ATG Pink Dispenser Fix

Posted by Tape Jungle on 12/31/2016

ATG Pink Dispenser Fix

Great news for our customers reporting issues with our ATG Tape and a Popular Pink Dispenser. 

The fix is easy, all you need to do is snap a used 1/2 inch core on top of the new role already in your gun/glider.

If you don't have a used core, we will send you some for free, contact us by  email or phone us at: 877-284-4781

Watch the following video for further guidance.

Video Transcript:

Thank you for being a loyal customer.

We are happy to provide our friends in the printing industry and scrapbooking community with the highest quality ATG Tape at a one third of the price at your local hobby shop.

This video is in response to a few customers who having issues with transfer tape popping off a popular pink dispenser.

If this you, here is a simple solution that will help.

All you need is 1 empty 1/2" ATG core, or two 1/4" cores.

If you don't have those, we are happy to send you some for free,

Now I already loaded my transfer tape into the dispenser. Using the empty core, or two, firmly place it on top of your new role, this will help keep your tape in place while using the dispenser.

Close the cover. Now your roles will be held firmly in place, making dispensing a breeze.