So Many Duct Tapes to Choose From!

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/07/2021

Duct Tape

What do splinters, warts, and HVAC systems have in common? You can fix them all with duct tape. That’s right, duct tape can remove a splint, dissolve a wart, and seal HVAC ducts.

Duct tape is a type of cloth tape. It can be easily torn by hand and has a strong adhesive. You also don’t have to worry about the tape curling or twisting during application.

There is a plethora of known household uses for duct tape. Additionally, heavy-duty and industrial-grade duct tapes provide many benefits for contractors and factories.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored duct tape provides an excellent way to color code inventory. Its durability also makes it great for floor marking.

Tape Jungle offers 18 color options and 11 width options.

General Purpose 7 mil Duct Tape

General-purpose duct tape is used for just about everything. Its strong adhesive allows it to bond with most surfaces. In addition, it is moisture-resistant, allowing it to perform well outside.

Common uses for this tape include:

  • Sealing boxes
  • Sealing ductwork
  • Sealing joints and wrapping pipe
  • MRO: General Maintenance Repair Operations

Multi-Purpose 9 mil Duct Tape

Multi-purpose duct tape is a little thicker than the general-purpose duct tape. As a result, this tape provides a little more strength for tougher jobs.

Common Uses for this tape include:

  • Bundling
  • Sealing heavy cartons
  • Wrapping pipe
  • Repairing carpet
  • Seaming air conditioning joints and ducts

Contractors Grade 12 mil Duct Tape

Contractor duct tape provides the ultimate strength for heavy-duty jobs.

This tape is best used for:

  • Sealing ductwork
  • Repairing vinyl
  • Sealing HVAC thermal insulation
  • Creating a moisture barrier in areas requiring high shear strength
  • Asbestos abatement

Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape

This fluorescent colored duct tape has high visibility in dark places. It is 11.8 mils thick and has a strong adhesive.

You can use this fluorescent colored duct tape for anything you may use other duct tape for, but fluorescent colors offer additional benefits in the following settings:

  • Night clubs
  • Music-halls
  • Areas with black lights
  • Amusement parks that are open at night
  • Stages and concert halls
  • Floor marking in theaters

Tape Jungle has four fluorescent duct tape color options available:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange

Camouflage Cloth Duct Tape

Camo duct tape might seem like a color option that just looks cool; however, it has several practical uses.

With a thickness of 11.8 mils, it is a heavy-duty duct tape that is durable and perfect for outdoor use.

This tape has many uses for the following activities:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Backpacking

The tape grade is similar to contract grade, allowing for HVAC and heavy-duty uses.

Hazard-Striped Duct Tape

Hazard duct tape is regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The yellow and black stripes are required to mark potential hazards such as electrical areas.

Additional uses for this tape include:

  • Warning for tripping hazards such as cords
  • Warning for low beams
  • Marking steps
  • Marking floors and aisles to differentiate work zones

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