Flatback Tape

Tape Jungle offers over 300 different types of tape including flatback tape, which is available in colored varieties. A printable flatback option is also available.

Alanson Products

Colored Flatback Tape (27546)

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Flatback Tape (27546) - Double Coated Paper Tape is a 7.3 mil colored flatback paper coated with a natural/synthetic rubber adhesive. This pressure-sensitive flatback tape is moisture resistant and has a medium tensile strength. The tape is NOT...

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Kraft Flatback PM2 & 530 (3005X)

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Intertape Kraft Flatback Tape - Tan (PM2) and Brown (530) Description: 6.0 mil color kraft flatback paper, coated with a natural rubber resin adhesive system. A quick, sure sealing, economical, pressure-sensitive flatback tape which can increase...

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Alanson Products

Printable Colored Flatback Tape (27515)

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Bright colorful flatback paper coated with a high performance natural rubber resin adhesive. The flat surface of the tape (vs. creped paper) results in high quality printing and the easy unwind characteristic allows for high speed printing. Tape exhibits...

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What Is Flatback Tape?

Flatback tape is a general-purpose, economical tape with smooth paper backing that is great for splicing two materials together. The roll is not difficult to start by hand, and you can also easily tear it off or have a machine dispense it.

This type of tape is an impressive, multi-purpose material for high-efficiency packaging lines and shipping departments because of its ease of use. You can also use this versatile tape anywhere you need general splicing, not only in industrial settings. You can use it in places like offices, retail environments, commercial settings, schools, and at home for general-purpose splicing, packing, or arts and crafts.

Some unique properties of flatback tape include:

  • Durable paper backing
  • Natural or synthetic rubber adhesive
  • Good adhesion to deter package pilfering
  • Ability to withstand a range of temperatures and humidity
  • Resistant to temperatures between 30 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Moisture resistant
  • Medium tensile strength between 30 and 48 pounds per inch

Common Uses of Flatback Tape

Flatback tape is great for numerous applications, from carton sealing and packaging for shipping purposes to various arts and crafts projects, such as bookbinding.

Industrial Applications

A major use is the packaging and sealing of boxes because this tape is easy to use, easy to tear, and adheres well to paper and cardboard packaging material. The strong adhesion of flatback tape can discourage package pilfering because it ensures a secure carton seal.

You can also use flatback tape for bundling and splicing. If using colored flatback tape, you can color code your bundles for easy separation and categorization. You can splice and hold almost any two items with the rubber adhesive.

Arts and Crafts

Because of its physical properties and versatility, you can use flatback tape for a multitude of projects around the house or at school. Arts and crafts enthusiasts and students at any grade level will no doubt make this their go-to tape choice.

It can be especially useful in creative applications such as bookbinding and art installations. Bookbinders can use thin flatback tape for assembling hard cardboard covers before completing the binding process by adding a cloth cover.

Artists and craftspeople can use the tape to combine 2D elements, splice two materials, and mount objects on surfaces for artistic effect. Flatback tape is available in several colors for decorative edging. Other tape art ideas include murals, stencils, sculptures, and paintings.

Tape Sizes and Varieties

When selecting flatback tape, consider your desired application and the types of tape available, including the differences in colors, sizes, and thicknesses. All of the following tapes come in a range of widths from one-fourth of an inch (6mm) to 6 inches (144mm).

Colored Flatback Tape (27546)

Colored flatback tape is 7.3 mils thick and comes in two colors: black and red.

This tape is non-printable and not repulpable. If you are looking for a tape on which you can print or a tape with more color options, you may wish to buy printable colored flatback tape instead.

Kraft Flatback Tape (3005X)

Kraft flatback tape is 6 mils thick and comes in two styles: tan (PM2) and brown (530). Both have a natural rubber resin adhesive.

Printable Colored Flatback Tape (27515)

Printable colored flatback tape is 5.8 mils thick with a flat surface on which you can print. Just as with the kraft flatback tape, it has a natural rubber resin adhesive.

Printable colored flatback tape is available in the following colors:

  • Light blue
  • White
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

You can use any of these tapes for the purposes and applications mentioned above. If you are not sure which is best for your project, ask one of Tape Jungle’s customer service representatives.

Buy Flatback Tape or Find The Right Tape for You

Flatback tape is useful for a variety of taping purposes. This includes industrial applications such as packaging, splicing, and bundling, as well as arts and crafts purposes such as decorative edging, bookbinding, and other creative projects.

For the best selection of tape and taping materials, including various styles of flatback tape, choose Tape Jungle. Browse extensive selections in a range of types, thicknesses, styles, colors, and sizes.

Reach out to Tape Jungle, and one of our team members can help you decide which tape is best for your purposes.