Floor Marking Tapes

Posted by Tape Jungle on 11/05/2021

Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tapes are helpful for a variety of purposes, such as providing directional information, safety warnings, and social distancing.

Tape Jungle offers a large selection of tapes that are sure to meet your floor marking needs. Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of tape and their uses.

Cloth Floor Marking Tape

Cloth floor tape comes with many great features. It’s easy to tear by hand, durable, and water-resistant. Its natural rubber adhesive makes it eco-friendly, and it doesn’t twist or curl during application.

Fluorescent Gaffer Tape

Fluorescent gaffer tape is eye-catching and will draw attention to your floors. It is most commonly used to mark stages or areas that have low lighting. The fluorescent color makes it highly visible and prevents people from tripping or falling.

Gaffer tape is durable and doesn’t leave residue, making it perfect for stages and convention centers.

Colored Duct Tape

Duct tape is known for its many uses and durability. It’s highly effective as a floor marking tape and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Our industrial-grade duct tape is perfect for high-traffic warehouse areas and can withstand traffic from heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

High-quality anti-slip tape is water-resistant and helps prevent slips and falls. The tape’s backing also has an extra coating that provides an aggressive bond to surfaces.

This tape is excellent for high-traffic areas that are exposed to moisture. It can be used indoors and outdoors to mark everything from walkways to ramps.

Dots and Arrows Floor Tape

The easiest way to provide directions on the floor is with arrow floor tape. Arrow tape comes in seven color options. It is perfect for marking the directional flow down an aisle.

Floor marking dots come in 13 color options and can be used to mark social distancing intervals on floors.

Both the arrows and dots are pressure-sensitive. They are also water-resistant and can withstand heavy traffic areas.

Colored and Striped Vinyl Floor Tape

These tapes are rated number one for all traffic situations, including high-traffic machine areas. Vinyl floor tapes have a strong, rubber-based adhesive and don’t require an applicator to install. It also comes with double-tapered edges to allow items to slide over it easily.

Additional features include:

  • No dry or cure time
  • Easy peel and stick
  • No fumes
  • No messy cleanup
  • One year warranty

Vinyl floor tapes come in 10 color options and additional safety striped vinyl tape options that meet OSHA standards.

These tapes are also compatible with our aisle or lane marking dispensers. These dispensers can work with tapes that have a three-inch core and can mark lanes up to four inches wide. Marking large areas can now be done in a fraction of the time.

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