Tape Jungle Tapes in the WILD!

Tape Jungle Tapes in the WILD!

Whether it’s a creative endeavor, basic repairs, or an aspirational project, the importance of high-quality tape cannot be overstated. Tape is one of the most essential supplies, and it's often forgotten when making a list of necessary materials. However, it can make or break the project's outcome.

At Tape Jungle, we have carved out a spot in the tape market by providing a wide range of durable and reliable tape products. Not all tape is created equal — and understanding the specific type of tape you need for your project is crucial.

When choosing tape for your project, you need to consider:

  • Different adhesive strengths
  • Weather resistance
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of use

In this article, we explore real-life uses of Tape Jungle adhesive products to showcase the versatility of our high-quality tapes. From the bustling streets of New York City and the harsh conditions of Burning Man to the polished precision required at trade shows, we’ll introduce you to Tape Jungle's diverse product range!

Kuku in NYC

Duct Tape Art with Tape Jungle Tapes.

Working in New York City,  the artist Kuku is dedicated to transforming the city's urban landscape into a canvas of vibrant colors, designs, and textures, using only tape. Instead of spray cans and paint brushes, Kuku’s medium of choice is colorful tape.

He uses tapes in various colors, sheens, and sizes to craft intricate and eye-catching art installations all over NYC. Kuku's work is a testament to how creative people can get with materials as simple as tape.

Kuku’s go-to pick for tape is  Tape Jungle’s Colored Duct Tape - Industrial Grade. That’s because his goal isn’t only to breathe life into concrete surfaces for the present moment but to add to the city’s landscape art that pedestrians can enjoy for years to come. With tape, Kuku creates geometric patterns and designs using straight lines of various thicknesses and colors, introducing a new dimension to NYC's street art scene.

Kuku trusts our industrial-grade tape thanks to its exceptional durability and wide range of vibrant colors. Not to mention, the tape's strong adhesive makes it ideal for working with a variety of porous and smooth surfaces while withstanding the harsh winter weather of NYC — rain, frost, and snow alike.

Metalized Tape in Martha Stewart Weddings

Metalized tape wedding decor with Tape Jungle Tapes.

Martha Steward Weddings is a magazine that has long been known for spotlighting aspirational weddings, from creating a magical atmosphere for the couple to enchanting the guests with the decoration and setup. However, when it comes to event planning, there’s much more to the details than meets the eye. This includes the selection of tape — not something one might immediately consider essential to a wedding ceremony.

The magazine suggested its readers use metalized tape as part of their wedding decor, adding a pop of color for a reasonable price. Tape Jungle’s very own Metalized Tape was featured in the magazine for covering candle tapers and glass holders, giving them a shine well suited to wedding festivities. Without needing to set aside the budget for custom glasses, the featured couple easily added an elegant touch of gold, silver, red, green, or blue to their glassware.

These tapes are also easy to use, making them ideal for backyard weddings where the couple and their families are responsible for most of the preparation. The selection of different colors means the tape suits many different wedding aesthetics, from more traditional weddings to theme-based celebrations.

Burning Man With Water-Tight Shelters

Filament tape for hexayurt building with Tape Jungle Tapes.

Burning Man is an annual festival celebrating art and music in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Every year, attendees set up a self-reliant, temporary city to house visitors and artists. However, some participants choose to bring their own shelters rather than rent, and with the extreme conditions, having a sturdy and reliable structure is a must.

In 2023, an unexpected hurricane on the West Coast led to widespread flooding in the area, transforming the desert into a muddy landscape that trapped over 70,000 attendees. Luckily, many visitors were prepared by sealing off their tents with Tape Jungle’s water-tight tapes, allowing them to withstand the storm.

In such conditions, a regular tent might not cut it, and that's where the concept of the Hexayurt comes in — a sturdy, insulated shelter that can be a haven in the desert. For constructing a Hexayurt, the tape is not just a detail; it's a cornerstone of the design. Tape Jungle's 4.8 mil Bi-Directional Filament Tape is a popular choice for this application because of its superior strength and adhesive quality. The tape ensures the tents remain intact and water-tight even in a downpour.

Hexayurt tents are used worldwide — from emergency shelters to outdoor excursions — and are simple enough for individuals to build their own without needing expert help or specialty tools. Using easy-to-find and inexpensive supplies like plywood or insulated panels and Tape Jungle's Bi-Directional Filament Tape, you can build your own Hexayurt. You can combine this with fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with a clear synthetic rubber adhesive that you can get for as low as $25 a roll.

Bobsled Tape at the Sochi Olympics in 2014

Duct tapes for bobsled fixing with Tape Jungle Tapes.

In sports competitions, athletes need to use a specific type of tape to make certain events safer or more efficient. That was the case in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where duct tape was crucial in the contestants' bobsleds.

Due to the high speeds at which the bobsleds travel during competition, repairs and quick fixes may be necessary for the sled. This is where a team's innovative abilities shape how they take advantage of available resources in dire situations. Something as simple as reliable adhesive tape can address the needs of professional athletes in competitive sports.

While officially called Gaffer Tape by the industry, its use in the Olympics led to it being nicknamed "bobsled tape." In a sport where the difference between a gold and silver medal can be a fraction of a second, every bit of efficiency counts.

Tape Jungle offers a variety of duct tape options that cater not only to everyday needs but also to specialized applications like those seen in Olympic bobsledding. Our duct tape is engineered for durability, strong adhesion, and flexibility, making it an invaluable asset in high-pressure situations.

Tape Jungle’s Gaffer Tape, made from cotton and known for its residue-free removal, is a highly popular choice thanks to the variety of colors and widths the material is available in. From professional and Olympic athletes to photographers and film producers, reliable fabric-based tapes are a necessity.

Trade Shows

Tradeshow taping with Tape Jungle Tapes.

Trade shows and expos are some of the best ways innovative and creative individuals can showcase their work to a broad audience of their professional peers. However, they can be a highly competitive environment where first impressions are critical. That’s why every detail counts, from the layout of your display to the reliability of your setup.

For a setup you can rely on, you’ll need to pay close attention to the structures you’re using and whether they can support the weight of your material for the length of the show. Tape is among these essential tools, often overlooked yet critical for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

At Tape Jungle, we offer a  comprehensive range of adhesive products that are reliable while still being aesthetically pleasing. Our selection spans from the robust and versatile duct tape, ideal for quick fixes and sturdy mounts, to the sleek gaffer tape, perfect for cable management without leaving a residue and ideal for the hectic nature of trade shows and expositions.

For mounting and display, our double-sided tapes include the  Exhibition Carpet Tape and the Double-Coated Polyester Fabric Tape, both of which guarantee secure and invisible hold for signs and decorations. With no visible edges or glossy residue, you can rest assured your booth looks polished and professional.

If your setup requires the tape to be visible, you can select from a variety of colors and finishes to help guide the eye across your display or even lead traffic toward noteworthy areas. To stand out in the crowded expo hall, our Fluorescent and Reflective Tapes can be used to enhance visibility and create attention-grabbing displays.

Working with Tape Jungle, regular trade showgoers can rely on the quality of our adhesive tape solutions to last them throughout long exhibitions over multiple days. You can confidently and easily prepare for your next trade show with fast delivery, price-matching, and secure online shopping.

Warehouse Uses With Safety and Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking and safety tape with Tape Jungle Tapes.

Adhesive tape use cases depend on the industry. The safety and organization of staff and heavy equipment is paramount in an industrial setting. Many warehouse managers and manufacturing facilities use tape to mark safe and unsafe areas within an open space. Unlike paint or physical barriers, adhesive tape is easy to use, affordable, and flexible, not restricting the layout of the floor plan indefinitely.

Tape Jungle’s Safety and Floor Marking Tapes were designed specifically to address and enhance the safety protocols within open environments with hazardous zones. Our tapes serve as a guide for the safe movement of personnel and as a vital tool in delineating specific areas for storage, hazardous zones, and pathways, making them indispensable in many industries.

Our Standard Grade Fluorescent Gaffers Tape rolls, for example, are compatible with a wide variety of flooring surfaces and come in a range of bright colors and designs to help catch the attention of people in the area. Our Striped Safety Warning Tape includes the classic yellow-black design as well as white-red, white-black, green-white, and red-yellow, allowing you to visually communicate different information without relying on written signs.

Safety concerns aren’t the only use for industrial-grade tape. Floor marking tape is crucial for organizing spaces with heavy foot traffic, helping optimize workflow, and ensuring workers stay away from hazardous zones. Warehouse tape is more durable than standard duct tape, ensuring durability and resistance to the wear and tear of heavy machinery and constant foot traffic. This makes it an ideal long-term solution rather than a quick fix.

We’ve also innovated tapes that can withstand extreme conditions, such as extreme moisture and temperature variations, ensuring reliable application across a wide range of environments. From refrigerated storage areas to high-heat industrial zones, our tapes stand the test of time and environment.

Custom Printed Tape & Package Branding

Custom printed tape from Tape Jungle.

When it comes to establishing your brand, less isn’t always more. Your marketing shouldn’t be limited to online ads and sponsored promotions. In fact, many businesses are choosing to elevate their branding by switching to custom-printed tape in their packaging to help differentiate themselves from the competition.

Incorporating your branding across all packaging can be expensive and demanding, from various box sizes to strict shipping standards and regulations. But with custom printed tape, it’s a simple and effective solution to enhancing your shipping boxes with recognizable, on-brand designs at a lower cost.

Tape Jungle’s custom-printed tape is made to meet a brand’s unique needs while being a functional and reliable packaging solution, allowing businesses to leave a lasting impression on their customers. At Tape Jungle, you can customize your adhesive tape starting with standard, premium, or paper tape. Using the site’s built-in design tool, you can upload your logo and decide on the tape’s color, material, finish, and size.

Our custom printed tape selection lets you choose between three distinct materials, from the cost-effective polypropylene (PolyPro) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) tapes, which can secure packages up to 90 pounds, to our eco-friendly, water-activated paper tape made from recyclable material, which can support up to 60 pounds.

What makes custom-printed tape different from ready-made options on the market is its dual functionality. It provides the necessary security and integrity for your shipments and enhances your brand’s visibility by creating a unique and memorable unboxing experience for your customers. It’s a way to show your attention to detail, rather than delivering your orders using plane cardboard boxes and standard packing tape.

From eco-friendly options that appeal to environmentally conscious brands to heavy-duty tapes for securing bulkier shipments, you’ll have complete control over every aspect of your packing tape. You can order a sample of your custom shape before committing to an entire patch to make sure it meets all your brand requirements.

Tape Jungle Adhesive Tape Solutions

If you look closely enough, you’ll find our tapes used in all sorts of applications and environments, from artwork to decoration and safety regulations. Tape Jungle’s vast and versatile tape offerings are the go-to solutions for many people looking for a quality they can trust and rely on.

Ordering in Bulk

Because we’re dedicated to serving businesses and projects of all sizes, we offer our customers the option to order tape rolls in bulk. That way, you can reduce overall costs and always have tape on hand whenever you need it.

So whether you're a startup experimenting with different tapes to find the right fit or an established company requiring large quantities, Tape Jungle’s got you covered.

Customer Reviews

But don’t take just our word for it — thousands of satisfied customers have long been sharing why they always choose Tape Jungle products. That’s because they don’t have to compromise on quality for aesthetics and vice versa.

With  an average rating of 4.8, we’re proud to maintain our reputation as one of the best tape manufacturers in the industry. Customer feedback and insights have helped us improve and move towards producing tape rolls that are suitable for every occasion.

We invite you to explore Tape Jungle’s extensive product range. Whether you're looking for a unique way to unleash your creativity on the world, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your workspace, or adding that special touch to your next big event, Tape Jungle has something for everyone.

Our commitment to quality, durability, and versatility is reflected in every role of tape we offer. If you’re unsure where to start, contact us, and we’ll guide you through finding the right tape material, size, and color for your needs.