Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape (577xx)

As low as $172.89

Adhesive Transfer Tapes   PRODUCT NUMBER/SPECIFICATIONS 57720  - 2.0 mil. (0.051mm) Standard  Glass stabilized solvent based modified acrylic wound on a Gold siliconized paper release liner. Glass stabilization allows for...

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Standard ATG Tape (56720)

As low as $26.64

2 mil Acid Free ATG Tape is the Industry Standard for Scrappers and printers. With excellent bonding for pictures, paper, and most other types of memorabilia. Glass stabilized acrylic adhesive transfer tape with gold siliconized paper liner reverse...

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Professional ATG Tape (56722)

As low as $150.48

2 mil ATG Tape with an aggressive adhesive used when a little more stick is needed. Excellent adhesion to paper, metal foils and most laminated and plastic films. Professional Grade Transfer Tape. 2.0 mil (0.050mm). Glass stabilized Solvent Based...

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Heavy Duty ATG Tape (56750)

As low as $157.68

5 mil ATG Tape with a super quick tack, good shear and holding power, excellent for the more difficult bonding applications where more adhesive is needed. Reverse Wound Transfer Tape (56750) is a 5 mil (0.13mm) fiber glass stabilized modified acrylic...

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