What is Foil Tape and What is it Used for?

Posted by Tape Jungle on 05/17/2021

Foil tape is an extremely versatile kind of tape that combines the flexibility and protective qualities of aluminum, copper or lead foil with an adhesive on the back to give it even more practical uses in construction and home projects. It can hold up against the elements and stay adhered to surfaces for long periods.

So, what is foil tape, and what is it primarily used for? Here is everything you need to know.

What Is Foil Tape?

Foil tape is usually made from aluminum, but it can also contain glass or be made from lead, copper, tin plating, and steel. Foil tape has many benefits since the substance can adhere to many different types of surfaces, and thus has many different applications across industries and projects.

Aluminum foil tape is pretty tough, so it can be used in a range of temperature settings, even the very cold or very hot. This kind of tape is commonly used to secure seams, connections, and joints of ducts and can be an excellent waterproof solution. It can also protect exteriors against the elements or harmful chemicals.

Top 4 Foil Tape Uses

Now, how is this versatile tape used? Here are four of the most common applications of foil tape.

1. Construction projects

There are many uses for foil tape within construction projects, whether aluminum foil tape or copper foil tape. It can adhere to fiberglass, mineral thermal wood insulation, and other appliances, securing them and protecting them.

2. Electrical systems

A safe way to coat electrical cables is with foil tape since it is covered with polymer. It’s exceptionally safe for use in electrical because it protects against harmful temperatures. Foil tape is also flame-resistant, which is very important in electrical systems.

3. Insulation

Foil tape can be the perfect insulation solution. It can quickly seal heating and cooling system ducts and protect them against moisture. This tape is much more effective than duct tape since its foil properties are stronger when used against the elements.

4. Packaging

Aluminum foil tape is often used to secure packages. Sealing with this stronger tape can protect shipped items as they travel, whether severe temperature changes, moisture, or heavy precipitation.

Where Can You Find Foil Tape?

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