is meant to be applied directly to metal and lasts permanently, so the adhesive is quite strong. DOT tape is required on some larger vehicles, such as tractor trailers and semi-trucks. When headlights from other vehicles illuminate the tape, the tape concentrates and reflects the light, making whatever the tape is attached to highly visible. These tapes can also be used to make barriers more visible to drivers, or be applied to smaller vehicles such as scooters and bicycles.

SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape

SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape is designed specifically for nautical applications, but it’s great for any situation in which you need reflection outdoors. Marine tape is built to withstand weathering and extreme temperatures.

If you frequently boat at night, this tape is great for making your boat more visible to others on the water. If you have a personal dock, you can apply this tape to your dock to make it easier to find at night.

Unique Safety Tapes

If you’ve ever seen yellow tape printed with the word “Caution” then you’ve seen safety tape in action. Caution tape is just one type of safety tape available. Here are a few types of safety tapes and their uses.

Barrier Tapes

Caution tape is a specific type of barrier tape. In general, barrier tape is brightly colored, non-adhesive tape used to bound off an area from the public. This highly visible tape can also be used to indicate that an area is off limits due to a temporary safety hazard, such as a spill.

Vinyl Colored Tape

Vinyl colored tape is brightly colored adhesive tape that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. It is often used on factory floors to mark lanes, indicate walkways, or mark work zones. Colored tape with stripes tends to mark caution or danger zones. Because of the wide variety of colors available, factories and other businesses can create an internal meaning for different colors.

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-slip tape can be applied to handles, stairs, or floors to add grip. This is especially important in areas that may get wet frequently, such as near pools or showers. Anti-slip tapes can also come in bright, attention-grabbing colors.

Glow in the Dark Tape

Glow in the dark tape is perfect for marking stairs or exits during a sudden loss of power. Glow in the dark tape is different from reflective tape in that glow in the dark tape does not require an external light source in order to shine. Tape Jungle’s glow in the dark tape is non-toxic and non-radioactive.


Reflective tape and safety tape are both important pieces of safety equipment that can help businesses comply with regulations and keep employees safe. If you want to discuss your reflective and safety tape options, contact us today!