Miscellaneous Dispensers

CM0300 Definite Length Tape Dispenser

As low as $76.75

Definite Length Tape Dispensers Both CM0300 and CM0800 WT dispensers are recommended for BOPP, polyesters to 3.5 mil, and some flatback tapes. Not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes. Manual feed pressure sensitive tape...

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Gum Tape Dispensers - Hand Taper (TWA)

As low as $715.00

Gum (Water Activated) Tape Dispensers - Hand Taper This dispenser gives steady, trouble free operation and is packed with features and quality construction. New and improved scissor action blades made of SST (rust free). Improved 70oz. water bottle with...

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950F Foam Tape Dispenser

As low as $363.00

950F - Tabletop for foam tape up to 2” wide Foam tape table top dispenser. Dispenses foam tapes with a max OD of 14.5” (370mm) while removing liner onto a spool. Peeled tape is ready to use and cut with scissor blades. Sliding arm allows for...

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NV030 Hand Held Label Applicator

As low as $160.00

Hand Held Label Applicator Ideal for reptitive labeling of boxes or bags. Simply squeeze the handle to dispense and apply any die-cut label. Maximum label width 1.20" (30mm). Maximum label length 2.36" (60mm). Minimum core size 1" (25.4mm). Maximum...

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