Safety and Social Distancing with Floor Marking Tape

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/29/2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused lawmakers to implement many new regulations. Social distancing protocols are among the most widely recommended and, in some cases, are legally required.

Now, many industries are scrambling to implement social distancing in their businesses. One of the easiest ways to become social distance compliant is with the use of floor marking tape.

Different Styles of Floor Marking Tape

There are many different types of tape that may be used to mark floors. The following are tapes that work well as an aisle marking tape, social distance tape, and saftey area tape.

Colored Vinyl Tape

Vinyl floor tape is commonly used as a safety tape for marking floors. It is OSHA compliant and resistant to many corrosive chemicals and environmental elements.

Two popular vinyl floor tapes are:

Striped Vinyl Tape

Striped vinyl floor tape is more noticeable. However, the color combinations have specific designations under OSHA guidelines. Black and white striped tape should be used for aisle marking and social distancing.

The type of vinyl floor tape you use will depend on where you plan to use it and the material of the surface you’re applying it to.

Two striped vinyl floor tapes we recommend are:

Heavy Duty Floor Tape

Heavy duty vinyl floor tape is rated number one for high traffic areas. It holds up well in heavy machinery areas such as places with a lot of forklift and truck traffic.

Dots & Arrows Floor Tape

Dots and arrows can help you make an effective traffic flow pattern for your business.

  • Vinyl Die Cuts Dots — These dots are made for heavy traffic and are great for marking places to stand.
  • Vinyl Die Cuts Arrows — These arrows make it easy to establish the direction traffic ought to move when going up and down aisles.

Lane Marking Dispenser

Keeping aisle lines straight while marking large areas is impossible to do by hand. Additionally, bending over or crouching down for long periods of time to mark lanes is terrible for your back and knees.

For marking off large areas, you will want to use an aisle or lane marking dispenser. By using a lane marking dispenser, you will be able to glide effortlessly up and down the aisle. Your aisle and lane lines will be even and look great. You’ll also save a ton of time and avoid strain.

Social Distance Better and Safer

By using various social distance tapes, your business will be compliant with local regulations. But, more importantly, you will be providing a safer place for your employees and customers.

How Tape Jungle Can Help You

Not sure which tape to get? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

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