The Complete Guide to Tape Dispensers from Tape Jungle

The Complete Guide to Tape Dispensers from Tape Jungle

If you’re looking for tape and tape dispensers for any purpose, you are in the right place. 300 different types of premium tape are available from Tape Jungle, along with tape dispensers and dispenser parts. We are a one-stop tape shop.

Get your packing tape, printed tape, custom tape, safety tape, and even Eco-friendly tape at Tape Jungle along with hundreds of other kinds of tape for your taping needs in the office, warehouse, industrial setting, automotive industry, or at home for your hobby and art taping needs.

For dispensing your tape, choose any of the following dispensers to make it easier to dispense and apply your tape. Also available are bag sealing machines and electric dispensers for maximum ease of use and convenience.

Find all the various tape dispensers below. In each section, follow the link to the product page to get your new tape dispenser shipped, and, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions or to help you figure out which dispenser is right for you and your organization.

Tape Dispensers.

Purchasing one of our tape dispensers will enable you to package and seal your products more quickly. Streamlining your packaging procedure will pay off, regardless of whether you run a large corporation or a small start-up.

To determine which kind of tape dispenser would best meet your needs, read on to learn more information about our assortment.

2″ Handheld Tape Dispenser Low Noise SNC289N.

Box sealing is quick, simple, and quiet thanks to these low-noise handheld tape dispensers. For companies or people who need to seal a lot of boxes or cartons, our 2′′ handheld tape dispenser is ideal. The rubber roller on this effective dispenser has a static cling strip to keep the tape from adhering to the blade. To add additional safety, the 2” handheld tape dispenser also has a blade cover. U.S. Patent No. 6641081.

This dispenser is sold individually or in cases of 10.

Bag Sealing Machine.

Polymer bags provide an inexpensive packaging method, and our bag-sealing dispensers provide an easy method for sealing the bags. Bags are dispensed and sealed with the trimmer. Baked enamel finish.

Our three bag-sealing dispensers are specifically designed to fit with our bag sealing tapes, which come in a variety of sizes and colors. Options for this bag sealing dispenser include tape up to 1/2”, stainless steel with tape up to 1/2”, and tape up to 5/8”. This bag-sealing machine is sold as a single unit or in a case of 10 units.

ATG-700 Tape Dispenser ATG700.

This premier ATG tape dispenser, also known as ATG dispenser, is designed for tapes on 1″ plastic cores with reverse-wound transfers. Additional features include:

  • Special pin spool that allows for complete use of the tape roll without waste or friction
  • An adjustable gear
  • Weight is less than 1 pound with tape
  • Fits both 36 yards and 60 yards 2 mil ATG tape
  • Also fits both 18 yards and 36 yards 5 mil ATG tape
  • Free U.S. shipping available for this product
  • The ATG dispenser can be used for a variety of tasks such as:
  • Mounting nameplates
  • Picture framing
  • Product assembly
  • Design and packaging of prototypes
  • Sealing envelopes
  • Paper web splicing
  • General mounting and holding

1″ Filament Strapping Tape Dispenser EX166.

This filament tape dispenser has a simple yet efficient design that can accommodate tape that’s up to 1″ wide, and rolls with a maximum diameter of 5 ½” and a 3″ core. This tape dispenser is also known as a Burning Man tape dispenser, Hexayurt tape dispenser, and strapping tape dispenser. The weight of the dispenser is only one pound.

The filament strapping tape dispenser can be purchased individually or in cases of 30. Replacement blades are available in packages of five.

MARSH Water Activated Tape Dispenser MFTD-M.

There are numerous features included with this heavy-duty dispenser. The fact that it is water-activated and doesn't require electricity is its most impressive feature. The design is ideal for tamper-evident, permanent carton sealing. The environmentally friendly biodegradable paper tape used for these types of tape dispensers combined with the fact it uses no electricity make this tape dispenser eco-friendly for green companies and environmentally conscious businesses.

This water-activated tape dispenser includes the following features:

  • Highly durable
  • Made of 420HC stainless steel
  • Guillotine style cutter
  • 70 oz water bottle, the largest water bottle in the industry, increases productivity
  • Rubber valve reduces water spillage
  • 1.5″ wide track
  • Used for tamper-evident carton sealing
  • Built-in adjustable all-metal tape channel guides
  • Built-in thumbscrew for centering tape roll
  • Open basket design
  • Accommodates up to 1,000-foot tape roll
  • 18-month limited warranty

Water-Activated Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser ET377.

This water-activated kraft paper tape dispenser is another environmentally friendly tape dispenser as it uses eco-friendly paper tape and requires no electric power. The plastic water bottle allows for consistent monitoring of the water level. The tubes are designed at the bottom to prevent the smaller tape core from falling off from the gap. The blade is designed for maximum cutting performance. This tape dispenser is available as a single unit or in packs of 10 dispensers.. Use

Aisle and Lane Marking Dispenser EX2LM.

This dispenser is handy for marking aisles and lanes. It has a 3” core and can be used for lane marking up to 4” wide. This product is available as a single tape dispenser, 10 tape dispensers, or 50 tape dispensers. A spool axle set can be purchased along with 50 cartons K. D. The product weight is 15 pounds total and is easily pushed with two cushioned handles.. Use

2” Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser EX238.

This is the more heavy-duty version of the 2” handheld tape dispenser. The roller is natural rubber to keep the tape in a ready-to-use position. This can be purchased as one unit or a set of six units.. Use

2” Handheld Tape Dispenser Economy Grade EX233.

The EX233 2” tape dispenser is the economical option for 2” handheld tape dispensers compared to the heavy-duty dispenser and other dispensers, which are slightly higher in price. The tape width is up to 2” and the tape diameter is up to 5”. This can be purchased as one unit or a set of 10.

3” Handheld Tape Dispenser Economy Grade EX326.

This is the lighter-duty economical handheld 3” tape dispenser, at a price that is $5 less than the heavy-duty version. The maximum tape diameter is 6.” There is a side loader with an adjustable brake. This is sold as one unit or twelve units.. Use

3” Heavy Duty Handheld Tape Dispenser EX338.

The heavier-duty version of the 3” handheld tape dispenser. There is a side loader with an adjustable brake. Sold as one unit or six dispensers.. Use

4” Heavy Duty Handheld Tape Dispenser EX401.

This is the 4” heavy-duty handheld tape dispenser for carton sealing and label protection. This is sold as a unit or a set of 10 with optional replacement blades.. Use

Definite Length Tape Dispenser CM0300.

Use this tape dispenser for specific lengths of tape. The hand lever allows for easy operation. Tape widths can be from 1/4” to 1” with lengths from 1/2” to 4.” The tape is cut by pulling it across a serrated blade, which is removable for easy reloading. The heavy base allows for more stability. This is sold in one unit or a set of twelve, with optional additional blades.

Definite Length Tape Dispenser CM0800WT.

This is the heavier-duty version of the definite-length tape dispenser. Tape widths can be 1/4” to 1.” Tape is automatically advanced to three fixed lengths: 1.18”, 1.77”, and 3.54.” An AC adapter is included.. Use

Definite Length Electronic Tape Dispenser M1000.

For the ultimate ease of use and speed, this electronic tape dispenser dispenses definite lengths of tape automatically. The M1000 is designed for medium industrial usage. It can dispense tape from 0.28” to 2” wide with lengths from 0.79” to 39.” The feed has adjustable pressure to help prevent accidental cutting of tape. There is a manual override of preset lengths. The M1000 is also known as a handheld label applicator.. Use

Definite Length Electronic Tape Dispenser DA080.

Another electronic tape dispenser, the DA080 dispenses specific lengths of tape automatically. This is an electronic heavy-duty tape dispenser that can cut virtually any kind of tape, including duct tape. It is designed for continuous industrial use. It can accept tape widths from 0.375” to 3.15” and can cut lengths from 2” to 394” with a maximum 9” diameter roll. This machine can be modified to dispense non-adhesive materials. This can be purchased as one unit or as a set of four. Replacement blades, either razor blades or serrated blades, are also available, as is a large reel stand.. Use

Double-Coated Tape Dispenser 926DC.

The 926DC tape dispenser is a desktop double-coated tape dispenser that dispenses double-sided tape or other kinds of tape with a removable liner. The tape is released and the backing is peeled off in one easy pull with the backing wound on the take-up spool. The easily replaced tempered-steel blade cuts sharply and cleanly. Tape widths can be up to 2” wide and diameters can be up to 8.” This dispenser can be purchased as a single unit or a set of five units.

Double-Coated Tape Dispenser.

The double-coated tape dispenser is a handheld version of the 926DC double-coated tape dispenser. Tape is applied easily by hand to surfaces while the liner is conveniently rewound on the take-up spool. This dispenser is ideal for longer-length lay-downs of tape and is not recommended for thick, difficult-to-cut tape. Tape can be up to 2” wide with a maximum diameter of 5 ½.”

Gum Tape Dispenser Hand Taper TWA.

This high-quality constructed water-activated tape dispenser has an improved 70-ounce water bottle that provides a constant and steady flow of hot water. The brush activates the glue on the paper tape quickly and evenly.

This hand taper comes with or without a heater and operates by plugging into a standard outlet, either 110/120 volts and 50/60 hertz or 220/240 volts and 50/60 hertz. The new and improved scissor-action blades are rust-free. The redesigned tape channel allows for an easy viewing of how much tape is left and easy drop-in reloading. The tape widths can be from 1” to 3” with a maximum diameter of 9.”

The options for the TWA come in several variations:

  • TWA1000 Gum tape dispenser manual taper dispenser
  • TDH Gum tape dispenser manual taper without heater
  • TDH110 Gum tape dispenser manual taper with heater

Gum Tape Dispenser Electronic Taper TDE.

For swift and easy taping, the electronic gum tape dispenser dispenses tape automatically. The “gum” in the title means that this dispenser is water-activated. Because it is electronic, this dispenser allows for maximum productivity and efficiency as the dispenser works automatically to tape definite lengths of tape. The keypad with tactile buttons allows for the selection of 20 lengths of tape. Repeat keys can be programmed to easily cut short or long lengths of tape. Lengths can be programmed from 5” lengths up to 99” lengths.. Use


  • There is a steady, trouble-free operation.. Use
  • Tape widths can be from 1” to 3” with a diameter of up to 5”.
  • The electric machine runs by plugging into a standard outlet.
  • Custom lengths of tape can easily be programmed.
  • Tape channel guides allow for easy viewing of the remaining tape roll.
  • Reloading is as easy as dropping in a new roll of tape.
  • The 70-ounce water bottle is new and improved and is the largest water bottle in the industry.
  • Scissor-action blades are rust-free.
  • This dispenser meets CE and ETL approval.. Use

This machine works by plugging into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. The customer should specify if a 220-volt machine is required.. Use

1” Tape Dispenser EX191BK. Use.

The 1” tape dispenser is a simple, low-cost tape dispenser perfect for any desktop. This basic desktop dispenser is the most economical of all desktop tape dispensers. It can take tape up to 1” wide and with a 5” diameter. This dispenser is also known simply as the EX-191 tape dispenser. It can be purchased as a single unit or in a pack of 24 dispensers, for an economical bulk price of only $5.30 each.. Use

1” Steel Tape Dispenser ET-117.

The ET-117 is another heavier-duty high-quality 1” steel desktop tape dispenser with a 3” core. Tape can be one inch wide with a maximum of five-inch diameter. The base is lined with weighted rubber for stability while taping. The ET-117, also known as a 1” steel tape dispenser, a heavy-duty tape dispenser, and a steel tape dispenser, can be purchased by itself or in a pack of 12 dispensers.. Use

Twin Core Tape Dispenser ET-227.

The twin-core steel desktop tape dispenser can use tape up to 2” wide and a maximum roll diameter of 5 inches. It can hold a single roll up to two inches wide or two rolls that are one inch wide each. Conveniently use two different kinds of tape at the same time. The rubber baselining makes for maximum stability. This dispenser is also known as a 2” tape dispenser, a 2” steel tape dispenser, a heavy-duty tape dispenser, and a twin roll tape dispenser. The ET-227 can be purchased by itself as one dispenser or as a pack of twelve dispensers.

3” Multi-roll Tape Dispenser ET337.

This multi-roll steel desktop tape dispenser can hold up to three rolls of tape up to 3” wide and a maximum roll diameter of 5 inches. It can hold one roll up to 3” wide and two or three rolls up to 1 inch wide each. The base is weighted rubber-lined for stability. This dispenser can be purchased as a single unit or as a case with six dispensers.. Use

Tape Dispenser 929TR.

This handheld tape dispenser can hold transfer tape up to one inch wide maximum of 2 mil tapes on 3” cores. The trigger action makes laying down tape easy and convenient, like an ATG gun. The release liner is wound up for easy disposal after the taping is done. This dispenser cannot be used with 60-yard TR-7505 or 110-yard TR7502, 7901, or 7502X. This can be purchased as a single tape dispenser or by the case. Free U.S. shipping is available.. Use

For More Information on Tape Dispensers, Go to Tape Jungle.

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Always make sure to select the proper tape and dispensers for your purposes. Numerous tape types in a wide range of sizes, colors, and uses are available from Tape Jungle. For every project and industry, packaging supplies, adhesive tape, printable tape, custom tape, and safety tape are available.

Choose Tape Jungle for your taping needs for fast delivery, secure shopping, easy returns, and our price-matching guarantee. To see all of our tapes that can assist you with your projects, tapes at the office, in an industrial setting, or tapes for your upcoming project at home, contact Tape Jungle or browse our extensive catalog of tapes.