Why Do You Need an ATG Tape Dispenser?

Posted by Tape Jungle on 02/26/2021

Why Do You Need an ATG Tape Dispenser?

Why Do You Need an ATG Tape Dispenser?

An ATG dispenser may not seem necessary, but once you own one, you’ll wonder how you ever properly used ATG tape before. So why do you need an ATG dispenser? People use ATG Tape for many personal and professional projects. Together with the ATG dispenser, these projects run efficiently and smoothly.

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What is an ATG Tape Dispenser?

An ATG dispenser easily applies ATG tape. People use ATG tape to frame artwork, add photos and clippings to scrapbooks, mounting photographs, or design and packaging prototypes.

Our ATG tape gun is for reverse wound transfer tapes on 1" plastic cores. The dispenser has a unique pin spool, ensuring the tape rolls’ complete use without any waste, friction, or effort. The dispenser also has an adjustable gear where one can just rotate the spool to make it work.

Why is the ATG Tape Gun necessary?

ATG stands for adhesive transfer gun or sometimes advanced tape glider, which implies that this type of tape is pretty useless without the appropriate dispenser. Since there are many different types of ATG tape available, the thing that makes the gun necessary and distinct is this easy transfer method.

ATG Tape Uses

There are lots of different uses for ATG tape. It’s great for mounting nameplates, picture framing, product assembly, design and packaging of prototypes, sealing envelopes, paper web splicing, and typical mounting.

The dispenser provides a smooth application of adhesive with no mess, no bunching of tape, and the ability to create straight lines. You can also use an ATG tape dispenser to make these tasks a breeze.

Scrapbooking Photo and poster mounting Boxing up heirlooms Packaging fabrics Presentations Cards/stationery Adhesion of plastic or metal foils Nameplate mounting Bulletin boards

An ATG tape dispenser investment for your home and office will be a great use of your time simply for the effort it could save you. It’s effective, both in usage and in cost, and it’s so easy to apply that it’s even great for kids’ crafts.

What is ATG Tape?

You might be wondering if you must use ATG tape with the ATG tape dispenser. Adhesive transfer tape, or ATG tape, is a strong, durable, double-sided adhesive used extensively in picture framing to secure mat boards and dust covers and very popular for sealing boxes. ATG tape is a reverse-wound tape that usually comes on plastic rolls that fit into ATG tape dispensers. It also works well on plastic, metal, vinyl, cloth, and other materials.

We design our tape specifically for use with the ATG (Adhesive Transfer Gun) dispensers. The ATG system automatically rewinds the tape's liner inside the dispenser is applied (So you can dispense the tape without liner).

Standard ATG Tape (56720)

This glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with gold siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core.

Professional ATG Tape (56722)

The professional ATG tape is similar to the standard, but it has a higher tack and adhesion.

Heavy Duty ATG Tape (56750)

Heavy Duty ATG Tape has a super quick tack, good shear, and holding power, excellent for demanding bonding applications where more adhesive is needed.