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Having the right tape on hand is essential to ensure that things continue running smoothly in your office. Therefore, it’s important to know the difference between the plethora of office tapes available on the market and the best uses for each one. Here are a few varieties of office tape that no workplace should go without.

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Cellophane Stationery Tape (C803X)

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Cellophane Stationery Tape. Pure cellulose, transparent, biodegradable, hand-tearable tape with a STATIC-FREE.  Used for carton sealing in electronics industry 1.8 mil (0.46mm) thickness.   C8039 Static Free on 1" Plastic...

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Varieties of Office Tape

These are the most useful kinds of office tape that your business should stock up on, as well as the best dispensers to go along with them.

Stationery Office Tape

Clear stationery tape is a staple item for any office or workplace since it has a number of uses. Commonly referred to as cellophane, sticky tape, or by the brand name Scotch tape, this is the most basic tape for everyday projects. As it is transparent, it’s ideal for sealing items like envelopes, repairing torn paper products, or hanging paper on a wall. Stationery tape is made from cellulose or polypropylene, with polypropylene being more commonly used in today’s market since it is cheaper to produce.

Stationery tape is used for lots of general tasks. So, there are endless reasons why your office might need to stock up on it. You can use this tape to wrap and secure small packages, hang signs and posters, or add extra security to outgoing mail.

Mending Tape

Invisible mending tape, sometimes called repair tape, is used to fix torn or worn-out items. This kind of tape can work really well when repairing worn-out books and book jackets, reference materials, or laminated items. It’s made to not be noticed. So, mending tape normally has a frosty or glare-free finish so that the eye isn’t drawn to it. You can also write over mending tape with a pen or marker if you’re using it on an item that needs to be marked. Very importantly, this kind of tape shouldn’t change color over time.

Masking Tape

Masking tape, or painter’s tape, is different in that it is made from paper and is easy to tear with just your hands. This pressure-sensitive tape is apt for DIY projects, such as painting. It doesn’t leave a mark when it’s put on a wall, so it’s often used to mark off areas that shouldn’t be painted over or to form a trip. Masking tape can also be used to hang heavier posters or papers on the wall for this reason also, as they won’t leave a mark once the item and the tape are removed. Masking tape can come in a variety of widths depending on your project needs.

Dispensers for These Tapes

Office tape can come in various widths, but the featured dispensers are made to fit one-inch rolls of tape. There are dispensers that can hold either one or two rolls of stationary or mending tape at a time. Masking tape does not need a dispenser as it is easy to rip with your fingers or cut with scissors for a more precise edge.

Shipping and Tamper Tape

If your business requires you to send out products on a regular basis, you’re going to need more than just everyday office tape in stock. To properly seal cardboard boxes, cartons, or other containers, you’ll need to have shipping tape available in your office. Shipping tape, not to be confused with packing tape, is an adhesive tape that’s meant to seal up packages and can withstand rough handling when en route. Packing tape, or moving tape, is a thicker adhesive that’s better suited for boxes that will sit in storage as it can withstand a number of temperatures for up to 10 years.

Purchasing and using good-quality shipping tape ensures that your package arrives where it needs to be with all of its contents undisturbed and in good condition. Both shipping and packing tape can withstand hot and dusty conditions in addition to being tamper-evident. That is, you will know if someone has opened or tried to open your package. Shipping tape takes things further than packing tape does and is easier to use and apply along with being a bit sturdier.

What is Tamper Tape?

Tamper tape makes it obvious if your package has been forced open in any way. This double-layer shipping tape is commonly used for packages, especially when it comes to shipping items like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and jewelry.

Tamper tape can’t be removed or applied again, as there is often a “void” or “opened” message that appears on the bottom layer of tape once the first layer has been ripped away. Many tamper tapes come in various bright or visible colors so that everyone along the shipping route knows that the package has an extra layer of security.

Customized Shipping and Tamper Tape

Tape Jungle offers customized packaging tape: standard Poly Pro, premium PVC, or water-activated that’s made from recycled materials. These tapes vary in strength and usage, but all can be personalized when it comes to color and design. You can easily compare the features of each kind of custom-printed tape so that you can choose the best one for your business. While all three are great for shipping packages of varying sizes, only the water-activated tape is tamper-evident.

Customizing your shipping tape is a professional touch as it allows you to add your company’s name, logo, and branding colors. Select the tape that you want and you’ll be prompted to add your design at checkout. It’s quick and easy and you’ll see a 3D mock-up before you pay.

Tape Jungle Covers All Your Office Tape Needs

Tape Jungle has a wide variety of office tape to cover all your business’s needs. You can easily find what you’re searching for by browsing by industry, in addition to bag-sealing and carton-sealing solutions. Tape Jungle also has a number of dispensers that range from simple to heavy-duty so that you’ll find the one most apt for your industry and products.

Reach out to Tape Jungle’s team of experts with any questions you have. We can offer you the best advice when it comes to choosing the right office tape for your business, in addition to offering samples and templates. Creating your own custom-printed tape couldn’t be any easier with the help of Tape Jungle.