Tape dispensers are devices that hold, dispense, and cut tape, making every project quick and easy. With a tape dispenser, you don’t have to search for scissors or another cutting device every time you need to apply a strip of tape. Tape dispensers vary depending on what kind of tape you’re using and what you’re using it for.


ET-377 (Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser)

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ET377 Water Activated Paper Tape Dispenser  For kraft paper tape with water activated Plastic water bottle allows constant monitoring of water level to keep brush moist Tubes designed in the bottom to avoid the smaller tape core...

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Alanson Products

ATG-700 Tape Dispenser (ATG700)


Tape dispenser for reverse wound transfer tapes on 1" plastic cores. Dispenser has a special pin spool allowing use of comple roll without any waste, friction or effort. It is also provided with an adjustable gear, just rotate spool to make it work...

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2" Tape Dispenser - Heavy Duty (EX238)

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For tape up to 2" wide. Maxium roll diameter of 5 1/2 ". Heavy-duty metal frame carton sealing dispenser. Natural rubber roller to create static to keep tape in ready-to-use positon. Side loader with adjustable brake. 3" core.

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CM0300 Definite Length Tape Dispenser

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Definite Length Tape Dispensers Both CM0300 and CM0800 WT dispensers are recommended for BOPP, polyesters to 3.5 mil, and some flatback tapes. Not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes. Manual feed pressure sensitive tape...

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CM0800WT Definite Length Tape Dispenser

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Definite Length Tape Dispensers Both CM0300 and CM0800 WT dispensers are recommended for BOPP, polyesters to 3.5 mil, and some flatback tapes. Not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes. For single sided tapes up to 1" wide...

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Double Coated Tape Dispenser

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Double Coated Tape Dispenser (2" Rolls) For double coated tape up to 2” wide. Double coated hand held tape dispenser. Applies tape to working surfaces while rewinding the liner on the take-up spool. Heavy formed steel frame for long life...

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Tape Jungle carries tape dispensers for a wide variety of uses and multiple types of tape.

Uses of Tape Dispensers

With a tape dispenser, you don’t have to manually measure or cut tape yourself, allowing you to finish projects with ease. Whether you’re marking lanes or packing up a home or office, having a tape dispenser allows you to do the job more quickly and efficiently. Some common tape dispensers include:

  • Handheld dispensers
  • Tabletop dispensers
  • Electronic tape dispensers
  • Water-activated tape dispensers
  • Aisle/Lane Marking tape dispensers
  • Hand-held tape dispensers

Desktop tape dispensers are commonplace in many homes and offices. Many models offer a 1-inch dispenser that can be loaded with Scotch tape or any other clear or opaque office tape including mending tape, which lets you repair a damaged piece of paper and write on it with ease.

Types of Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for many of your needs. Whether you’re working in industrial manufacturing and need tamper-proof seals, or you’re operating a business and need to mark aisles, there is a tape dispenser for you.

Aisle Marking Dispensers

When you need to keep customers safe by restricting their movements in your business, an aisle marking dispenser comes in handy. With an aisle marking dispenser, you can walk around your warehouse or sales floor marking up the floor with ease instead of spending the day crouching or on your knees with a handheld dispenser. Use it to guide customers through the cash wrap line or keep them away from dangerous shelves. Tape Jungle sells a model that accommodates 4” tape with a 3” core.

ATG Dispensers

Applying double-stick tape can be tricky, particularly when you’re dealing with a super-sticky, heavy-duty brand of tape. Because they feature a removable liner that protects one side of the tape, ATG dispensers allow you to apply double-stick tape more quickly.

Tape Jungle offers lightweight models that are comfortable to hold and easy to control. They help you apply double-stick tape without wasting any of it. The added control is great for precision projects like mounting and framing artwork or packaging.

Hand-Held Tape Dispensers

Hand-held tape dispensers are perfect for projects in which you need to access your tape on the go. You are probably familiar with this type of dispenser since it’s commonly used with packing tape. Hand-held tape dispensers also make easy work of design and construction projects where you need to apply masking tape, electrical tape, or painter’s tape while standing on a ladder or working at odd angles.

Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers

Choose a heavy-duty tape dispenser when you need to create a tight seal that won’t budge. Heavy-duty tape dispensers are durable and offer strong rollers to hold the heaviest tape in place. Their blades are sharp enough to cut through thick tape, but they are hidden away to minimize your risk of cutting yourself. Choose a lightweight model with a cushioned grip.

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Stretch wrap is highly stretchable plastic film used to seal and protect items during shipping or moving. When you’re packing up your home or office, stretch wrap helps keep your furniture from being scratched. Because it helps make objects more compact, it also makes them easier to move. You may have seen the magic of stretch wrap if you’ve ever bought a mattress in a box that arrived rolled up and covered with it.

Since this material is so stretchy, it can be tricky to work with unless you have a dispenser. Tape Jungle has dispensers that accommodate up to 18”, letting you pack your items without struggling against the stretch wrap.

Steel Tape Dispenser

When you need an industrial tape dispenser that can cut with ease and stand up to everyday wear and tear, look for a steel tape dispenser. Tape Jungle offers models that can accommodate multiple types of tape. These dispensers are high-quality and durable, making them perfect for warehouses, construction sites, and other locations in which you need your dispenser to be tough.

Double Coated Dispensers

Double-coated dispensers offer another option when you’re working with double-stick tape. These dispensers apply tape to your working surfaces while rewinding the liner. So, you don’t have to clean it up. They make it easier to work with double-stick tape since you don’t have to touch it and potentially impact its ability to bind with surfaces.

Gum Tape Dispensers

Also called water-activated tape dispensers, gum dispensers are commonly used during the packing process to seal cartons. Water-activated tape, or gummed tape, is highly adhesive and hard to remove. The adhesive activates when wet.

A gum tape dispenser lets you measure, cut, and wet gum tape with ease. These types of dispensers are common when you’re working with high-volume packaging. Some of them have foot pedals that allow you to use both hands even when you’re activating the machine.

Definite Length Dispensers

When you don’t have a measuring tape handy, but you need consistent pieces of tape in a set length, this is the dispenser for you. With a definite length dispenser, you can set a specific tape length to dispense multiple pieces of tape in a uniform length. These dispensers come in handy for retail workers, shipping rooms, and other places in which you need a clean and even presentation. They also keep you from wasting tape.

Tape Jungle Has You Covered

Whatever you’re sealing with your tape, the right dispenser can help you do the job quickly without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re mounting artwork or display boards for a presentation or you need to seal multiple packages throughout the day, Tape Jungle has a dispenser for you.

Check out our selection of dispensers now and find the right one that meets your needs.