Foam Tapes

Foam Tapes from Tape Jungle.

It is helpful to have types of versatile tapes in your toolbox, and foam tapes from Tape Jungle are a great choice. Foam tape is a pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive material, and it is among the products of choice for workers in multiple industries, including transportation, automotive, and electronics. Because of this tape's many advantages and uses, it is also common for professionals like plumbers, handypersons, and electricians to keep a few rolls on hand to help them do their jobs.

What Is Foam Tape Used For?

While there are many advantages to using foam tape, one of the biggest is that it keeps workers from having to use as many tools or personal protective equipment (PPE) as they would without tape available. Specific uses of foam tape include, but are not limited to:

  • Insulating doors and windows
  • Mounting something in an area where you do not want a screw or nail hole
  • Dampening sounds, especially in machinery or audio equipment

In some instances, these common uses can eliminate or decrease the need for tools like spray insulators, hammers, and drills, and PPE like hearing protection.

Kinds of Foam Tape

Tape Jungle offers foam tape in a variety of types and sizes. Foam tape can be single or double-sided, it can vary in thickness and width, and can even come in different colors. Since each serves a different function, your intended use will determine the kind and size of foam tape you should buy. Each tape and recommended use listed by Tape Jungle is based on laboratory testing.

Single-sided PVC Foam Tape

Single-sided PVC foam tape is best if you are searching for a general-purpose tape to keep readily available. It is not unusual to find workers in the automotive, HVAC, or construction industries using single-sided PVC tape because it has a reputation for providing air-tight and weather-tight seals. This tape is also flexible and strong, so you can apply it where needed and trust it will stay securely.

Much like other foam tapes, this product is a clean and wasteless substitute for liquid sealants, has excellent insulating and weather-stripping properties, and remains pliable (crack-free) from temperatures ranging from -4 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are several customization options available for single-sided PVC foam tape at Tape Jungle. You can choose between two colors, six thicknesses, nine widths, and two densities: low and medium.

Low Density (16SLD)

Foam tape's density can be thought of as a measure of its durability. Low-density single-sided PVC foam tape is best used for lightweight projects and providing an air-tight seal or protection from dust.

Medium Density (16SMD)

Tape Jungle's single-sided medium-density tape is for more demanding projects that require an extra strong and durable hold. Medium-density single-sided PVC foam tape is best used for applications in which heavier weight is involved and providing a water-tight.

Double-coated Polyethylene Foam Tape (15XXX)

Tape Jungle'sdouble-coated polyethylene (PE) foam tape is best for mounting small, lightweight items — such as nameplates and maps — and dampening sounds and vibrations from business machines, industrial machines, copiers, and more.

Tape Jungle offers double-coated PE foam tape in two colors, nine widths, and three different thicknesses to suit your needs. You can also choose between acrylic or rubber adhesive. Acrylic is the best choice for outdoor use, thanks to its ability to resist high temperatures, UV rays, and weather conditions. On the other hand, rubber adhesive is better suited for indoor use.

Window Glazing Tape: Double-coated Polyethylene Foam With Poly Liner

Used for more than just windows, window glazing tape is covered in a layer of acrylic or rubber-based adhesive. Acrylic adhesive is recommended for outdoor applications because it can withstand higher temperatures and better resist chemicals and UV rays than its rubber counterpart. However, rubber adhesive shines during indoor use. It grabs onto surfaces quickly, making it ideal for hanging items like mirrors or photos, and it sticks to low-energy surfaces like plastics and films well.

Tape Jungle offers eight thicknesses and two color options for window glazing double-coated PE foam tape — black and white — as well as two widths.

1/16-inch (15063B)

This tape is very narrow, making it a great option for small, tight, and hard-to-reach places. Because of its small size, it is also easy to hide from view.

1/8-inch (15123B)

The only difference between this window glazing tape and the 1/16-inch tape is that it is twice as wide. If you need to secure larger objects, a roll of this double-coated tape might be the more effective option.

Stock Up on Foam Tape With Tape Jungle

Peruse the product selection of Tape Jungle to learn more about each kind of tape and its offerings. If you have further questions, contact the friendly, knowledgeable Tape Jungle staff today.