Why Do You Need Gaffer Tape? Gaffer Tape Uses

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/09/2021

Gaffer Tape

You could think of gaffer tape as duct tape’s quiet cousin. It isn’t mentioned as often in popular culture, but it has just as important a role to play. Where duct tape is all about strength, gaffer tape helps where a gentler hand is needed.

Common Gaffer Tape Uses

Gaffer tape is made with cloth, uses non-reflective material, and tends to have a weaker adhesion strength than duct tape. It has several use cases that make it the right choice for particular situations.

Cable Management

Gaffer tape is the tape of choice when it comes to cable management in many industries. It traditionally comes in a matte black so that it fades into most floors and doesn’t reflect stage lights. Another advantage is that it is easily torn and removed by hand and tends to leave less adhesive on surfaces than other common tapes.

For example, musicians use matte tape to secure microphone cables to the stage, baseboards, or even walls without damaging surfaces. This prevents tripping and makes the stage look neater to the audience. It’s also used on theatrical stages and on movie sets for similar reasons.

Sound technicians and set directors appreciate Gaffer Tape for its ability to stick to a wide variety of surfaces with less risk of damage than other common kinds of tape. Gaffer tape can temporarily secure cables to vertical surfaces. It can also inconspicuously mark where actors or dancers should stand. And while black is the most common color, it is available in a variety of colors to fit any stage. You can even find fluorescent tape!

Tool Handle Grips

Gaffer tape’s fabric surface makes it an ideal tape to wrap around tool handles for a better grip. While there are other anti-slip tapes, some may prefer the feel of cloth tape. You can wrap small tools such as hammers and shears and easily remove and replace the Gaffer Tape when it becomes worn. It can also serve as hockey tape for athletes to get better grips on their hockey sticks.

Think Outside the Box

While gaffer tape is most commonly used for industrial purposes in performance contexts, it can come in handy in several home applications as well.

Neaten Cables

Take a note from the acting world and tape down any cables that are sticking up from the floor. Router, modem, and television cables are good candidates.

Mark Floors in the Kids’ Playroom

Gaffer Tape is great for temporarily marking floors in playrooms. For example, you could mark out an area of the floor to store toys. You can also make marks for games such as hopscotch or create roads for toy cars to travel on.

Prevent Squeaking

Gaffer Tape applied to the bottoms of your shoes can prevent squeaking. This is actually a trick commonly used in theater to prevent shoes from squeaking on stage.


Gaffer tape is a versatile tape beloved for its inconspicuous finish and gentle adhesive. For jobs that need to be secure yet reversible, gaffer tape may be the best choice. Contact Tape Jungle today with any questions you may have about gaffer tape.