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Product security is a growing concern, especially as more consumers look to online shopping and quick shipping services to fulfill all their retail needs.

Tamper Evident Packaging Tape

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Tamper Evident Packaging Tape Tamper Evident 23 MIC PET Self Wound Dry Peel Void Packing Tape Roll As more companies embrace e-commerce, they are realizing the necessity to safeguard packages against theft and contamination while in transit. Designed...

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English and Spanish Tamper Tape

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Tamper Tape in English and Spanish   English: Stop Sign + text "If Seal is broken or package damaged check contents before signing receipt". Spanish: Alto Sign + Text "Si el sello esta roto o el paquete danado o abierto revise el contenido antes...

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According to the Postal Inspection Service, mail theft reports increased by approximately 600% between 2017 and 2020. While some of this can be attributed to the growing opportunities prompted by increased rates of online shopping during the pandemic, it's also clear that thieves are emboldened at the moment.

This is evidenced not only by alarming theft stats but also in viral content that shows how shipped items can be compromised. For example: in multiple viral videos, Zomato and Uber Eats drivers have been shown sampling the foods they're supposed to deliver.

While viewers make light of these videos, the situation can be deeply disturbing to the affected customers — even more distressing when high-value or sensitive items are compromised.

Thankfully, multiple solutions are available. Many are easy and affordable to implement.

One of the most compelling opportunities? Tamper tape gives businesses a huge advantage in their ongoing efforts to combat package interference. Also known as security tape or security label tape, it is a type of adhesive tape used to help reduce shipping losses due to pilfering, tampering, and product adulteration.

Are you interested in using tamper tape but not quite sure how it might benefit your business? Keep reading to learn what tamper tape is, which forms it takes, and why it's a must-have for modern organizations.

What Is Tamper-Evident Tape?

"Tamper-evident" applies to a vast array of tape products designed to prevent theft and other forms of interference. In general, tamper tape provides an extra level of security to packages or other shipments deemed valuable or vulnerable.

These security measures make it more difficult to interfere with packages and alert businesses about compromised shipments. With this security tape, you can reduce the risk of theft for your shipments as the hot-melt adhesive provides a reliable bond that cannot be realigned once the box has been opened. It's an easy way to securely seal cartons and ensure that tampering is evident upon receipt with a clearly printed message.

When Is Tamper-Evident Tape Required?

Tamper-evident tape is used when high security is critical, and standard tape isn't enough. It's far more difficult for would-be thefts to remove the tape without detection, making it obvious that they've already opened these containers.

Common applications for tamper tape include:

  • Pharmaceuticals.Used for decades in the pharmaceutical industry, tamper tape has long been a key safeguard for prescription containers. From purchase order bags to ointment tubes, this versatile tape can protect numerous types of packaging and provide much-needed safety and peace of mind for patients and medical professionals alike.
  • Chemical and medical equipment. In addition to protecting medications, tamper tape is regularly used in labs and other medical settings to provide a high level of security. It may be applied to sample vials, syringes, or bottle caps. It may also prove necessary when delivering or setting up large-scale medical devices.
  • Crime evidence.Heavily used in forensics, tamper tape preserves the integrity of crime scenes. To be properly cataloged, the evidence must be processed and then sealed.
  • Currency handling.Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions rely on tamper tape to protect currency. This method is also used for many other organizations that handle high volumes of cash, such as casinos or churches that take collections. Strategically designed tamper tape may be applied to security envelopes, currency bags, and several other types of packaging.

These are just a few examples that highlight the almost universal value of tamper tape. Many types of organizations can use tamper-resistant products for a variety of uses.

Tamper-evident tape is also frequently used to safeguard high-value items like electronics, designer clothing, or sporting goods. It can securely seal many types of containers, such as:

  • Shipping boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • Pallets
  • Envelopes
  • Bags

As eCommerce becomes more popular for high-value items, consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their shipments. While shipping insurance can provide some peace of mind, this can quickly be elevated with the simple application of tamper tape.

Never underestimate the ability of highly capable criminals to access and interfere with vulnerable products. Look to tamper tape to provide an initial security layer or elevate a comprehensive theft-prevention system.

Top Types of Tamper Tape

Tamper tape can take many forms, varying dramatically in cost, durability, and technological integration. Materials, sizing, and colors can also be adapted as necessary.

No one type of tamper tape is ideal for every situation, so it's important to identify security goals early on and determine how tamper tape will play into the full security strategy.

Struggling to tell the difference between various tamper tape products? Below, we've identified the most common forms of tape designed to promote package security, as well as the advantages and challenges associated with each category:

Anti-Tamper Tape

Sometimes, evidence of tampering can be enough of a deterrent to keep thieves at bay. At a minimum, it alerts employees, vendors, or customers to potential hazards from tampering.

Featuring pressure-sensitive adhesives, anti-tamper tape provides instant indication of interference. Should somebody try to replace the tape or peel it away, it will be clear that some form of tampering occurred before the package reached its intended destination.

Tamper-Proof Tape

Tamper-proof tape physically prevents people from opening packages or accessing the contents of sealed containers.

This uniquely proactive option can help safeguard the most valuable items. It may also contain warning labels that let those who might interfere with packages know that the contents will be thoroughly inspected before acceptance.

Interested in providing an extra layer of security via tamper-proof tape? Look to Tape Jungle for custom products. These are tailored to meet each business or operation's specific needs.

Warning Reinforced Gum Tape

Gum tape is capable of penetrating the surface of the container on which it is placed. This allows the two materials to bond. The seals instantly show when tampering has taken place. It provides a far greater degree of tamper-proofing than conventional plastic tape.

This particular product is offered through Tape Jungle with primary text simply reading, "Warning," as well as the following message in subtext: "This carton has been sealed with pilfer proof tape. If this seal is broken, check contents before acceptance." These messages are printed in red.

Tamper-Evident Packing Tape

Tamper evident tape features a sealing device that indicates interference with the opening of the container in question. For example, if a closure has been removed, the tamper evident seal will make this obvious. The security tape may self-destruct, revealing the word "opened" on the package and even within the security tape itself.

Tamper-evident polyester tape is a top product at Tape Jungle. We provide several options, such as:

  • Red tape with black and white print. This product features a bright red surface emblazoned with "security tape" in a black and white starburst pattern. It is an excellent option for various businesses and consumers. Upon removing the tape, an "opened void" message becomes evident. It has an initial grab and can be removed immediately to show the invisible legend.
  • Solid red tape. This non-surface printed tape also offers the "opened void" message once removed. It also has an initial grab and can be removed immediately.
  • Solid blue tape. While red is frequently a go-to color for security applications, other colors may also be available. At Tape Jungle, for example, we provide a solid blue option for tamper-evident packaging tape.

Bilingual Tamper Tape

Although tamper-evident shipping tape typically involves messages in English, not all employees or customers will be able to read or understand this text. At Tape Jungle, we're pleased to provide bilingual tamper tape to accommodate a wider variety of people. Our English and Spanish tamper-tape reads:

  • English: Stop Sign + text "If seal is broken or package damaged, check contents before signing the receipt."
  • Spanish: Alto Sign + Text “Si el sello esta roto o el paquete danado o abierto revise el contenido antes de firmar el recibo."

By fostering awareness and encouraging both English and Spanish-speaking individuals to be proactive, our bilingual tamper tape addresses a common security oversight: cultural and linguistic diversity.

Safeguard Packages With Secure Tape

Tamper tape is often used alongside other strategies in hopes of delivering more effective security measures, but it's non-negotiable if you're intent on improving your security protocol. At Tape Jungle, we offer a wide range of tamper evident products designed to accommodate a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our high-quality products provide much-needed peace of mind.

We're happy to customize as needed to ensure that our tape products live up to your high-level security strategy. We offer fast shipping so that you can add tamper tape to your security setup as soon as possible.