Painters Tape

Painter's tape, also known as painting tape, is a high-performance masking tape for general industry, construction, and do-it-yourself use. Its name comes from the tape's most common function. Painter's tape has a relatively weak adhesive, so it can be removed cleanly without stripping off any material. This makes it very useful for any task that involves painting. Professional painter's often cover areas with painter's tape to protect against paint splatters.

Alanson Products

Super Blue USA Painters Tape (SB621)

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Alanson Super Blue USA Painters Tape is a high performance masking tape that doesn’t dry out or lose its holding power and yet can be cleanly removed for up to 21 days. This tape is commonly used on drywall, glass, hardwood floors, and wood trim,...

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Blue Painters Tape (24900)

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A 5.2 mil painter’s grade blue masking tape with a specially formulated solvent-based natural rubber adhesive system that provides clean removal characteristics and UV resistance – up to 14 days of outdoor exposure. The special characteristic...

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The painter's tape sold by Tape Jungle is the same tape you would buy at your local store for $8 a roll. At Tape Jungle, however, tape is sold at bulk prices. When bought in bulk, Tape Jungle's standard blue painting tape is only $2 per roll. It's a premium product at an affordable price.

Painter's tape is flexible and multi-purpose. The best uses for painter's tape are:

  • Creating a sharp edge when painting. When you remove the tape after painting over it, you are left with a crisp, professional-looking straight line.
  • Saving time preparing for painting. The crepe paper tape sticks to almost all surfaces, including wood, drywall, painted drywall, and more. It's simple to apply, easy to tear, and can be quickly adjusted.
  • Allowing you to paint for several weeks with one tape application. Our tape will stick to surfaces for weeks but will not leave a residue behind after removal. It's ideal for long-term projects.
  • Quickly removing the tape after painting without fear of ruining your hard work. The mild adhesive will not rip your paint or drywall when it is removed. There's no need for razor blades or picking small pieces off the wall after painting. You can simply take the tape off when you're done painting.
  • Labeling anything around the house. The tape is easy to write on and will stick to almost anything. Instead of writing notes on the walls of your house during construction projects, write notes on painter's tape instead. You'll never run out of room, and you can just throw the tape away when you're finished.

Bulk Painter's Tape

Tape Jungle offers masking tapes from all of the top name brands, such as Alanson Products, Talon, and Intertape. The tapes also come in varying sizes. The widths range from 3/4 inch to 3 inches, depending on the brand and your preferences. All the rolls are 60 yards long, and you can purchase as many as you need.

Buying in bulk allows you to save even more on facility maintenance and safety supplies. The more rolls you buy, the lower the price per roll. You can buy up to 48 rolls of painting tape at once at the cost of just a few dollars for each roll. Whether you are in the market for masking tape, packing tape, or blue painter's tape, you can be sure that Tape Jungle has what you need.

Colored Painter's Masking Tape

Blue painter’s tape is the most common color. It typically comes in a range of widths and thicknesses, which are usually specified in inches. Our bright Colored Masking Tape is perfect for arts and crafts as well as decorating with color. It allows for color-coded markings, labels, and other creative uses. Here are some more of our colored tape options.

  • Our Blue Painter's Tape (24900) is a 5.2 mil painter’s grade blue masking tape with a specially formulated solvent-based natural rubber adhesive system. The adhesive combines clean removal characteristics with UV resistance. It's great for all of your painting applications and removes cleanly for up to 14 days on most surfaces. It can even be used outdoors.
  • Our Super Blue USA Painter's Tape (SB621) is a high-performance masking tape that doesn’t dry out or lose its holding power and yet can be cleanly removed for up to 21 days. It is ideal for commercial or personal use. It can be applied to drywall, glass, hardwood floors, wood trim, and ceramic tiles. Super Blue Painter's Tape is a popular tool in the home construction and flooring industries. DIY enthusiasts also use it in their personal painting projects.
  • Our AquaMask™ Medium Grade Painter's Masking Tape (MTAMI) is an aqua colored, conformable saturated crepe paper masking tape with pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive. Its vibrant color stands out even in low-light environments. The tape resists paint flaking, wet sanding, and UV damage (although we recommend not exposing it to direct UV rays for more than 3 days). It is compatible with both water and solvent-based paints.

Does Masking Tape Work as Painter’s Tape?

Painter's tape is technically a type of masking tape. Masking tape refers to any type of tape that is intended to cover and protect surfaces. However, painter's tape is specifically designed for painting applications. Because of its specialization, it can be a little pricey compared to non-specialized masking tape. Some people cut costs by opting for masking tape instead of painter's tape. This can work for certain projects, but masking tape comes with a few disadvantages.

Masking tape has a natural rubber adhesive that leaves behind residue if it stays on surfaces for too long. The residue is difficult to clean and even harder to paint over. If you are doing a small project that can be completed in under a few hours, then masking tape may be safe to use. However, if you are completing a long-term project, you should use painting tape instead.

Another disadvantage to masking tape is that it's adhesive can strip paint if it is left on a painted surface for more than a few hours. If it is applied on top of water-based paint, the tape may buckle or allow seepage. You can use masking tape for painting over steel and other unpainted surfaces, but it isn't recommended for use on painted surfaces. We’ve written a comparison on Masking Tape vs. Painter's Tape for you to decide whether using masking tape is worth it.

Contact Tape Jungle for more information on bulk painter's tape and colored painter's tape. You can even purchase custom tape with unique designs. We’re always happy to help!