Polyester Splicing Tape

Looking for the best polyester splicing tape? Not all tapes are created equal, and getting the right tape is often the difference between a successful operation and a catastrophe. You want to make sure that the tape you choose has the durability and capability to withstand the conditions you plan to put it through. Here’s a breakdown of Tape Jungle’s polyester splicing tape and which projects it’s best suited for.

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Polyester Splicing Tape (70xxx)

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Polyester film with 1.4 mils of pre-cured solvent resistant electrical grade acrylic or silicone adhesive. Silicone adhesive: Designed to be fully stable electrically and mechanically at operating temperatures up to 392°F. Adhesive is cured to...

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What is Polyester Splicing Tape?

Poly tape is used during splicing in the manufacturing process. While there are different types of splicing tape, this kind of tape has an excellent level of sticking power and can resist really high temperatures, up to 392℉. Not only does it hold well, but poly tape can also be removed cleanly and applied to a number of different surfaces.

Splicing tape holds rolls together during production so that processing can continue quickly and smoothly. For example, it binds rolls of paper, film, or other materials together as they are combined into one continuous roll. The tape allows for seamless manufacturing, making the process fast and efficient.

Applications of Polyester Splicing Tape

A number of industries depend on using polyester splicing tape during production. When unwinding rolls of paper and film, splicing tape is used to join rolls of materials together. The paper and film are processed and cut so that they can become a number of products, like paper cups, packaging, and bags for food and snacks. Splicing is also needed for packaging and labeling these and other similar products and consumer goods.

Splicing tape can be used in the electronics or electrical fields to make repairs or join wires. Polyester tape can wrap around coils, motors, and transformers thanks to its strong adhesive. This makes it a good choice when it comes to industrial maintenance and repairs, as well.

Types and Varieties of Polyester Splicing Tape

Since poly tape is used in different industries, there are some varying characteristics when comparing tapes. Polyester splicing tape can have adhesives made from a number of materials.

Each kind of adhesive has a specific purpose. Tape Jungle’s poly splicing tape comes with either a silicone adhesive (which is resistant to a number of chemicals encountered during manufacturing, and doesn't leave behind any residue when used for masking or holding), or an electrical grade acrylic adhesive (for electrical applications).

This tape comes in several different colors and can be ordered in a number of different thicknesses, ranging from ¼ inch to 3 inches.

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