Stretch Wrap Film

We love tape here at Tape Jungle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know the value of good non-adhesive products. Sometimes adhesives aren’t the best option for your bundling needs. That’s why we also carry stretch wrap.

If you've ever used stretch wrap film, then you know how versatile it can be. Whether you're looking to secure a load of boxes on a pallet or simply wrapping up a few items for storage, it's an extremely helpful tool. You just need to find a high-quality wrap, apply it properly, and use it in the right contexts.


Hand Stretch Wrap - Blown Film - Clear (SWHBS)

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Hand Stretch Wrap - Blown Film - Clear Product Description CLASSIC BLOWN is our best selling, general purpose, hand applied stretch film. This versatile, competitively priced film’s unparallel puncture and tear resistance plus great cling make it...

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What Is Stretch Wrap Film?

Stretch wrap film is a durable, high-performance packaging material made from polymer-based plastic that grips and clings to itself.

Unlike other packaging materials, stretch wrap film does not require the use of heat or external pressure to adhere during the wrapping process. Instead, it relies on a combination of its inherent elasticity and tackiness to hold together. By stretching around items, the wrap forms a strong barrier that can protect against dust, moisture, and other environmental elements while ensuring secure containment in shipping containers and over pallets.

The product's versatility has led various industries, including construction and retail, to rely on stretch film wrap in multiple contexts.

How To Apply Stretch Wrap Film

Applying stretch wrap film is an easy process.

Secure one end of the film around the base of the item, making sure that it stays in place when stretched. Create an even tension as you unroll it. It may also help to spin the edge of the film with your thumb and forefinger. The goal is to minimize tearing and increase stability if transporting objects.

Not only can wrap be used for packaging and securing items, but it also provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. When you're done with the stretch wrap, see if you can recycle or reuse it, thereby reducing your environmental footprint. You can dispose of it at most recycling drop-off centers, but you should check with your local center for specific instructions.

The Uses of Stretch Wrap Film

Whether you're dealing with heavy items or just need to protect against rain and moisture damage, stretch wrap film offers reliable protection and cost-effective packing.

Home Uses for Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap makes a good home staple. You can use it to protect surfaces when applying paints or stains or to cover outdoor furniture, protecting it from the elements. Or bring it out to help keep desserts at their best. Wrap boxes of cupcakes so that they stay fresh or insulate ice cream buckets when camping.

You might even be able to reduce your winter energy costs. Just apply it to windows and doors for extra insulation.

Ultimately, though, the most common home uses for stretch wrap involve moving. If you're considering relocating your home or office, you should think of it as one of your essential packing supplies. Add it to your list — it's guaranteed to reduce at least one moving-related anxiety.

Moving and Stretch Film Wrap

There's no shortage of potential applications for stretch film when moving locations.

Wrap it around large furniture pieces or other items, such as kayaks or bicycles, to keep them from being scratched in transport. Use it to keep cabinet doors safely closed and prevent rolled items such as carpets from unfurling. Irregularly shaped objects may also be easier to secure with stretch wrap than with tape.

Stretch wrap film can go around boxes of clothing and dishes to add an extra layer of protection while still keeping them light enough to carry easily. Spread it across multiple boxes and other items to keep them securely in place. It's also useful when bundling wires, cables, and tubes together for neat organization.

Finally, you can use the product as a dust cover for items that you don't intend to unpack immediately.

Business Uses for Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch wrap film helps keep items secure. Industries that need increased protection from dust or debris also benefit from the airtight seal of stretch wrap film.

Uses include:

  • Bundling: Make inventory management easier by grouping items together into small bundles.
  • Palletizing: Stack oversized pallets or bags onto a cube and secure large loads for transport or storage.
  • Product protection: Wrap your shelved inventory to protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture while saving space.
  • Securing equipment: Keep equipment with multiple components together during transport.

The restaurant industry also uses stretch wrap to secure trays of prepped food. Wrapping food helps keep it safe for transport or storage.

The Best Stretch Wrap Film

Not all stretch film wrap is like the cling wrap found in your pantry. Industrial stretch wrap is much stronger and comes in many sizes for industrial use.

The following are our three favorite stretch wraps.

Sigma Hand Stretch Wrap – Blown Film – Clear

Never underestimate the value of classic hand wrap tape. The classic blown stretch wrap is the most popular — and for good reason.

It features:

  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Superior cling
  • Many sizes and gauge options
  • Easy application by hand

We offer this product in the following widths, lengths, and gauges:

  • Widths: 15 inches, 18 inches
  • Length: 1,000 feet, 1,500 feet
  • Gauges: 70 gauge, 80 gauge, 85 gauge, 100 gauge

The product is sold by the case.

Sigma Hand Wrap – Black

Black stretch film wrap offers two extra benefits over classic blown stretch wrap. The first is that it protects light-sensitive items. The second is that it prevents prying eyes from seeing the contents of the bundle.

This stretch wrap is available in the following widths, lengths, and gauges:

  • Widths: 15 inches, 18 inches
  • Lengths, 1,000 feet, 1,500 feet
  • Gauges: 80 gauge, 85 gauge, and 100 gauge

You can buy it in packs containing four rolls apiece.

Sigma Machine Stretch Wrap – Crystal Clear

As the name implies, this machine stretch wrap is meant to be applied with a machine. Therefore, this application method is ideal for medium to large-scale operations that need to wrap bundles or pallets quickly and efficiently with low noise.

Machine stretch wrap comes in one width: 20 inches. The gauge and length options are:

  • Lengths: 4,000 feet, 5,000 feet, and 7,000 feet
  • Gauges: 75 gauge, 80 gauge, and 120 gauge

This wrap is sold by the roll.

Stretch Wrap Tools

We also carry handles, cutters, and dispensers to make applying your stretch wrap tape by hand faster and more efficient.

Excel Stretch Film Dispenser

Achieve your ultimate efficiency with the Excel stretch film dispenser. The device is adjustable to suit different stretch rolls.

You can use it with rolls of different widths and core diameters:

  • Widths: 12 inches, 15 inches, and 18 inches
  • Cores: 1.5 inches, 2 inches, and 3 inches

You can buy it singly or in packs of six. You can also buy replacement aluminum spools if necessary.

Alanson Products Handy Cup Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Spare your hands with the handy cup stretch wrap dispenser. Sold in pairs, these cores brace your rolls of stretch wrap, making them easier to unfurl. You'll also reduce the friction to which you subject your hands.

Excel Plastic Hand Wrap Handle

Another option is to attach your roll to a plastic hand-wrap handle. Doing so will allow you to spin it out more smoothly.

These handles fit rolls with three-inch cores and can be purchased individually or in lots of 100.

Excel Stretch Film Strapping Cutter

While you can tear stretch film by hand, it's easy for the film to bunch or tear unevenly. This stretch film strapping cutter lets you slice right through the plastic wrap in a clean stroke. It also won't damage your merchandise with a blade that moves through the plastic but won't cut into boxes.

How To Choose the Right Stretch Wrap for Your Needs

When selecting stretch wrap film, it pays to be an informed consumer. Consider the product you are wrapping. Is it lightweight or delicate? How large is it? You might need a stronger gauge and larger width for bulky items.

Furthermore, if you are planning to ship your wrapped items, consider any environmental factors such as weather and storage temperature. Certain gauges and types of stretch wrap can better accommodate these variables.

Finally, consider the quantity you need versus the cost savings you will get when purchasing in bulk.

Let Tape Jungle Help You With All Your Stretch Wrap and Tape Needs

Stretch wrap film is a highly multifunctional product with countless uses. Its helpful properties make it an excellent choice for those who need a secure yet lightweight solution. Tape Jungle only carries the highest caliber of stretch wrap supplies, including the variety necessary to suit your moving or shipping needs.

The friendly customer service and sales teams at Tape Jungle are happy to help answer any questions you have about our stretch wraps and handles. Contact us at any time with questions or comments.

If you're looking for additional information, you can learn more at our website. Browse our catalog of exceptional stretch wrap film products today!