Choosing the Right Colored Vinyl Tape

Choosing the Right Colored Vinyl Tape

Vinyl Tape is a highly durable and versatile tape that comes in many sizes and colors. It's used for a plethora of applications across several industries, such as insulating electrical wires, marking warehouses to comply with safety regulations, and sealing HVAC ductwork. Read on to learn more about what vinyl tape is used for and the types that are available here at Tape Jungle.

Colored Vinyl Tape Uses

Colored vinyl tape is especially useful for marking areas such as parking lots and warehouse floors for safety purposes. Additional uses for colored vinyl tapes are:

  • Color coding
  • Duct and joint sealing
  • Pipe wrapping
  • Decorating

Vinyl tape is so durable that it can outlast paint, but it also can be removed without leaving a sticky residue. This tape adheres to a wide variety of surfaces quickly and easily, providing a method of marking warehouses that is far simpler than using paint. You can mark a warehouse in a fraction of the time it would take you to paint, and unlike paint, there's no drying time involved.

Types of Colored Vinyl Tape

Not all colored vinyl tapes are the same. Your intended use will determine what type of vinyl tape you need. Tape Jungle features industrial grade, general-purpose, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant tapes. 

Industrial Grade Colored Vinyl Tape

Industrial grade colored vinyl tape has a blended synthetic and natural rubber adhesive, making it extremely strong. This tape has a moisture barrier and is impact-resistant. It is also weather and corrosive chemical resistant. 

Examples of industrial uses for this tape include:

  • Color coding materials
  • Lane marking
  • Creating paint stripes on vehicles
  • Joint and duct sealing

Tape Jungle carries this tape in 16 OSHA-compliant colors. 

General Purpose Colored Vinyl Tape

General-purpose colored vinyl tape is very similar to the industrial-grade tape, though it's not as thick. Like the industrial-grade tape, it's durable, it comes in OSHA-compliant colors, and it's resistant to weather, fungus, and corrosive chemicals. 

Some uses for this tape include:

  • Labeling and color-coding
  • Decorating
  • Safety coding

This tape also comes in 16 colors. 

Striped Safety Warning Tape

Striped vinyl tape comes in four OSHA-compliant colors and comes in handy for marking various safety hazards. The bright striped colors make the tapes easy to see. 

The colors this tape comes in include:

  • Black and yellow: Used to barricade areas that are off-limits.
  • Red and white: Used to mark fire prevention equipment.
  • Black and white: Used for basic aisle marking.
  • Green and white: Used to mark safety and first aid equipment and the areas they're stored in.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor Tape

Heavy-duty vinyl floor tape has tapered edges to allow carts to glide over it with ease. It has a strong rubber adhesive that is easy to peel and stick. The durability of this tape can withstand high forklift and truck traffic. 

This tape is backed with a one-year warranty and is rated the number one floor marking tape. Tape Jungle carries this tape in 10 colors and three widths. 

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