Bulk Tape Orders with Tape Jungle

Posted by Tape Jungle on 12/15/2021

Tape Jungle specializes in manufacturing quality tape of all types and designs. We understand that tape needs vary by industry and purpose, but one thing is certain, you need large quantities of reliable packing tape.

While sampling a variety of tape brands and types can help a startup figure out their exact needs and what best works, buying individual tape rolls is sure to pile up in avoidable costs. At Tape Jungle, you can browse our expansive collection of tapes ranging from painters' and electrical tape to carton sealing and reflective tape.

Individual and Bulk Tape Orders

From industrial work to wrapping your product packaging, tape can be used in a variety of quantities and projects. At Tape Jungle, you can order tape either by the roll or save money by ordering in bulk and cases with anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred tape rolls depending on the width and length of the rolls.

What Tape Categories are Available in Bulk?

The majority of tapes we offer are available for purchase in bulk to reduce price and save time on delivery, including but not limited to:

Electrical tapePainters’ tapePremium Glow in the Dark tapeDouble-sided Transparent tapeDouble-sides Fabric tapeCopper Foil tapePipe Wrap tapeSingle-sided PVC Foam tapeDouble-sided Polyethylene tapeLead Foil tapeTransfer Adhesive tapeAnti-Tamper tapeReflective tapeUltra-High Bond Acrylic Foam tape

Even tape that isn't available for bulk orders can still be delivered in larger numbers like our Hook & Loop Fastener Velcro Alternative.

Order Custom Tape in Bulk

The packaging is the first thing people see when ordering your product. So why not customize it to reflect your brand?

We offer a step-by-step, guided online tool that allows you to customize your packing tape from scratch. You’ll be able to decide on every detail of the length and width of the tape to the ink colors and background transparency, as well as the material. Your custom printed tape will go into production three days after you place your order and approve the final design. 

All you have to do is select the quantity of custom packing tape and have it delivered straight to your door in under four weeks!

Personalized packing tape solutions start at $250, and we keep your final designs on hand for when you need to order a second patch.

Why Use Tape Jungle for Bulk Tapes

Most brands that sell tape rolls for individuals rarely have pre-made plans for small and large businesses looking to invest and save some time and money by bulk ordering all the tape rolls they need all at once. At Tape Jungle, we serve both demographics, whether you work on projects solo and only need a handful of quality tape rolls or an established brand that uses up dozens of tape rolls a week.

With us, you can customize your order anywhere from individual tape rolls—with the exception of custom tape—to dozens, cases, and subpacks that range in quantity depending on the product.

Join the Tape Revolution

The quality of your work is in the details, and what better way to show your attention than picking quality tape. Browse our catalog of countless tape categories from various industries to find the perfect tape for your work or hobby.