Bag Sealing Tape

Also known as UPVC Tape, UPVC Bag Sealing Tape, Tape Jungle’s commercial-grade bag sealing tapes come in either clear, white or tan Bag Sealing Tape (9532) or various colors with Bag Sealing Tape - Colored (9535).

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Bag Sealing Tape (9532)

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UPVC Bag Sealing Tape by the Case 3 Colors Availables: Tan, Clear, and White - 1/2" Only Available in White Quantity: Rolls of 24 or 96 DESCRIPTION: 2.2 mil (32 micron film). UPVC coated with a Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive. Used for produce...

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Bag Sealing Tape - Colored (9535BS)

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UPVC Bag Sealing Tape by the Case DESCRIPTION:Bag Sealing Tape (9535) is UPVC film coated with a quality solvent based Natural Rubber Adhesive. It is a premium grade tape with quiet release, excellent aging properties and reliable performance in hot or...

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Bag Sealing Tape is an efficient and economical way to seal bags and is often used to bind produce bags. The tape wraps around the neck of a bag, sealing the contents inside for preservation and protection. This UPVC film-coated tape has an extra-strong adhesive seal and is ideal for marking and labeling content.

If you have specific questions on our bag sealing tape, please contact us.

Bag Sealing Tape Suppliers

Our commercial-grade multipurpose bag sealing packing tape is designed in 8 bright shiny colors with a quality solvent-based natural rubber adhesive to color code (identify), insulate, and secure your boxes and packages during heavy-duty moving, shipping, and storage. Used for lamination and carton sealing. Tape Jungle has the following colors

  • Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow.

The strong adhesive offers consistent performance in a wide range of extreme temperatures while being resistant to silver, split, and tear, giving this tape the ability to seal seams effectively with one strip and keep boxes closed.

The seal strengthens in the course of time to form a durable hold and ensures that your valuables are not damaged. With this super high performance durable long-lasting tape, the heaviest packages can bear the weight and withstand rough handling.

Our tape is printable, heat-shrinkable, hand-tearable, and resistant to most acids, solvents, and alkalis.

Bag Sealer Tape Dispenser

Our bag tape sealers are a simple way to close bags with our packaging tape. Tape wraps around the bag neck instantly and the tape is trimmed automatically. Dispensers typically require no assembly or maintenance.

Our bag sealer tape dispenser features a compact design that is easy to mount on a countertop and won’t take up too much space. You will seal bagged goods quickly with the help of a bag neck sealer that is sturdy, impact-resistant, and ready to withstand the rigors of high-usage environments.