Tamper Tape and the Benefits It Has On Your Business

Tamper Tape and the Benefits It Has On Your Business

How do you prevent packages and goods from unauthorized opening? One solution is tamper tape. More companies and industries are using tamper-evident tape to protect packaged items, safeguard the company image, and enhance the customer experience. You may have even noticed that parcels delivered to your door are sporting this kind of tape. But what exactly is tamper tape, and how does it work?

At Tape Jungle, we specialize in custom packing tape. We offer over 300 kinds of tapes for all kinds of applications. In this article, we explain just what tamper tape is, all the ways it can benefit your business, and why and how you can customize tape.

What is Tamper-Evident Tape?

Tamper tape, also known as security tape, is designed to prevent the opening and theft of valuable goods. Unlike common packing tape, tamper tape cannot be removed or reapplied without leaving evidence.

How this works: when tamper tape is removed or tampered with, it leaves behind a “void” pattern upon the applied surface. Other patterns show “opened” or a design or logo that is hard to replicate. If the tape is reapplied, the distinct pattern is still visible through the tape.

Types of Tamper Tape

Tamper tape is available in many forms, varying in durability and cost. Designs, colors, sizes, quantities, and grades of the tape can be customized.

Anti-Tamper Tape

Evidence of tampering can sometimes deter would-be thieves. Anti-tamper tape has an adhesive that is pressure sensitize, showing instant evidence of tampering.

Tamper-Proof Tape

This tape physically prevents individuals from opening a package or container.

Gum Tape

Gum tape provides a greater degree of security than conventional plastic tape. How so? Gum instantly bonds to a material, providing a strong seal.

Bilingual Tamper Tape

Bilingual tape features two languages of your choice, such as English and Spanish. For example, English-Spanish bilingual tape features “open” and “abierto” messaging.

Water-Activated Tape

A paper-based tape, water-activated tape (sometimes referred to as WAT) has a dry adhesive until activated by water. The adhesive then becomes sticky and is used to stick to corrugated boxes. This is available in two versions: reinforced and unenforced. Reinforced tape contains fibers for added durability, while unenforced tape does not have fibers and is less durable. The adhesive of both reinforced and unenforced water-activated tape penetrates the surface of corrugated boxes. This means a residue is clearly visible when the tape is removed, making water-activated tape tamper-evident.

Custom packing & tamper evident tape from Tape Jungle.

Who Uses Tamper Tape?

Tamper tape has been used by the pharmaceutical and electronic industries (among many others) for decades to protect valuables, such as electronics or jewelry. The COVID-19 epidemic served as a catalyst for more industries — wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, food services, etc. — to increasingly use tamper tape. Why? Losses in revenue due to disrupted supply chains prompted more businesses to use another security measure for the shipment and transit of their goods.

In addition to packages, tamper tape can securely seal many types of containers, such as:

  • Envelopes
  • Shipping boxes
  • Pallets
  • Bags
  • Wooden crates

Benefits of Tamper Tape

No matter your industry, tamper tape can benefit your business. E-commerce surged significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic; in 2020 alone, e-commerce sales increased by 43%, according to the United States Census Bureau. Unfortunately, rates of tampering and fraud also increased. Using tamper tape is an easy and effective way to protect products in transit, along with several other benefits:

Prevents Criminal Activity

The sight alone of tamper tape can help to prevent criminal activity. As tamper tape is often brightly colored and distinct, it cannot be confused with regular packing tape.

Cost Effective

Tamper tape is more affordable than other security methods, such as installing security cameras, an alarm system, or hiring security guards for a shipment. Plus, it can be bought in bulk, saving you even more. Depending on your business needs and what you sell, tamper tape may be the perfect (or added) solution to secure the goods you ship.

Reduces Shrinkage and Costs

The cost of shrinkage can be significant. Lost inventory resulting from damage, theft, fraud, administrative errors, etc. can seriously impact a company’s finances and brand image.

Avoid Costly Recalls

Tampered products can lead to costly recalls — and lawsuits. Items such as food, beverages, and medications especially should always be packaged with tamper tape. One of the most notorious recalls was in 1982 when millions of Tylenol pills were tampered with. These pills were laced with cyanide, resulting in the deaths of several individuals; this recall cost over $100 million.

While this is an extreme case, this incident clearly illustrates why tamper tape is invaluable. Aside from protecting brand reputation, tamper tape can even save lives.

Easy To Trace Activity of Tampering

More individuals are handling packages within the supply chain. Tamper tape makes it easy to know if someone tampered with or opened a package during transit or in a warehouse.

Protects The Brand

Stolen or counterfeit goods easily tarnish a brand’s reputation. Tamper tape protects your brand by deterring individuals from opening packages or shipping crates.

Quality Assurance

The use of tamper tape assures customers that the company cares about product transit and customer safety.

Protects Against Liability Claims

Unfortunately, counterfeit items are on the rise. Not only are these items lower in quality, but they can pose serious risks to the health of the consumer. Using tamper tape can greatly reduce lawsuits, protect brand image, and show that you care about your customers’ safety. This is why tamper tape is crucial for businesses that manufacture and ship items such as pharmaceuticals, supplements, food and beverages, cosmetics, etc.

Enhances Customer Experience

Customer experience can make or break a brand. When customers receive damaged goods or don’t receive their order at all, they’re likely to contact the company to file a complaint. The result is often lost revenue for the company and a bad review, which can deter current and prospective customers. In fact, just one bad experience is often enough for customers to stop doing business with a brand. Preserve your customer base by using tamper tape to enhance the customer experience.

Makes Your Business Stand Out

Tamper tape makes your business stand out, literally. Use our Interactive Tape Customizer to customize your tape by having your company logo printed right onto the tape, or choose a personalized message. Make your tape eye-catching for customers!

Custom Printed Tape is Tamper-Evident

Tape Jungle is proud to customize packing tape for your business’s needs. Simply use our Interactive Tape Customizer to select tape type, size, color, etc. While we do provide tamper tape with standard “void” and “opened” messaging, we can customize tamper tape with your business’s logo or personalized message. Customizing tape with something that cannot be easily copied adds an extra layer of protection. Here are several reasons why you should consider custom-printed tape:

Impress the Customer

Custom-branded tape can make customers feel more connected to a brand. For example, if a customer receives an envelope or package with a sports team logo, they may be more likely to purchase again. By using Tape Jungle’s high-quality printed tape, customers are impressed by the company’s attention to smaller details.


Custom packing tape makes your business stand out from the competition. With our high-precision printing process, our tape can highlight your brand’s identity and creativity.

Increase Sales

Our custom packing tape does more than just secure packages and containers. Personalized tape can boost sales, as you can use it to promote products and materials. Let our custom-branded tape advertise your business!

Custom shipping & tamper evident packing tape from Tape Jungle.

How To Use The Interactive Tape Customizer

Our Interactive Tape Customizer makes personalizing tape easy. Here are several factors to consider when customizing tape:

Tape Type

Select which type of tape you need. Tape Jungle has hundreds of options to choose from, all of which fall into four categories:

Standard (Polypro)

Standard polypro tape is the most popular choice among customers. Made of polypropylene, the standard tape is cost-effective, easy to use (self-adhesive), and versatile. This tape is available in four grades: General Purpose, Heavy Duty, Industrial, and Hi-Tak Cold Temp.

Paper (Water-Activated)

As mentioned previously, water-activated tape only adheres once water is applied to the adhesive. This tape cannot be applied by hand and requires a water-activated tape dispenser. Opaque with a matte finish, this tape can be applied to nearly all cardboard surfaces. It is eco-friendly as it's made with biodegradable material, making it fully recyclable. Paper tape is available in three grades: General Purpose, Heavy Duty, and Industrial.

Premium (PVC)

Polyvinyl (PVC) tape is great for cold temperatures and irregular surfaces. This tape is softer than polypro tape and has a semi-opaque, flat finish, making it ideal for high markets. Unlike polypro tape, PVC tape must be applied by hand. PVC tape is available in two grades: General Purpose and Industrial.

Digital Full Color (Water-Activated)

Made using a digital process, you can customize digital printed tape with nearly any design, such as images, logos, and text. Available in multiple patterns and colors, you can also use this tape for custom labels and decorative purposes. If you’re ready to increase brand recognition, custom digital printed tape can help you do just that.

A type of gum tape, digital full-color tape is water-activated. This tape is also a type of tamper tape, as the water-activated adhesive creates a tamper-evident seal. Need a fast turnaround on your custom tape order? With digital printed tape, a custom full-color order can ship within five business days of proofing.

Customize the Tape with a Design

Choose how you want your tape to look. Select the background and print colors of your choice. For example, you can use your company’s colors. Then, upload your business logo, image, or slogan to be printed on the tape.

If you have a colorful logo, it’s suggested you select a neutral background. If you prefer bright colors, red, orange, and yellow are eye-catching and can act as a visual deterrent against unauthorized opening. Or choose a solid-colored design to build recognition. For the most cost-effective option, select neutral colors and choose one print color.

Select Quantity

How much tape do you want in your order? The more tape printed the lower the cost per roll. Thus, to reduce costs, Tape Jungle recommends ordering a six-month supply of custom packing tape.

Not sure how much to order? Our customizer has a built-in usage estimator tool. Input how many small, medium, large, or extra-large boxes you use a day. The estimator will then calculate a monthly total and how many rolls of tape you require.

Review and Place Order

Review your order and confirm the tape’s material, size, grade, quantity, and design. Need to know when to expect your order? The order review page also provides a list of lead times, including when to expect a proof (upon approval) and an estimated ship date. This page also includes an itemized pricing summary. Once you confirm all is correct, you'll be prompted to place your order.

Need Eco-Friendly Tape? We’ve Got You Covered

Paper tape is made of plant materials, making it biodegradable and eco-friendly. Tape Jungle’s eco-friendly paper tape is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and dispensers. Paper tape has many uses, including packaging, sealing, picture framing, protecting surfaces from paint, scrapbooking, artists’ tape, and much more. Paper tape is easy to tear by hand and easy to remove without causing damage. These tapes are water-activated and require a water-activated tape dispenser.

Types of Eco-Friendly Tape

Paper tape is available in multiple options, such as water-activated paper packing tape, colored flat-back tape, blue painter’s tape, and more.

Customize Eco-Friendly Tape

You can customize paper tape with logos, text, or images with Tape Jungle’s Interactive Tape Customizer.

Tape Jungle: Here For All Your Tape Needs

Ready to enhance your brand’s image while also improving the customer experience? Tamper tape is an effective and easy way to do just that, with many extra benefits. With Tape Jungle’s wide variety of tape — digital printed tape, PVC tape, paper tape, and more — you can choose the type best suited for your business’s needs. And with custom-branded tape, you can further promote your company and impress your customers.

To learn more or to order, contact Tape Jungle today or visit our Interactive Tape Customizer to start your order.