Stretch Wrap Film & Its Uses

Posted by Tape Jungle on 09/23/2021

stretch wrap film machine

We love tape here at Jungle Tape, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know the value of good non-adhesive products. Sometimes adhesives aren’t the best option for your bundling needs. That’s why we also carry stretch wrap.

The Uses of Stretch Wrap

Instead of using a sticky adhesive, stretch wrap grips and clings to itself. Its versatility has lead various industries, including construction and retail, heavily utilize stretch film wrap.

The restaurant industry also uses stretch wrap to secure trays of prepped food. Wrapping food helps keep it safe for transport or storage.

Additional stretch film wrap uses include:

  • Bundling: Make inventory management easier by grouping items together into small bundles.
  • Moving: Prevent large items such as furniture from being damaged during transport
  • Palletizing: Stack oversized pallets or bags onto a cube and secure large loads for transport or storage.
  • Product protection: Wrap your shelved inventory to protect it while saving space.
  • Roll and reel securing: An easy way to secure rolled items and prevent them from rolling away — for example, rolls of carpet.

Stretch Wrap Film

Not all stretch film wrap is like the cling wrap found in your pantry. Industrial stretch wrap is much stronger and comes in many sizes for industrial use.

The following list contains our three favorite stretch wraps.

Hand Stretch Wrap – Blown Film – Clear

Never underestimate the value of a classic. The classic blown stretch wrap is most popular and for good reason:

  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Superior cling
  • Many sizes and gauge options
  • Easy application by hand

We offer this product in two sizes, two lengths, four gauges, and two pack sizes.

We also carry handles to make wrapping by hand faster and more efficient.

HandWrap – Black

Black stretch film wrap offers two extra benefits over classic blown stretch wrap. The first is that it protects light-sensitive items. The second benefit is that it prevents prying eyes from seeing the contents of the bundle.

This stretch wrap is available in two widths: 15 inches and 18 inches. The two gauge options are 80 gauge and heavy gauge. Finally, we offer two lengths, 1,000 feet, and 1,500 feet.

The product is sold in bundles of four rolls and can be paired with our wrap handles.

Machine Stretch Wrap – Crystal Clear

As the name implies, this stretch wrap is meant to be applied with a machine. Therefore, this application method is ideal for medium to large-scale operations that need to wrap bundles or pallets quickly and efficiently with low noise.

Machine stretch wrap comes in one width: 20 inches. However, it has three gauge options: 70, 75, and 120. You also get three length options: 4,000, 5,000, and 7,000 feet.

For More Information on Stretch Wrap Film, Go to Tape Jungle

The friendly customer service and sales teams at Tape Jungle are happy to help answer any questions you have about our stretch wraps and handles.

Additional information can also be found on our stretch wrap page.