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  • Custom Printed Packing Tape, example roll. Clear Tape.
  • Custom Printed Packing Tape, example roll. Clear Tape.
  • Custom Printed Packing Tape, example roll. White Tape.
  • Custom Printed Packing Tape, example roll. Clear Tape.
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  • Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape, PDF Proff size
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Custom Packing Tape (Poly Pro)

CPP19-0200-036-0110-1-01 (global sku)
15.00 LBS
Calculated at checkout
Maximum file size: 18 MB

Product Description

This "Poly Pro" Custom Packing Tape is our most popular custom tape. The tape quality and material is what you’re most likely to find at your local hardware store and is made from high quality polypropylene with a hot melt adhesive, which makes it well suited for most applications. 

This tape comes in two grades: Standard Grade 1.9 mil or 2.5 mil Heavy Duty. The Heavy Duty option is good for boxes 40 lbs or heavier. 


Standard Colors:



Tape Color 

We recommend using a neutral background; White, Tan or Clear are standard as ink is not perfectly opaque. If you print white ink over black tape, for example, it will appear gray, which is why we do not offer black tape.

Poly Pro 1.9 mil is also available in Red, Yellow and Orange for an additional fee. We recommend printing a darker color(s) over colored film where possible as to reduce the influence on the ink.


Art Files and Proofs

Every order receives a digital proof from our design department prior to production. There is no charge for revisions or simple edits such as spacing or adding a phone number. If you do not love the proof or if your plans change you can modify or cancel your order for a complete refund at anytime before submitting your approval.

For your art file, we prefer the original vector (.ai, .psd, .eps) but any high resolution image (300 DPI or greater) will work. We can accept any format you have (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .tif, etc).

We just need the logo and our designers will do take it from there. Generally the ideal layout is intuitive but if you have special instructions you can enter them during checkout. You do NOT need to size the file to fit the tape. The maximum dimensions for the print area itself are as follows:

Print Area Dimensions

  • Max height is 1.6" for 2" wide tapes; 2.5" for 3" wide tapes.

  • Length is generally 5-7” long with a maximum length of 14.5” using an oversized (additional $20 fee applies 

If the file upload gives you an error, you want to change file or you want us to have more than one file simply checkout as normal and reply to your confirmation email afterward with the attachment(s). You can also send them to customtape@tapejungle.com. 


Plates and Order Minimums

Plate fees are only for the initial order. After that we will keep your plate(s) on file and continue to service or replace them as needed for as long as we are printing your tape.


Number of Colors Plate Fee  Order Minimum
1 Color $40 1 Case
2 Colors $60 2 Cases
3 Colors (max) $100 5 Cases


Rolls Per Case

Hand Grade (55 yards and 110 yards): These are universal sizes and will fit any standard dispenser for of the same width (48mm or 72mm). Each case is 220 sq yards of material, which is converted into 72 rolls (2”x55), 48 roll (3”x55), 36 rolls (2”x110) or 24 rolls (3”x110).
  • 2”(48mm) x 55 yards 72 rolls per case
  • 3”(72mm) x 55 yards 48 rolls per case
  • 2”(48mm) x 110 yards 36 rolls per case
  • 3”(48mm) x 110 yards 24 rolls per case


Machine Grade (1,000 yards): These require an manual or automatic dispenser.
  • 2”(48mm) x 1,000 yards 72 rolls per case
  • 3”(72mm) x 1,000 yards  72 rolls per case


Lead Time 

Digital Proof 2-3 Business Days
Production 12-15 Business Days
Delivery About 3 wks from start to Finish

Rush Orders: We understand emergencies and deadlines pop up. We do not charge extra for expedited orders though we do require air freight and must be approved by management. Lead times are often shorter than stated but are not guaranteed.


Reverse Prints and Flood Coats

Flood coat: Covering exactly 100% of the tape surface with ink and printing another color over top. This has no margin, gap or design.

Cost:75% on standard price

Reverse Print: Printing the negative space around the design leaving the design untouched that covers 50% or more of the tape with ink. This may have have a slight ⅛” vertical gap if cannot be offset by a diagonal space of ⅛” or greater.

Cost:50% on the standard price


You may order at the standard price and we will provide a proof for both the standard and reverse/flood coat. If you wish to go with the non-standard option we can charge you the difference at that time.


Conditions of Sale

  • Custom Printed tapes are non-cancelable and non-refundable after proof approval.

  • Custom ink colors may vary from Pantone code

  • Plates may shift during production. A 1.0mm alignment variation per color is possible.

Also known as: Custom Printed Box Sealing Tape, Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape, Packaging Tape Logo, Packaging Tape Printed, Packaging Tape Printing, Printed Packaging Tape. 



Grade (Thickness):

Standard Grade (1.9 mil or 0.0019” thick) is best suited for most applications but Heavy Duty (2.5 mil or 0.0025”) is recommended for international shipping or for boxes over 40 lbs.

TIP: If the weight varies or reduce cost you can close with an clear industrial tape and apply one strip of branded tape on top.


2”(48mm) and 3”(72mm) is the industry standard. 2”(48mm) is slightly more popular. Custom lengths are available upon request.


Hand grade rolls are 55 or 110 yards long. Machine grade rolls for automatic dispensers available at 1,000 yards.

Case Count (Price Breaks):

The price per roll decreases at each price break shown. 2 case minimums are required for two-color or custom-color prints. 5 cases are required for 3-color prints.

The amount of rolls per case are 72 rolls (2”x55yds), 48 rolls (3”x55yds), 36 rolls (2”x110) and 24 rolls.

Tape Color

White, Tan or Clear tape is standard. Red, yellow and orange are available at 1.9 mil for the same price as the 2.5 mil for the same configuration.

NOTE: It is recommended to print only colors darker than the film itself as the ink is not perfectly opaque.

Number of Ink Colors:

Each color in the design is run separately on its own plate so increases the complexity, cost and minimums. If you’re logo has many colors or tiny elements with 1-2mm of each other it’s advised to select 1 color, usually black. You do not need to edit your logo in the file, we can do all that for you in the proofing process.

Ink Color #1

Tell us which color you’d like to use by clicking the box. All 11 stock colors are the same price. Custom Pantone colors are available (last option on the right) with a two case minimum. The custom ink mix fee does not increase as you order more cases. Tip: its generally advise to go with stock for smaller orders and pantone at scale. You can switch colors down the road as well with the same plate.

Is this a reprint of a previous order?

If you’ve printed this design with us before, that means we have your plate on file already - so no need to re-upload your artwork or pay the plate charge again! It's good for life!

If the plate ever cracks or breaks we will replace free of charge as long as we’re printing your tape!

Is the print area between 7" and 14.5" long?

For Initial orders only.

Most designs can easily fit once or even twice on a standard plate (4-7” wide) but we can print wide format designs such as patterns or long text using an oversize plate and extended cylinder up to 14.5” wide for a $20 additional one-time fee.

If you’re not sure, or you’d like to see both options leave this box unchecked. We’ll show you both proofs and if you want the wide format we can apply the payment then.

Reverse Prints and Floadcoats

Most designs look best as positive prints as opposed to changing the background via Reverse Printing or Flood Coating. Using the tape itself as the background and simply printing the image or artwork is typically the cleaner, easier and less expensive solution.

That said, Flood Coats and Reverse Printing can make your design stand out. It just depends on your brand and your budget. We'll show each version you'd like to see during the proofing process.

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