Carton Sealing Tape


Premium Packaging Tape (IPXXX)

As low as $48.24

Premium Packaging Tape From Intertape, Made in the USA LENGTH: 100 Yards. Durable biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film coated with high grade pressure-sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesive. Best suited for reliable, all-temperature box sealing...

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Alanson Products

Color Carton Sealing Tape 2.0 Mil (6120)

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Color Carton Sealing Tape (6120) (COLORED POLYPROPYLENE TAPE with WATER BASED ACRYLIC ADHESIVE) 8 Colors: White, black, yellow, red, purple, green, orange, and blue. DESCRIPTION: Colored Carton Sealing Tape is a moderate strength biaxially oriented...

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