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Rules of the road: The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires certain vehicles traveling on public roads to identify themselves to other drivers with retroreflective tape that meets approved standards for safety and reflectivity. Tape Jungle offers a variety of DOT reflective tape for vehicles and trailers. 

High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape Group

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High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape (HXREF)

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High Intensity Retro Reflective Tape - 10 Year, 50 Yards Long (HXREF) This is our Prismatic Retro Reflective tape, it is an economical alternative to our DOT series. This honeycomb prismatic reflective tape created for safety applications such as safety...

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DOT DOT-C2 Reflexite Conspicuity - 5 Year - Wholesale Prices from

Oralite® (Reflexite®)

DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape (V92308)

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ORALITE® DOT-C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape Oralite® (Reflexite®) DOT-C2 Conspicuity Sheeting is available with a 5-year or 10-year durability. This weather and solvent resistant product is designed for rugged outdoor use – sides and...

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Oralite® (Reflexite®)

Fluorescent Daybright Tape - 5 Year (V97DB)

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Reflexite Fluorescent Daybright Conspicuity Material is a tough weather and solvent-resistent product designed for the rugged outdoor use for graphic applications on vehicles. The product is die cuttable, plotter cuttable, and easy to apply to smooth...

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Retroreflective tape is designed with glass encapsulated beads or prisms, that when light is shone upon them, they reflect the light back at the source, particularly in low light or lights out conditions, to alert other road users of the vehicle’s presence.

Also known as retroreflective tape, DOT tape uses a durable, high-strength adhesive used to clearly mark areas or objects, providing a reflective light that is cast off the tape. It is pressure-sensitive and can stand up to adverse weather conditions, including moisture and heat.

Our adhesive reflective tape is also available in a wide variety of colors to cater to specific requirements, ranging from white and yellow to orange and green. The prism surface brightly reflects light and color, which is why it is perfect for as a safety tape for a number of vehicles.

Browse our varied selection of reflective tapes and to find the product that fits your needs. If you have specific questions on our DOT vehicle tape, please contact us.

DOT reflective tape for trailers

DOT Conspicuity Tape, commonly known as DOT-C2 at 2” width is required for all trailers over 80” wide or 10,000 lbs.

Our DOT prismatic tape for trailers provides industry-leading reflective properties as well as adhesive properties. DOT reflective tape is easy-to-use and super adhesive is simple to apply and bonds strongly to a variety of substrates including steel, painted surfaces, and aluminum making it perfect for trailers.

When choosing a conspicuity tape for your vehicle be sure to evaluate the materials used in the product that you’re buying.

  • a glass bead type tape will normally limit durability and reflective properties
  • a micro prismatic tape will offer a longer service life and will be higher performing and provide a more intense reflection.

Tractor-trailer safety on the road is paramount that is why Tape Jungels prides itself on a product that performs best.

Reflective tape for cars

We are often asked if you can put reflective tape on your car? In the US, there are several caveats, so as long as you remain in compliance with these guidelines, you could even cover a whole car with reflective tape if you wish. Please be aware of the following before purchasing tape from us with other intentions.

  • You are forbidden to show red from the front of the vehicle or white from the rear; amber is permitted on all sides.
  • You are forbidden to cover any reflective areas which are standard features by the manufacturer (such as taillights).
  • You are forbidden to obstruct the driver’s visibility, which includes all windows and mirrors (jurisdictions vary as to what amounts and/or locations constitute a violation, so it’s best to just avoid putting reflective tape on glass).

Emergency vehicle reflective tape

Reflective tape and reflective stickers are required for emergency and utility vehicles. We help you stay compliant by providing highly visible tapes with prismatic graphics and markers that meet and exceed all US DOT and NHTSA requirements vehicles.

Please contact us if you have questions about a specific or unique emergency vehicle.