What is Double Sided Tape and What Are Its Uses?

Posted by Tape Jungle on 10/27/2021

double sided tape

Advances in adhesives have revolutionized many other industries by replacing traditional fasteners. The applications of double-sided tape, in particular, are growing exponentially every day.

Superior double-sided tapes are able to join two surfaces together and evenly distribute weight across the surfaces. This is very different from nuts and bolts, which create stress points that can deteriorate over time. Double-sided tape, however, is more gentle on your other materials than traditional fasteners.

Different Styles of Double Sided Tape

Double-sided coated tape comes in many different styles to meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you need it for industrial applications or projects around the house, there’s a specific tape that’ll do the job.

Here are a few of our favorite double-sided tapes.

Double-Coated Carpet Tape

Double-coated carpet tape is also known as exhibition tape. This coated cloth tape is commonly used at convention centers to tack down carpets for events.

This tape temporarily secures carpets to prevent accidents. It can also secure smaller stage carpets to give musicians a secure place to stand or place their instruments.

Double-coated carpet tape is easy to removes and doesn’t leave a residue.

Double-Coated Paper Tape

Double-coated paper tape with a water-based acrylic adhesive is an environmentally friendly tape. It’s also excellent at adhering to complex or textured surfaces such as foam.

Additionally, double-sided paper tape is UV and water-resistant, so it can be used for general mounting and bonding purposes.

One particular type of double-coated paper tape, double-coated crepe paper tape with natural rubber adhesives, is commonly used for mounting golf club grip handles and holding wood cuts.

Double-Coated Polyester Fabric Tape

Double-coated polyester fabric tape is another type of coated cloth tape. However, unlike carpet tape, it’s suited for more permanent appilcations.

Polyester fabric tapes are also used in the fashion industry. They are an excellent choice to make a quick repair to a garment or protect against wardrobe malfunctions.

Double-Coated PVC Tape

Double-coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape has a water-based acrylic adhesive. This tape is exceptionally strong and will bond with nearly any surface. It is an excellent option for mounting permanent nameplates or for adding decorative trim to furniture or appliances.

Double-sided PVC tape is commonly used to bond difficult surfaces such as foams, films, and plastics. It is resistant to water and UV light, making it a good choice for use in the outdoors.

The Other Types of Double Sided Tape

As more double-coated tapes are introduced to the market, their potential uses will continue to grow.

Here are a few additional double-coated tapes that could benefit you:

  • Double-coated polypropylene tape is best used on flat surfaces for laminating and mounting applications.
  • Double-coated scrim tape makes frames self-adhesive.
  • Double-coated tissue tape is perfect for crafts or garment positioning.

For More Information About Double Sided Tape

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