Carton Sealing Tape and the Benefits They Provide

Carton Sealing Tape and the Benefits They Provide

The way many companies conduct business has changed with online shopping increase. As more and more people turn to the internet for shopping, companies are updating their plans to make product buying and delivery more efficient.

If you want to stand out from the fierce competition in an online shopping world, you'll need to update your plans too. One way to do that is through top-of-the-line packaging. Securing your packages with the correct tape to ensure flawless delivery can go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction. It can also help you raise brand awareness, as you can print out your logos and messages to make a lasting visual impression on your customers. Not to mention that secure packaging can increase the trust of your customers and prompt them to buy more products.

The only question is, what is the best tape you can use for sealing and securing your packages to deliver them safely and make your customers happy? At Tape Jungle, we recommend carton-sealing tapes for fastening boxes of various sizes and weights due to their high integrity and effectiveness. In the following section, you'll find the most common types of carton-sealing tapes and their benefits and uses.

Types of Carton-Sealing Tapes

Carton-sealing tapes come in various colors, materials, widths, and thicknesses. They can be hot-melt rubber or water activated and come in tan, white, clear, or vibrant colors to make your packaging more visually appealing. You can even get a tamper-evident tape to prevent package opening in transit.

At Jungle Tape, we strive to provide high-quality tapes to meet all your shipping and packaging needs. The following are some of the most popular and effective carton-sealing tapes available.

Tamper-Evident Tape

The tamper-evident tape will help you keep your packages safe from contamination and theft during transit. That is, it will alert the recipients if anyone opens the box during transportation, making the shipping process much more secure.

Tamper-evident packaging tapes are essential for delicate packages containing food, medicines, and valuables. They will protect your customers, brand image, and bottom line by ensuring your packages get delivered safely.

Colored Carton-Sealing Tape PVC

You can classify and organize your packages easily using colored tapes. Tape Jungle offers these in heat-shrinkable and printable colored types, seven width options, and several color options.

Tape Jungle colored carton-sealing tape PVC can be in these colors:

  • Clear
  • Tan
  • White
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Dark green
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Fluorescent orange

Carton-Sealing Tape PVC

If you want simple and standard package protection, consider premium carton-sealing tape. This type is available in three neutral colors (white, tan, and clear), uses natural rubber adhesive that is solvent-based and has a quiet unwind.

Premium Packaging Tape

Our premium high-performance packing tape is highly durable and uses pressure-sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesive. We recommend it for sealing boxes rated at light to medium weight.

Carton-Sealing Tape Acrylic Solvent Based Adhesive

An all-in-one carton-sealing tape option on our list is acrylic solvent adhesive tape. It can adhere to any surface, even uneven and rough surfaces, and can withstand any temperature, hot or cold. Its versatility and effectiveness make it an excellent option for different business types.

Carton-Sealing Tape Economy-Grade Acrylic

For an economical option, choose the carton-sealing economy-grade acrylic tape(3515). This product has a good balance of adhesion and strength, and you can use it for numerous purposes.

Carton-Sealing Tape Industrial-Grade Acrylic

The industrial-grade acrylic carton-sealing tape(3520) comes in either clear or tan colors and is excellent for heavy-duty packing and sealing. It has a tensile strength of 18 lbs per inch and comes in either 2.0 Mil or 2.6 Mil.

Color Carton-Sealing Tape 2.0 Mil

The color carton-sealing tape(6120) comes in eight colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Blue

In addition to general-purpose splicing and taping, you can use the moderately-strong color carton-sealing tape for color coding, identification, and tabbing.

Carton-Sealing Tape Natural Rubber Adhesive

Finding a rubber tape that will adhere to recycled materials, cold surfaces, and uneven surfaces can be challenging. However, our  natural rubber adhesive carton-sealing tape will stick flawlessly to recycled, abrasive, and cold surfaces.

Carton-Sealing Tape Heavy Duty Acrylic

This heavy-duty carton-sealing tape is thicker and stronger than most others at 3.2 Mil thick high-strength polypropylene film. It can withstand hot or cold weather conditions and is tough enough to withstand extremely demanding packaging and shipping conditions.

Intertape USA QT Machine Grade Packaging Tape

The Intertape USA QT is a high-performance cold-temperature tape. It uses a pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive that can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

Carton-Sealing Tape 2.0 Mil Machine Grade – Colored

Our machine-grade polypropylene carton-sealing tapes are available in eight colors and have a water-based acrylic adhesive. They must be kept in a cool, dry area and have a shelf life of roughly one year.

Printed Carton-Sealing Tape—Fragile 2.0 Mil 2 in (6150F)

To emphasize that the package contains fragile contents, use the 6150F printed carton-sealing tape with the phrase "FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE" printed on it. This printed polypropylene two-inch tape has an acrylic adhesive with red text on white film.

Printed Carton-Sealing Tape – Check Contents 2.0 Mil 2 in – Water Based (6150S)

This tape uses printing as a security measure to indicate whether someone opened the package. If the seal appears broken or tampered with, it instructs recipients to inspect the contents before signing for them.

Tamper-evident tape can be an excellent deterrent to tampering and theft and will ensure the safe delivery of the package’s contents.

Printed Carton-Sealing Tape – Check Contents 2.0 Mil 3 in – Water Based (6150)

This tape is similar to the printed carton-sealing tape above but is wider than it, measuring 3 inches instead of 2.

Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser from Tape Jungle.

The Importance of Tape Dispensers

Getting the perfect tape dispensers can go a long way to improving efficiency and speed in your shipping department. Handheld tape dispensers are a great option for portability and speed. Bag-sealing machines and electric dispensers are also available for increased speed and convenience. We listed some of these dispensers to help you dispense your tape quickly and easily.

2" Handheld Tape Dispenser Low Noise SNC289N

These quiet handheld tape dispensers make box sealing quick, easy, and discrete. Our 2" handheld tape dispenser is perfect for businesses or individuals who frequently need to seal boxes or cartons. It has a static cling strip on the rubber roller to prevent the tape from sticking to the blade. The 2" handheld tape dispenser also has a blade cover for improved safety.

2" Heavy-Duty Tape Dispenser EX238

This is a more rugged version of the 2" handheld tape dispenser. The tape is kept in a ready-to-use position by the natural rubber roller. One unit or a set of six units of this dispenser is available for purchase.

2" Handheld Tape Dispenser Economy Grade EX233

Compared to the heavy-duty dispensers with all the bells and whistles, which are a little more expensive, the EX233 2" tape dispenser is the more affordable choice for 2" handheld tape dispensers. The tape can be up to 2" wide and expand 5" in diameter.

3" Handheld Tape Dispenser Economy Grade EX326

This lighter-duty, more affordable handheld 3" tape dispenser costs $5 less than the equivalent heavy-duty model. The biggest tape size is 6". There is also a side loader with a brake that you can adjust according to your needs. At Tape Jungle, we have this dispenser available in one- or twelve-unit packs.

3" Heavy Duty Handheld Tape Dispenser EX338

This is a more heavy-duty version of the regular 3" handheld tape dispenser. It has a side loader with a brake you can adjust, and you can purchase a one- or six-unit package for your business.

4" Heavy Duty Handheld Tape Dispenser EX401

This 4" heavy-duty handheld tape dispenser seals cartons and protects labels. This dispenser can be purchased individually or as a set of 10 with replacement blades.

MARSH Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser MFTD-M

This heavy-duty dispenser comes with a lot of features. Its most impressive characteristic is that it is water-activated and does not require electricity. The design is perfect for tamper-evident, long-lasting carton-sealing tapes.

MARSH Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser MFTD-M is eco-friendly and perfect for green and environmentally conscious businesses because it doesn't use electricity and uses biodegradable paper tape, which is environmentally friendly.

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Regardless of the type of application and purpose, Tape Jungle has you covered for all your taping needs. Alongside the already listed carton-sealing tapes, we have many other products on offer that can help you secure your various packages and ensure smooth, safe, and satisfactory shipping and delivery.

Visit our carton-sealing category page to explore more carton-sealing tapes and dispensers, or browse our website for tapes of other purposes, sizes, colors, and more. At Tape Jungle, your tape superstore, you can find everything your need for easy and efficient taping, regardless of your business type and niche.

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