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Scrapbooking has existed for centuries, but the industry has expanded and evolved.1 A lot of this evolution is thanks to advancements in the adhesive industry. ‌In the past, scrapbookers had limited resources for adhering their memories to their scrapbooks. Many used cheap tapes that peeled and turned the paper yellow. Today, however, scrapbookers have many high-quality scrapbooking tape options.

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Standard ATG Tape (56720)

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2 mil Acid Free ATG Tape is the Industry Standard for Scrappers and printers. With excellent bonding for pictures, paper, and most other types of memorabilia. Glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with gold siliconized paper liner reverse...

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Professional ATG Tape (56722)

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A 2.0 mil (0.052 mm) glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape (ATG) with gold siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. 56722 is similar to the 56720, but it has a higher tack and adhesion. This product is specifically designed...

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Heavy Duty ATG Tape (56750)

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A 4.7 mil (0.120mm) glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with brown siliconized paper liner reverse wound on a 1" plastic core. Heavy Duty ATG Tape has a super quick tack, good shear and holding power, excellent for the more difficult bonding...

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ATG-700 Tape Dispenser (ATG700)


Tape dispenser for reverse wound transfer tapes on 1" plastic cores. Dispenser has a special pin spool allowing use of comple roll without any waste, friction or effort. It is also provided with an adjustable gear, just rotate spool to make it work...

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Scrapbooking tape is an acid-free tape used for scrapbooking and other artistic activities. Paper and photographs degrade from exposure to acid, which many conventional tapes contain.2 If you put together your scrapbook with ordinary Scotch tape, your family photos will become discolored within a few years. If you want your photo albums to last, you need to use high-quality, acid-free scrapbook tape.

Choosing the Best Scrapbooking Tape

Your average craft store can supply you with decorative tapes that look pretty, but they may not last long. When it comes to preserving your memories, you want something to hold them for a lifetime. There are many different styles of scrapbooking tapes that can help you bring your vision to fruition. You may even have some of them in your home already. If not, you can easily order them online.

‌When you're shopping for scrapbooking tape, make sure to avoid tapes that contain acid. Tapes with acid-based adhesives will cause your photos to deteriorate. You should be able to tell from the tape's label if it contains acid. If you're shopping in person and the label doesn't say if the tape has acid, you can try a smell test. If the adhesive contains acid, it will likely have a strong, vinegar-like smell.

If you cannot determine if your tape contains acid, don't use it. Purchase another tape that you know is acid-free. Here are a few good choices and their uses:

Double-Sided ATG Tape

Holding your scrapbook elements in place requires a strong double-sided tape. You could use glue, but it's easy to spill it accidentally, and if you over-apply it to paper, the paper will wrinkle. Scrapbooking websites recommend using glue sparingly.3 Double-sided tape is a neater, better adhesive choice.

Adhesive Transfer Gun (ATG) Tape is a reverse-wound tape that provides a strong permanent hold. It uses an acid-free glass-stabilized acrylic adhesive, so you won't have to worry about it deteriorating your photos.

To use an ATG tape, you will need an ATG tape dispenser. When you place scrapbooking tape in the dispenser, it unwinds the liner and exposes a strip of acid-free adhesive. The dispenser is lightweight: less than 1 lb when loaded. It fits a variety of tape roll sizes and utilizes a special pin spool to reduce friction. The ATG tape dispenser effectively applies tape in neat, straight lines while minimizing waste. Using it will ensure that your tape is applied securely and your scrapbook stays beautiful.

This type of tape comes in three strengths:

Standard ATG Tape

Standard ATG Tape #56720 is the industry standard for scrapbooking. It's great for printers and framers and is an affordable, multipurpose scrapbooking tool. It has a clean unwind and adheres to paper, most plastic films, and metal foils. We recommend storing standard scrapbooking tape at a temperature range of 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it can resist temperatures up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods. It's also customizable. Choose a tape width ranging from 1/4 inches (6 millimeters) to 3/4 inches (18 millimeters), depending on the size of the item you are taping.

Professional ATG Tape

Professional ATG Tape #56722 is excellent for jobs requiring a little more adhesive. It is an acrylic transfer tape with a gold siliconized paper liner and has higher tack and adhesion than standard ATG Tape. Each roll is reverse wound on a plastic core measuring 1 inch. This stylish tape is recommended for laminated films, invitations, and metal foils. It is resistant to ultraviolet light and capable of withstanding temperatures from -22 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heavy-Duty ATG Tape‌

Heavy-Duty ATG Tape #56750 is a glass-stabilized acrylic tape with a brown siliconized paper liner. This tape has good shear and strong holding power and adheres to paper, metal, and plastic. It is best used for mounting nameplates, framing pictures, packaging, sealing envelopes, and general mounting and holding. You could use heavy-duty ATG tape as scrapbooking tape, but it's unnecessary unless you plan to mount your scrapbook to the wall.

Gaffer Tape

Another acid-free tape you can use on your scrapbooking projects is gaffer tape. Gaffer tape has a natural rubber adhesive. If you make a mistake, the tape is easy to remove and won't leave a residue. It resists damage from water, heat, and abrasion. Plus, you can apply it by hand. There's no need for a dispenser or any cutting tools.

Tape Jungle's gaffer tape comes in many colors that are great for decoration. The fluorescent gaffer tape is available in green, pink, yellow, and orange. The matte finish on all these tapes allows for an excellent printing surface. You could even use it in place of sticky notes since sticky notes contain acid and often leave residue behind after removal.

How Tape Jungle Can Help You

‌If you're new to scrapbooking, you should start by purchasing essential scrapbooking supplies like albums, patterned paper, and acid-free adhesives.4 ATG tape is a good choice since it's acid-free and adheres well to paper, most plastic films, metals, and foils. If you have questions about ATG Tape, you can check out our ATG FAQ, or Tape Jungle experts can help you determine the best product for your projects. If you describe what you are working on, we can help you estimate exactly how much tape you should order. Reach out today to find the best tape for all your scrapbooking needs.