Extended Liner Tape

Extended liner tape has a liner that is conveniently longer than its sticky surface, making it easier to remove.

Tape Jungle's extended liner tapes feature synthetic rubber transfer adhesive that offers superior hold for everything from heavyweight paper and card stock to more delicate items such as envelopes and direct mail.

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Permanent/Removable Extended Liner Tape (PXXXX)

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HI/LO Permanent/Removable Polyester-Supported Tape A 2.8 mil (5.3 mil total) differential synthetic rubber with a polyester carrier and a 42# coated paper liner with finger-lift edge. Clear, lightweight adhesive for temporary bonding and re-positioning...

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Extended Liner Tape - (L03XX)

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Description Extended Liner Tape is a tissue supported synthetic rubber transfer adhesive with a 42# kraft liner (black print). Superior performance on heavier weight papers and heavy board stocks. Tissue Carrier allows the tapes to be easily torn by...

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Alanson Products

Permanent Hot Melt Rubber Transfer Tape (PTXXX)

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Permanent Hot Melt Rubber Transfer Tape A 1.0 mil (3.3 mil total) synthetic rubber adhesive with a 42# silicone coated paper liner with finger-lift edge. Provides a permanent surface-to-surface bond with strong initial tack. Will not bleed through...

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Advantages and Applications of Extended Liner Tape

There are plenty of reasons to choose extended liner tape over other double-sided varieties. The extended lining is easy to remove without scissors or any other blade. It's great for packing, shipping, mounting, and much more.

Increased Efficiency in Manufacturing

Extended liner tape is durable and offers superior hold. Because of its easily removable liner, you can bond surfaces together quickly without waiting for the adhesive to dry. Your manufacturing team can be confident of consistent quality each time they use Tape Jungle's extended liner tape.

Easy and Precise Application

The extended liner also allows you to apply the adhesive more precisely. Liquid adhesives don't always apply evenly, and you often have to wipe off excess adhesive. With permanent extended liner tape, you can fix the adhesive in a clean, straight line and remove the liner when ready to bond.

Simplified Removal and Disposal

If you need to remove your extended-release tape eventually, choose a lightweight adhesive for temporary bonding. Tape Jungle carries removable extended liner tape for short-term bonding tasks, such as business forms, mailers, and labels.

Removable extended-release tape is made of synthetic rubber and is designed to be impermanent. Once you have broken the seal, the rubber-based adhesive dries quickly for easy removal without marking up or tearing your surfaces.

This type of tape won't weigh down your documents either, which is convenient when you have to mail more delicate packages.

Types and Varieties of Extended Liner Tape

There are several varieties of extended liner tape, and each suits different needs. You might choose permanent extended liner tape to secure shipping containers. Or you can opt for removable extended liner tape for temporary purposes such as sealing envelopes or hanging signs.

Tape Jungle carries permanent and removable extended liner tape as well as a few more varieties.

Permanent Extended Liner Tape

Available in multiple lengths and finishes, permanent extended liner tape offers a stronger hold with aggressive adhesion. Use this tape for heavier paper when you need a hold that won't budge.

Permanent extended liner tape is also great for mounting paintings, presentations, and more. It creates a durable bond without adding texture to your artwork, photography, or other mounted work. Tape Jungle's permanent extended liner tape comes in black or clear transfer adhesive, and you can use it on flat surfaces and curved or uneven surfaces.

We have lightweight and industrial varieties depending on your need.

Removable Extended Liner Tape

Our removable extended liner tapes offer everything you need for permanent or temporary adhesion. This tape comes in adhesive thicknesses of 2.8 mils or 1.0 mil. If you need to fasten lightweight items such as documents or envelopes, the 1.0 mil option provides a clean seal with no bumps or bubbles.

The 2.8 mil option works well for heavier items and is great for temporary mounting projects.

Permanent Hot Melt Rubber Transfer Tape

Take advantage of permanent hot melt rubber transfer tape when you need heavy-duty adhesion, such as an overstuffed box or a heavier package. We carry this type of tape in ½, ¾, and 1-inch thicknesses, allowing you to tackle both small and large projects easily.

This type of tape is excellent for fastening signs and posters and working on multiple projects at high speed. The rubber adhesive is extremely reliable once melted and won't bleed through paper and other surfaces and ruin their aesthetics.

Get the Best Extended Liner Tape at Tape Jungle

Use extended liner tape when you need strong, reliable adhesion but don't want to wait around for liquid adhesive to dry. The removable liner makes this tape a breeze to work with. You can position it with ease and keep the lining in place until you're ready to join surfaces. Available in permanent or removable, this versatile tape lets you join papers, mount displays, and seal packages cleanly.

Tape Jungle carries high-quality extended liner tape in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Browse our selection and find the right solution for your needs.